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British American Tobacco tests

British American Tobacco Tests

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  • 216 questions
British American Tobacco tests

British American Tobacco (BAT) is the largest tobacco company in the world. Employing more than 55,000 people across 180 countries, BAT has a rigorous application process for varied roles, and if you are considering a role with them, understanding the process can help you succeed.

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Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with British American Tobacco (BAT). We provide preparation services for British American Tobacco (BAT) psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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Reviews of our British American Tobacco tests

What our customers say about our British American Tobacco tests

  • Ghana

    January 07, 2023

    Critical thinking skill must be on full display in this test.

    It helps you to pay attention to details. You must have the ability to observe very well in this test.

  • Bangladesh

    August 12, 2022


    I found the way of giving this test quite interesting. This type of psychometric test not only helps to understand the candidate's psychological behaviour but also makes it easier to judge the way they think.

  • Bangladesh

    January 19, 2022

    Understanding the patterns and numbers of elements

    At first I tried to figure out the patterns and progression. Then I learned the similarities of the questions and understood the pattern of repeating amount of elements.

  • Bangladesh

    December 21, 2021

    Mind Clearing

    This test brought my mind to a point where I was focused on it to the maximum, reaching my Ikigai state.

  • Kenya

    September 17, 2021


    I loved the movement of patterns from one to another ,which need one to be very keen to find the correct one. It can be very challenging.

  • Pakistan

    September 06, 2021

    The test needs your mind to be fully focused.

    This test is designed in such a way that it stimulates your thinking and logic making process. It forces you to figure out the possible patterns to guess the correct option.

  • Bangladesh

    August 22, 2021

    Analytical Capacity

    Yes, I like it. Because it justifies students' analytical power that can help to participate in any competition.

  • Nigeria

    July 27, 2021

    Analyze the pattern and formation of the structures with an apt focus

    I like how technical it is to detect the answers and how it takes focus to know the next moves in the boxes

  • Kenya

    July 11, 2021

    The variation of the patterns

    The test is a mind teaser and hence gives you a guideline of the future assessment. This will help in preparedness and proper tackling of issues that arise.

  • Azerbaijan

    July 05, 2021

    It was smooth

    I like that it is IQ-based and checks intelligence. The time limit was okay, although the primary thing was to find out the sequence in a specific time. But the problem for me was it was online which sometimes makes my eyeballs get tired. For that reason I can't see the dots.