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Whitbread Tests

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Whitbread Tests

Whitbread is the UK’s leading hospitality business, responsible for some of the country’s best-known brands like Premier Inn, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre and Table Table. With over 1500 sites in the UK, Whitbread serves 25 million customers every month.

Careers at Whitbread

If you are looking for a role within the Whitbread group, understanding the potential application process will help make you more confident. Whether you are looking to be a team member in one of its restaurants or hotels, or looking to join the respected graduate scheme, getting through interviews and tests successfully is important.

For roles in operations, the application process is usually short: a face-to-face discussion with a line manager followed by a job skills test. This might be for restaurant or hotel management, for example.

Each brand has its own recruitment process, so for roles in each restaurant or hotel you may still apply online, but not necessarily go through the whole process.

For roles in the support centre, which includes HR, IT, finance, digital and customer support, you might work in Houghton Regis at the campus-style head office, or from Holborn where there is a corporate head office and the digital hub.

Whitbread has an excellent graduate scheme, where specific training in HR, finance or operations is offered to graduates who have achieved a 2:1 degree in any subject. Application for the graduate scheme follows the same process as roles in the support centre.

Whitbread Application Process

The Whitbread application process for any role starts with an online application. Available roles can be found at Whitbread Careers, and candidates must begin by setting up an account and then answering some basic identity questions, as well as uploading a CV.

Candidates will then be invited to undertake a telephone interview, which may be a formal interview or a more relaxed conversation – and a great opportunity to ask questions.

This will be followed by a series of psychometric tests, as well as any specific skills-based tests that need to be undertaken.

Successful candidates will be invited to an assessment centre, where further face-to-face interviews may take place as well as group exercises.

Online application form

The online application form is a simple data-gathering exercise to get basic information from you.

If you have a CV prepared, uploading this can pre-fill some of the necessary fields, saving you time. The same is true of a LinkedIn profile.

Sharing your CV at this point, with relevant experience clearly demonstrated, shows the recruitment team that on paper you should be considered for the next stage.

Telephone interview

The telephone interview may be completed by a recruitment manager and/or HR, depending on the role. For more technical roles, like digital transformation or website design, there might be other team members involved.

The telephone interview is a great way to make an excellent first impression, and also to ask any important questions you might have about the role or the wider organisation. If successful at this stage, you may be required to undertake some aptitude tests (see below).

Whitbread numerical reasoning test

For many roles in the Whitbread support centre, you’ll be expected to be confident in handling, assessing and decoding numerical data.

Whitbread, like many other organisations, use numerical reasoning tests to assess a candidate’s knowledge of maths, as well as their ability to quickly process information and use it to answer questions.

Numerical ability tests need no prior knowledge, but practice will help you to be more confident. Try some practice numerical reasoning tests and find out more about what recruiters are looking for.

Whitbread verbal reasoning test

Verbal reasoning is a skill that candidates demonstrate when they can read, assess and understand text-based information, and then apply that to answer questions.

The texts used might relate to job-specific scenarios, or could be more obscure. No prior knowledge is required on this test, as it’s an assessment of innate ability – though it’s always good to practice these tests to make you more confident.

Check this article out for further information on verbal reasoning tests and practice questions.

Whitbread logical reasoning test

Problem-solving skills are assessed in a logical reasoning test, as well as your capacity to draw conclusions from a given set of information. Logical reasoning tests can take several forms but they tend to be multiple-choice, timed tests.

Logical reasoning is an umbrella term for several assessments, including:

Each of these requires a candidate to make a logical deduction based on the information given. For more about logical reasoning tests and to practice, see our article on logical reasoning tests.

For some roles, you might be required to undertake specific tests, like coding or creating a presentation as an at-home assessment.

Assessment centre

The assessment centre is the final stage of the application process and can take several forms. At this stage, you might undertake one or more face-to-face interviews with line managers, stakeholders and HR.

You may be required to complete group assignments as well as individual assessments.

These might take place at head office or at another location, and you will normally be informed of any required preparation that needs to take place before you attend.

Usually, a job offer is made at the end of the assessment centre, although this can be delayed.

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