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Reynolds and Reynolds Tests

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reynolds and reynolds

Software solutions for automotive retailers and manufacturers.

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Reynolds and Reynolds Personality Test

The personality test is designed to assess your personality traits in relation to the world of work. With several statements presented on each page of the assessment, you will need to choose how you think they describe you and the way you behave at work.

The test is usually untimed, and you should answer quickly and without thinking too much, as the recruitment team wants to know what you are really like in terms of your character and how you work with others.

Reynolds and Reynolds Inductive Reasoning

The inductive reasoning test assesses your ability to work with unfamiliar information and find solutions. Sometimes referred to as abstract reasoning or diagrammatic reasoning, the questions in this test are presented as a series of shapes and images with a missing item.

The shapes or images are in a sequence that is governed by a pattern or rule, and you will need to work out what the rule is and apply it to find the missing item out of the multiple-choice options.

Reynolds and Reynolds Deductive Reasoning

Another assessment of your logical thinking, the deductive reasoning assessment is about methodical thinking.

You will be presented with a couple of sentences that form premises, and you will be asked to find the correct conclusion from a series of possible answers.

This form of logical thinking is not about imagination, but it is about how you think analytically while exploring and discounting all possible outcomes.

Reynolds and Reynolds Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is about quickly reading and understanding a passage of information and answering a question about the information presented in it.

To find the correct answer from the multiple-choice answers, you will need to analyse the information presented - there is no need to have any previous knowledge of the subject because everything you need to answer is in the passage.

Reynolds and Reynolds Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning assessment requires solving maths problems under timed pressure. The questions in the assessment are presented as a series of graphs and tables, with a question to follow.

To answer the question correctly you will need to be able to understand and analyse the data, and manipulate it with simple operations like addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

Reynolds and Reynolds Interviews

The interviews for positions at Reynolds and Reynolds can involve multiple rounds, including both telephone or Skype and face to face.

The initial interview is likely to include questions about what was written in your application as well as the skills you have. In this stage, you will also have a chance to answer questions about the role and the wider business - the recruitment team wants you to understand exactly what the job and the business means.

If you successfully pass this interview, you will be invited to a second meeting with a manager of the business area that you have applied for. This is likely to have more questions regarding your skills and competencies, framed as requests for examples. You might be asked to give an example of a time that you have worked as a team to solve a problem, or been in a leadership position.

If you are successful in the interviews, you will be asked to complete both a background check and a drug test.

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