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Tesco Tests

Tesco Tests

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Tesco Tests

Tesco is one of the best known multinational retailers and graduate employers in the UK.

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Tesco video interview

Tesco’s video interviews record responses mapping to Tesco’s leadership behaviours:

  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness

The video interview is recorded at home, and questions are assessed by an AI before they are assessed by a human. This is to ensure that bias does not factor into the interview process, but humans assess all videos which are not passed automatically by the algorithm.

During the interview, candidates will read questions on a screen, and then record video responses. Ahead of the interview, you will be sent a series of technological checks to ensure the interview process will not be interrupted or disturbed unnecessarily.

You can request reasonable adjustments to the video interview. Candidates are asked not to dress too formally, but it is advisable to dress smartly nonetheless and ensure you are in a clean and quiet environment.

Tesco discovery center

Candidates who pass all three of the initial application stages will be invited to a discovery center by Tesco.

This is a day of activities in which candidates have the opportunity to learn more about Tesco’s business, values and philosophy, as well as to meet and be assessed alongside other candidates for each role.

Candidates who are invited will be given some light preparation reading in advance of the assessment day. They must arrive having read this carefully. Being aware of their motivations, drive, and values that drew them to applying for the scheme, and arriving prepared to articulate these, is an important part of preparing for the day.

The assessment centre will be guided by business leaders who will run introductory and ice-breaker activities. They will be led through three different activities depending on the graduate scheme they have applied for.

These could include:

  • A presentation
  • An in-tray exercise
  • A role play task
  • A group exercise
  • An interview

Tesco presentation

In the presentation exercise, candidates are asked to prepare and deliver a 10-minute presentation on a business topic. Candidates are provided with a pack of information on the topic, and then 40 minutes of silent preparation time.

After the presentation has been delivered to a panel, there will be ten minutes of questioning time from business leaders.

Tesco in-Tray exercise

The in-tray exercise is a test in prioritisation. An AI evaluates how you will monitor and evaluate your workload on any given day. Candidates are given a mock email inbox and asked to prioritise tasks within it, whilst also receiving new communications.

Tesco role play

Candidates may be invited to take part in a role-play exercise as part of the discovery center. Working alone, they are invited into a simulation of a workplace scenario, in which the other participants are Tesco’s business leaders and also assessors.

This tests how well a candidate can work with people they may be very different from or junior to, cooperating and collaborating whilst also making insightful suggestions and taking initiative.

Tesco written exercises

Some candidates may be given written exercises as part of the discovery center. This is to assess how well they take workplace decisions based on written information, and how well they can communicate in writing with colleagues.

Candidates might be asked to respond to mock emails, write memos, or write short excerpts of mock business reports.

Tesco group exercise

The group exercise of Tesco’s graduate discovery days evaluate a candidate’s ability to collaborate on a problem, whilst also adding unique, insightful and useful suggestions.

Each candidate is given a paper prep-pack, and then thirty minutes of preparation time. Then they are given 30 minutes with a group of other candidates to discuss and create a solution to the given problem.

Sometimes different groups compete against each other to come up with the best solution.

Tesco one to one interview

At the end of the discovery day, some candidates may be invited to interview with a panel of business leaders from their sector

The unique aspect of Tesco’s interview process is the 3DCV: a presentation of your CV in front of a panel. Before candidates are asked traditional interview questions, they must present an engaging, honest and accurate summary of their experiences, successes, interests, and communication style to the pane of business leaders.

This is the final chance for candidates to make themselves stand out, as well as Tesco’s final vetting opportunity and test for integrity.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Tesco. We provide preparation services for Tesco psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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