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Newton Europe Tests

Newton Europe Tests

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Newton Europe Tests

Newton Europe is an implementation-focused management consultancy company. This means it focuses on identifying strategies to improve business practices, plus the actual changes and activities needed to implement that strategy. It is one of the top consultancy companies in the UK.

Careers at Newton Europe

Implementation-focused consultancy differs from strategy- and operations-focused consultancy as it is more specific to each client and consultants have a more hands-on approach. This will suit people who enjoy working with people and being more active in bringing their analysis from paper to practice, which is the core goal of the company.

Newton Europe looks for people who are enthusiastic and innovative. If you enjoy problem-solving and applying your knowledge to unique situations, then implementation consultancy is a great career path for you.

In particular, Newton Europe has a strong graduate scheme and works to foster career-long development. It views retaining talent as the best way to create a successful company.

Newton Europe Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Psychometric Testing
  3. 3
    Video Interview
  4. 4
    Selection Day
  5. 5
    Final Interviews

Newton Europe states that fewer than 1% of applicants are successful, which may seem like long odds. This guide will hopefully make the application process a little less daunting.

The application stages (covered in more detail further down) are as follows:

  • Online application. Basic information about your skills and experience.
  • Psychometric testing. Numerical and data interpretation tests, taken remotely.
  • Video interview. Filmed and sent back for Newton staff to review.
  • Selection day. Consists of more assessment tests, group activities, and individual presentations.
  • Final interviews. Two 45-minute interviews with senior Newton staff, who will determine whether your skills and personality are the right fit for the company.

Newton provides comprehensive feedback if you are unsuccessful. So even if you don’t feel confident about your chances of success, it’s always best to put yourself out there and learn from the experience.

Online application

The first stage of the process is the online application. If you are applying for a graduate role then you will not need to submit a CV and cover letter as well. Make sure that you know what Newton Europe is looking for and why you think you’d be a good fit for the company.

Newton Europe numerical reasoning test

The next stage of the online application is the psychometric tests. Each takes around an hour, and once you start your application you have seven days to complete them.

One of the key workplace skills that Newton Europe looks for is excellent numeracy, meaning that you are confident and capable when handling numerical information and data interpretation.

This is important to keep in mind when doing your numerical tests, since it will factor in the success of your application. Newton Europe actually makes its own tests and offers its own practice questions; however to really improve your score, it’s a good idea to do a lot more practice.

Practicing numerical reasoning tests will help to find any weaknesses in your ability to deal with numerical data and get you comfortable with the types of questions you might face in your test.

You can also find practice data interpretation tests, which is another type of numerical literacy test included in the application process.

Newton Europe verbal reasoning test

Verbal reasoning tests are common in the hiring process as they give employers an insight into your communication and critical thinking skills.

Verbal reasoning tests don’t just assess your language skills, but also how well you solve problems, follow logic and perform under pressure – all of which are vital workplace skills for companies like Newton Europe.

It is important to practice verbal reasoning tests as much as possible before you take your test as they can be quite tricky, especially with the time restriction. Usually the format is that you will be presented with a passage of text and then asked to answer if statements made are true, false, or you cannot say from the information given.

Check out these tips and tricks for verbal reasoning tests that can help to improve your score.

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Video interview

The last online stage of your application is the video interview. You have three days to complete this after you receive your invite and it takes around 15 minutes to film.

Newton Europe uses the video interview as a way to get to know you and see your personality, so it’s important to feel prepared and relaxed when you take it. Plan accordingly to make sure you’re in a calm environment without any distractions.

Newton Europe prides itself on a lot of client contact, and wants to see how well you present yourself and communicate your ideas – since this will be a reflection of the company itself should you be hired.

Research the company and make sure you have a good understanding of everything Newton does before going into your interview. Video interviews can feel awkward, but take the time to do practice questions beforehand and you should feel more ready.

Selection day

The selection day is an in-person day of activities and tests, during which you get the opportunity to meet current Newton staff and get to know each other better.

Some of the typical activities include:

  • Icebreakers. Introducing yourself and others to the group.
  • Group projects. You will work in a group on a hypothetical project to show your approach to teamwork. A key aspect to be mindful of here is that every person gets different information going in – so if someone mentions data that you did not get, write it down.
  • Individual case study. You will get a letter mimicking an interested client, which you will use as the basis for an initial meeting. Then you will role-play the initial meeting with Newton staff acting as the client.

You will also have to do another numerical reasoning test, so remember to practice this as well and bring your own calculator.

Final interviews

If you do well during the selection day, you will be invited to the final interviews. These are usually two panel interviews with two or more senior Newton representatives, with the aim to get to know you better from different perspectives.

This is your last chance to show off all of your experience and how you believe it applies to the role at Newton Europe, so make sure that you’ve done your research on the company and your potential role there. Have a look at our top interview tips to make sure that you feel fully prepared.

A unique part of Newton’s process is that the night before the final interview you will be invited to an informal dinner with the other candidates. This is meant to give you the opportunity to relax and talk to both the other applicants and current Newton staff in a more casual and friendly setting.

While this is still part of the process, remember the aim is to get to know you and see how you fit in with the company culture, therefore, the more you can relax and embrace the opportunity, the better.

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