There’s absolutely no reason to prepare for a personality test as your personality will just shine through right? Wrong, there are some tips you should follow to help you make the most of the personality tests you face.

The advice might seem straight-forward but you’d be surprised how few people follow it.

1) Be yourself

A personality test is a two-way assessment. The purpose of the test is to assess whether your personality is suitable for the role they are filling. If you’re someone who likes detail and working quietly solving problems there’s no point ticking the box that indicates you are an extrovert who loves socialising and the idea of selling things to people – you want to succeed in the role that you are offered!

2) Avoid extreme answers

It’s often desirable to employ balanced people so avoid selecting answers which are ‘extreme’. Selecting highly agree or highly disagree in every response may bracket you as inflexible.

3) Answer question with an ethical and professional mind set

Being ethical and acting in a professional manner are pre requisites for the vast majority of jobs. Try to avoid selecting answers which could portray you as an unethical or unprofessional person. There are incorrect answers in personality tests and choosing an answer that is unethical or unprofessional is likely to be incorrect.

4) Review the instructions in detail

Not all personality tests are the same so make sure you read the instructions carefully before beginning the assessment. Take note of things like how much time you have to complete the test. Some tests are not timed but you don’t want to spend too long completing the test or complete it extremely quickly otherwise it could ring alarm bells with the recruiter.

5) Consider the role you are applying for:

Think about the qualities, which are likely to be highly desirable in a person performing the role you are applying for. If you’re applying for a sales role then the ability to build relationships is going to be a highly desirable personality test and if you’re applying to be an accountant attention to detail would be a desirable personality trail. Don’t try and game the test by selecting what you think would be the ideal answer but be mindful of the personality traits that are going to be highly desirable to the organisation you are applying for.

6) Don’t try and game the test

Personalities tests are designed to identify candidates are trying to cheat the test. One way the tests do this is by asking similar questions in slightly different ways. Another way they do this is by identifying candidates who always select the ‘ideal’ answer. This means the answer, which a candidate thinks the assessor wants to hear. It’s highly unlikely that a candidate is going to be an introvert who loves detail and problem solving while at the same time being an outgoing extrovert who prefers the bigger picture and doesn’t tend to get bogged down in the detail.