BAE Systems is a British multinational security and aerospace company that delivers the most advanced, technology-led defence and security solutions to wide range of national and international clients. But to board a plane called “ Career” at BAE Systems,  you don’t have to be a pilot. You can mix with the company joining one of the following Graduate Schemes:

  • Finance Leader Development Programme
  • Industrial Placement
  • Sigma Leadership Programme
  • Applied Intelligence Early Careers ( Consulting, Engineering, Project Management)

Below you can find the details of the BAE Application System:


BAE System Application Process

There are 4 stages in the BAE Application Process:

Stage 1: Online Application

Stage 2: Telephone Interview

Stage 3: First Interview (face-to-face)

  •  Case Study

Stage 4: Second Interview (face-to-face)

  • Presentation
  • Situational Questions
  • Inductive Reasoning/ Logical Questions
  • Numerical Reasoning Puzzles


BAE Psychometric Tests

There are no online psychometric tests involved during the BAE Application Process, however, your cognitive abilities will be measured on each stage of the BAE interviews, so you might expect some situational and numerical reasoning questions to be asked. If you want to boost your confidence, it’s probably a wise thing to have a look at the Numerical, Diagrammatic/Logical and Situational Tests beforehand.


BAE Telephone Interview

A telephone interview can be daunting. Especially, when someone lacks the confidence to talk to strangers on the phone. And your awareness of this conversation being the first interaction with someone from the BAE only makes it even more stressful. So it’s important to know how to snap out of that  nervousness.

It’s a blunt thing to say, but as you may know the only way to overcome is to rehearse it beforehand. Thus, we do recommend you to take the advantage of the time given to prepare, rather than approaching this as a casual conversation. You don’t want to fail, a phone interview right?


BAE First Face- to- Face Interview

This will be a typical behavioural interview validating your skills and detecting strengths necessary for the job in the legal sector. If you need an advice – don’t just list your skills, try to find a variety of examples to prove them. Showing your motivation and commercial awareness should earn you a few extra points.


BAE Second Face-to- Face Interview

BAE Second Face-to-Face interview is a more in-depth process through which your skills, experience and general reasoning abilities will be evaluated even further.

Presentation – the Second BAE Interview  usually begins with a 15 minutes presentation on a     “complex topic” of your choice. It can be your dissertation thesis, or the project that you have worked on at the University. If you are not a born speaker and feel like you could use a little bit more advice, you can check the Assessment Centre Guide, for more useful tips to prepare for this task.


Application Process

Stage 1: Online Application
Stage 2: Telephone Interview
Stage 3: First Interview
Stage 4: Second Interview




Prepare for your BAE SYSTEMS tests

  • Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

  • Practice Situational Judgement Tests

  • Practice Assessment Centre Tests

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