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Teaching Assessments

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Thinking of becoming a teacher? Use our Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) professional skills practice test packages to get the preparation you need to succeed.

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Sample Teaching Tests question Test your knowledge!

If a standardized test has a mean score of 75 with a standard deviation of 10, which score falls within one standard deviation above the mean?

  • 65
  • 85
  • 95
  • 60

If a class of 30 students is to be divided into groups of unequal sizes such that each group has at least 3 students and the numbers of students in each group form a consecutive sequence, what is the maximum number of groups that can be formed?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

Which of the following statements would logically follow if a teacher notices that students who participate in group discussions tend to score higher in tests?

  • Group discussions improve test scores.
  • High-scoring students prefer group discussions.
  • Group discussions may be beneficial to students.
  • Students who do not participate in group discussions will score low.

During a teacher's professional development session, it's discussed that using technology in the classroom increases student engagement. Identify the assumption inherent in this statement.

  • All students have equal access to technology.
  • Student engagement is independent of technology.
  • Technology is always beneficial in educational settings.
  • There is a relationship between technology use and engagement levels.

A curriculum coordinator is revising the course outcomes for a history program. Which action best exemplifies the application of critical thinking in this scenario?

  • Copying the outcomes from a prestigious history program.
  • Incorporating feedback from multiple history teachers about the current curriculum.
  • Using the same outcomes as last year to save time.
  • Choosing outcomes based on the coordinator's personal interests in history.

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Teaching Tests Tips

1Know the Landscape

Before you dive into the specifics, try to get a broad understanding of the teaching profession and its requirements. At Practice Aptitude Tests, we begin with the basics, covering common knowledge areas and skills needed in the education sector. A solid grasp of these foundational components will set the stage for more effective practice.

2Understand the Format

Each teaching aptitude test has its own nuances. Take time to familiarize yourself with the question format and the test structure. Familiarity breeds confidence! Our Practice Aptitude Tests emulate the real thing, ensuring you won’t be caught off guard when it’s time for the actual exam.

3Practice Under Exam Conditions

To truly prep yourself, practice like it’s the real exam. Use a timer, find a quiet environment, and resist the urge to consult outside resources mid-test. By simulating exam conditions, you’ll help desensitize yourself to the pressures of timed evaluations and improve your focus.

4Review, Reflect, Repeat

After each practice test, take the time to review your answers, especially the ones you got wrong. Reflect on why the correct answers are right and why you may have made mistakes. Then, rinse and repeat! Continuous practice combined with reflection deepens understanding and enhances performance.

5Keep the Passion Alive

Remember, you’re pursuing a career in teaching because you’re passionate about education and shaping minds. When practice gets tough, center back on your motivation. Let your passion for teaching drive your preparation, and use it as fuel to overcome any test-taking anxiety or hurdles.

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Teaching Tests FAQs

Are psychometric tests difficult?

The tests are designed to be challenging to show who has the necessary skills to become a qualified teacher.

However, if you practice and prepare, there’s no reason you shouldn’t succeed.

What strengths do teachers need to show?

As well as empathy and compassion, a good teacher is able to display leadership qualities, adapt to new and unpredictable circumstances and is comfortable resolving conflicts.

How do I prepare for a teaching test?

As well as taking mock aptitude tests, it’s also a good idea to do some research into what it means to be a good teacher. This can help you to ensure you’re on the right career path for you, and that you can showcase the characteristics and traits unique that will make you a good teacher.

What does a teaching test consist of?

A series of aptitude tests designed to assess your numerical and literacy skills, as well as whether you have the core skills needed to be a good teacher.

Reviews of our Teaching tests

What our customers say about our Teaching tests

  • Nigeria

    August 22, 2022


    All the questions are in mathematics which isn't my strong area, so I had to guess the answers because I didn't want to stop.

  • Nigeria

    August 22, 2022

    Preparation is really necessary

    To venture into taking this test, an examinee should have prepared adequately, and go through this practice model before venturing into any official smart test.

  • India

    March 17, 2022


    test was skilful and can test the speed and accuracy and also the knowledge of studying various graphs.

  • United States of America

    March 14, 2022


    I was using an online calculator and it was difficult to navigate and hold all the numbers in my head to configure the multiple steps needed to get through the math problem

  • Philippines

    January 04, 2022


    I love taking practice tests – however I was not expecting it to be entirely related to mathematics, which is my weakness subject ever since I was in elementary

  • Uganda

    December 03, 2021

    Use time appropriately as well as mastering the contents

    Time was limited and it's something which needs too much time so that one can answer the given questions well. To that extent to me I see it important and at the same time a failure, as I am not sure of I do and how to get the answers for the questions well. So that's how I can tell.

  • Nigeria

    May 21, 2021

    Deep understanding of graphs

    Difficult to quickly comprehend the questions

  • Philippines

    May 21, 2021

    First test is 50/50

    The first test is somehow difficult but also easy if you comprehend it well.

  • Nigeria

    May 20, 2021

    Be alert and time conscious

    It's quantitative and I like that about it.

  • Philippines

    May 19, 2021

    Analyzing the question.

    The test is fun but I find it difficult because I am not good in analyzing and computations.