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BAE Systems Tests

BAE Systems Tests

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BAE Systems Tests

BAE Systems is the UK’s largest security and defence company. It designs and manufactures technology and vehicles for land, sea and air combat, as well as cyber intelligence, commercial and military electronics, and ‘future technologies’ like virtual reality.

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Interview process

BAE no longer holds assessment centres, on the basis that they do not make the recruitment process as inclusive as BAE would like it to be. Instead, there are two interview stages in the application process:

Virtual interview

For this, you will be asked to record responses to set questions, which are later reviewed by the hiring staff. These are strength-based interviews, so the questions will be framed in more positive language that encourages you to share your passions to find out more about you and what you excel at.

When in the interview, remember to take it as seriously as a regular, live interview. That means you should make sure you are visually presentable, your surroundings are tidy, and there are no distractions or interruptions while you are recording.

Live interview

Depending on restrictions, this may be given in person or digitally, and is more like a regular interview. You will meet with relevant staff in the field, so make sure that you know the job expectations and your CV thoroughly to impress them.

Again, this will be a strength-based interview, drawing on the information that they learnt from your virtual interview, which should mean that you have the chance to go into more detail about your passions and successes.

It’s important to show why you want to work for BAE Systems and why this particular role caught your attention. Research the company and find out about its recent business developments – particularly in your area of expertise – so you can show you have an interest in the future of the company and where you see yourself fitting into that.

Keep in mind the company’s cultural values: trusted, innovative, and bold. This is a great starting point for how you want to present yourself and your experiences to the interviewer.

Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially when you’re passionate about the role, so take a look at some interview tips to make sure that you feel prepared and ready.

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Sample BAE Systems Tests question Test your knowledge!

A team working on an encrypted communication module has identified four potential issues labeled A, B, C, and D. Issue A was identified after B but before C and D. Issue D was identified after both A and C. Which was the last issue to be identified?

  • Issue A
  • Issue B
  • Issue C
  • Issue D

A project manager, dealing with a new radar system, is managing a budget that was reduced by 20% from the previous year. If the original budget was $1.25 million, what is the new budget?

  • $1 million
  • $1.15 million
  • $1.05 million
  • $2 million

If a client demands a security feature that takes 12 weeks to develop and your team has 3 developers working parallelly, with each able to develop the feature independently in 24 weeks, how many more developers are needed to meet the client's demand? Assume there is no ramp-up time required for new developers.

  • 1 developer
  • 2 developers
  • 3 developers
  • 4 developers

After reading a report on a new aerospace metal alloy, you must summarize the advantages listed for a team meeting. Which of the following is not a typical advantage of using specialized alloys in aerospace?

  • Higher melting point
  • Ease of shaping and manufacturing
  • Increased conductivity
  • Lighter weight

From the given information about a defense satellite coverage area, choose the conclusion that cannot be true if the satellite can cover a region within a radius of 2,000 kilometers from a point.

  • The satellite can cover adjacent regions that are 1,500 kilometers apart.
  • The total area covered by the satellite is more than 12 million square kilometers.
  • If a region falls on the border of the coverage area, it will receive at least partial coverage.
  • Two regions, each at the circumference but on opposite sides, will not be covered at the same time.

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BAE Systems Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Getting to know the structure and types of questions you’ll encounter on the BAE Systems tests can significantly increase your comfort level. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to get a feel for the layout, timing, and style of questions you might face.

2Understand the Job Role

BAE Systems offers various Graduate Schemes, each with its specificities. Understanding what your desired role entails can guide you to focus on relevant practices and examples on Practice Aptitude Tests that align with the skills you need to demonstrate.

3Practice Under Exam Conditions

To truly prepare for your BAE Systems tests, try to simulate exam conditions when you practice. This can include timing yourself and working in a quiet, interruption-free environment, which you can do easily with the practice tests available on Practice Aptitude Tests.

4Review and Reflect

After each practice test, take the time to review your answers thoroughly. This will help you understand where you need to focus more and will enhance your learning experience with every practice session on Practice Aptitude Tests.

5Stay Calm and Confident

Your mindset can greatly impact your performance. Remember to stay calm and confident during your preparations and the actual test. Regular practice on Practice Aptitude Tests can help build this confidence.

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BAE Systems Tests FAQs

What are the BAE systems tests?

BAE Systems uses a series of aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process to assess a candidate’s proficiency in various skills relevant to the defence and aerospace sectors. These could include numerical reasoning, situational judgment, and domain-specific knowledge assessments.

Are the BAE systems tests hard?

The difficulty of BAE Systems tests can depend on your background and the specific role you’re applying for. They are designed to measure your aptitude against the high standards and challenging roles at the company, so thorough preparation is key.

How do I prepare for BAE systems tests?

The best way to prepare for BAE Systems tests is to practice with similar assessments to build familiarity and proficiency. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a suite of practice tests that mirror the format and difficulty of the actual exams, providing an excellent preparation tool.

How long does the recruitment process take at BAE systems?

The duration of the recruitment process at BAE Systems varies depending on the role and the number of applicants. It generally involves several steps, including testing, interviews, and assessments, and can take several weeks to several months from application to offer.

What are BAE systems's core values?

BAE Systems’s core values are centered around trust, innovation, and collaboration. The company prides itself on pioneering advanced technology and solutions that reflect these values and looks for individuals who embody them in their work ethics.

Reviews of our BAE systems tests

What our customers say about our BAE systems tests

  • United Kingdom

    January 13, 2022


    There was a good amount of difficulty to the questions, which I would expect from the real assessment.

  • United Kingdom

    October 07, 2021


    A lot of questions are not worded good and you need to make it known that if you move the cursor over the figures it reveals values.

  • United Kingdom

    September 23, 2021

    Reading graphs!

    Gave an insight into the speed at which tests take place and how quickly you have to pick key information from questions. Very difficult to understand some graphs such as those about holidays without graph title mention person number.

  • United Kingdom

    April 13, 2021


    i found this test difficult as it was my first attempt with no idea what questions would be asked

  • United Kingdom

    March 23, 2021


    Didn't know how stocks worked so made the first set of questions tricky.

  • United Kingdom

    March 09, 2021

    Some mistakes on questions

    Some questions have mistakes on the answers but overall good test.

  • United Kingdom

    March 01, 2021


    I liked that the word style was not too difficult to understand

  • United Kingdom

    February 21, 2021

    What is expected to be on the test

    The wording of the questions can be difficult to understand.

  • United Kingdom

    February 20, 2021

    Slightly glitchy but helpful

    I found my page to be glitching sometime when trying to interact with the graphs. It seemed to be taking me to the previous page but taking me right back again, I am on my phone if that helps. Apart from that, great thank you.

  • United Kingdom

    February 05, 2021

    You need a calculator

    I felt a lot of it was repetitive. The questions were similar and your score is dependant on how fast you can enter numbers into a calculator.