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CGI Assessment Tests

CGI Tests

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CGI Assessment Tests

CGI is a Canadian information technology and business consulting services company, and it is one of the biggest and most influential in the world.

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CGI Basic Comprehension

Comprehension and understanding of written information are really important in the CGI world, and this assessment is designed to ensure that you can deal with the volume and type of verbal information that will be shared.

You will be presented with various questions that may include reading a passage of text, spotting the odd word out, identifying antonyms and synonyms, and using correct grammar.

This test is to make sure that you are confident in understanding the type of information that you will be dealing with if you are successful in your application for the role.

CGI Verbal Reasoning

A verbal reasoning test is much the same as a basic comprehension test in that you will be provided with a passage of text and need to read, understand and analyse it in order to answer a question.

All the information you need to answer the question will be provided in the text, and you will often have to use critical and logical thinking to find the correct solution from the often multiple-choice options that are presented.

Understanding that the key to this sort of assessment is the ability to identify key information in the often complicated passage of text quickly. This is a skill that you can hone by reading widely, especially formal texts like business reports.

CGI Assessment Centre

The CGI Assessment Centre is often the last stage of the process, which brings together

candidates for several different job roles to take part.

It can happen online in a virtual assessment centre, or it can take place in one of the local offices. In-person assessment centres usually take a full day, and in either case, you will take part in a number of different activities and exercises that are being constantly assessed by the recruitment team.

Some of the exercises will help you to show that you have the soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership that will be needed in the role if you are successful. These activities include:

CGI Group Exercise

In the group exercise, you will be placed in a team and given some information, like a case study, where you will have to come to a group conclusion to find a solution to the problem.

This is where the recruiters will be able to see if you are good at communicating and listening, and whether you can collaborate or take charge when necessary to make sure that you achieve the goal.

CGI Written Exercise

In this individual task, you will be provided with a different case study, and given 30 minutes to produce a handwritten report.

In the report, you will be expected to solve a problem, and give your reasoning for the decisions that you have made.

CGI Interview

The interview is one of the more formal parts of the day, and you might be questioned by a member of the recruitment team or a manager in the area that you have applied for.

Interview content will depend on the role you have applied for; some are based on your competencies and you will have to answer questions by giving examples about your previous experience where you have demonstrated those competencies.

Other questions might be about your motivation, why you chose to apply for CGI and for the role in particular.

You might be expected to complete a technical interview - where you will complete a coding or programming challenge to demonstrate your skill level.

The assessment centre is a chance for you to show the skills that you might not be able to demonstrate in an application form or in the aptitude tests.

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Sample CGI Tests question Test your knowledge!

What inference can be made about the significance of data analytics in the decision-making process for tech consultancies?

In an era inundated with information, tech consultancies have turned to data analytics to distill an ocean of data into actionable insights. This scientific approach facilitates data-driven decision-making, which underpins strategies that can steer a company through volatile market trends, customer preferences, and technological disruptions.

  • Data analytics is primarily for academic research
  • Data analytics is used to justify intuitive guesses
  • Data analytics is crucial for strategic decision-making
  • Data analytics plays a minor role in modern business

A consulting firm charges $150 per hour for IT services. If a client's project requires 35 hours of work one month and 20 hours the next month, what is the total billing amount for the two months?

  • $8,250
  • $5,250
  • $3,000
  • $10,500

If the average annual revenue growth for a mid-size IT company is 8%, and the current revenue is $2 million, what would be the projected revenue after two years?

  • $2.3 million
  • $2.32 million
  • $2.332 million
  • $2.16 million

During a consultation, a systems analyst identifies a 15% redundancy in an enterprise's software processes. By removing the redundancy, the company saves $45,000 annually. What was the cost of the redundancies before they were removed?

  • $300,000
  • $340,000
  • $315,000
  • $300,000

Analyzing the text, determine the primary objective of a business in implementing cloud-based solutions.

In an era inundated with information, tech consultancies have turned to data analytics to distill an ocean of data into actionable insights. This scientific approach facilitates data-driven decision-making, which underpins strategies that can steer a company through volatile market trends, customer preferences, and technological disruptions.

  • To reduce environmental impact
  • To improve efficiency and scalability
  • To increase paper-based reporting
  • To implement stricter hiring practices

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CGI Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with Test Formats

Every test is different, and knowing the format ahead of time can give you a huge advantage. Take the time to understand the types of questions you might face and how they are presented.

2Focus on Your Weaknesses

Identify the areas you’re not as strong in and prioritize studying those topics. Improving your weak points can make a big difference in your overall performance.

3Simulate Testing Conditions

Try to replicate the testing environment when you practice. This will help you get used to the pressure and make it easier to concentrate when it’s time for the real thing.

4Manage Your Time Wisely

Keep an eye on the clock, but don’t rush. It’s important to allocate enough time to each question without spending too long on any single one.

5Review and Reflect

After each practice test, take the time to review your answers. Understanding why you got a question wrong is crucial to improving for the next time.

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CGI Tests FAQs

What are the CGI tests?

CGI tests are part of their recruitment process and typically include assessments designed to measure a range of skills such as logical and critical thinking, problem-solving, and sometimes technical knowledge relevant to the job.

Are the CGI tests hard?

The difficulty of CGI tests can vary based on the role you’re applying for. Like any standardized test, they can be challenging but with proper preparation and practice, you can improve your chances of performing well.

How do I prepare for CGI tests?

Preparing for CGI tests is all about practice. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll encounter and take as many practice tests as you can. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a wealth of resources to help you get ready.

How long does the recruitment process take at CGI?

The length of the CGI recruitment process varies by position and applicant volume. It may take several weeks from applying to receiving an offer, as it typically involves multiple stages including tests and interviews.

What are CGI's core values?

CGI’s core values reflect commitment to client success, teamwork, and integrity. They also emphasize innovation and respect for the individual, playing key roles in their approach to business and the way they engage with employees and clients.