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BAE Systems Tests

BAE Systems Tests

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BAE Systems Tests

BAE Systems is the UK’s largest security and defence company. It designs and manufactures technology and vehicles for land, sea and air combat, as well as cyber intelligence, commercial and military electronics, and ‘future technologies’ like virtual reality.

Careers at BAE systems

Over 85,000 people are employed by BAE Systems in 40 countries. As a leader in technology, it is one of the most sought-after workplaces for graduates and those looking to build a career in this industry.

Even if you are not an engineer, there are numerous opportunities in HR, finance, operations, and marketing. Working for BAE often means being at the forefront of your field, and it is highly selective, with a competitive application process.

If you are passionate about joining the company, then learning as much about the application process and aptitude tests is sensible.

BAE systems Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Online Aptitude Tests
  3. 3
    Video Interview
  4. 4
    Telephone or Virtual Interview
  5. 5
    Security Clearance

1) Online application

This is your initial application where you put forward your background information, experience and skills.

2) Online aptitude tests

You will be asked to do a series of online tests, including verbal and numerical reasoning.

3) Video interview

This will be a pre-recorded strength-based interview and allows the hiring staff to get a better sense of your personality and skills.

4) Telephone/virtual interview

Depending on restrictions, the next interview will either be in person or over the phone. This will be more like a regular interview and will be live with a relevant member of staff.

5) Security clearance

As the company deals in defence and security technology, any job offer given is dependent on a thorough security check.

Online application

The online application is where you need to show why you are suited to the position in question. It’s vital that you know the job specification and how you meet the criteria, as BAE seeks to knowhow you are the best candidate for the job.

As previously mentioned, background details are especially important when it comes to working for BAE, so make sure that you have checked any restrictions or given the necessary information that is needed to ensure your eligibility.

Applications are screened against required competencies (see below), so you need to show how you possess these qualities and how you have demonstrated them in your previous experience.

In particular, make sure that you fill in the ‘personal achievement’ section as fully as possible to show detailed examples of your past achievements and progress. BAE calls this ‘competency sifting’ and these fall under two categories:

Continuously improving

  • Good at looking at the bigger picture and how processes can be improved
  • Keen to implement creative and innovative ideas
  • Seeks feedback and understands how to develop from it

Working together

  • Encourages cooperation with colleagues
  • Responds positively and actively to others’ ideas and perspectives
  • Considerate of your place in a team, e.g. attention to details of your own work, supports other team members, open and honest communication

To proceed to the next stage, you must meet both the qualification and skill criteria and the competency sift, which shows whether you’ll be a good cultural fit for the team. Therefore, it is particularly important to have examples that demonstrate your personality and how you embody these qualities.

BAE verbal reasoning test

The online tests given by BAE are standard psychometric tests, one of which is the verbal reasoning test. These assess your language and problem-solving skills through word-based questions, which shows employers your communication abilities and how well you work under pressure.

For graduate roles, BAE uses SHL verbal reasoning tests. Typically, these tests are around 30 questions long, requiring ‘true, false, or cannot say’ answers, and allow 17 to 19 minutes for completion.

Have a look at some tips on how to pass your verbal reasoning test, which can help you identify areas you might need to focus on before going into your actual test.

BAE numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning tests show employers how well you work with and interpret numerical-based data. This isn’t just important for those working in maths-based fields such as engineering or finance, but is a key workplace skill for all roles in a modern company.

In most jobs you will probably be asked to deal with numerical data in a less obvious way, and these tests show how well you deal with graphs, percentages, and identifying key information within a scenario.

BAE also uses SHL numerical reasoning tests for its graduate programme. These tend to have fewer questions than the verbal reasoning: around 12 questions in the 17-minute time limit.

They typically become more complex as you progress, so you should do plenty of practice and look at some numerical reasoning test tips to help you score as highly as possible.

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Interview process

BAE no longer holds assessment centres, on the basis that they do not make the recruitment process as inclusive as BAE would like it to be. Instead, there are two interview stages in the application process:

Virtual interview

For this, you will be asked to record responses to set questions, which are later reviewed by the hiring staff. These are strength-based interviews, so the questions will be framed in more positive language that encourages you to share your passions to find out more about you and what you excel at.

When in the interview, remember to take it as seriously as a regular, live interview. That means you should make sure you are visually presentable, your surroundings are tidy, and there are no distractions or interruptions while you are recording.

Live interview

Depending on restrictions, this may be given in person or digitally, and is more like a regular interview. You will meet with relevant staff in the field, so make sure that you know the job expectations and your CV thoroughly to impress them.

Again, this will be a strength-based interview, drawing on the information that they learnt from your virtual interview, which should mean that you have the chance to go into more detail about your passions and successes.

It’s important to show why you want to work for BAE Systems and why this particular role caught your attention. Research the company and find out about its recent business developments – particularly in your area of expertise – so you can show you have an interest in the future of the company and where you see yourself fitting into that.

Keep in mind the company’s cultural values: trusted, innovative, and bold. This is a great starting point for how you want to present yourself and your experiences to the interviewer.

Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially when you’re passionate about the role, so take a look at some interview tips to make sure that you feel prepared and ready.

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