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Legal & General tests

Legal & General Tests

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Legal & General tests

Legal & General Group, founded in 1836, is the second-largest institutional investment management firm in Europe, with headquarters in London. It provides investment management, mortgages, pensions, annuities and life insurance.

Careers at Legal & General

As a multinational, Legal & General offers jobs across numerous career paths, such as investments, IT, marketing, sales and customer service. The company values ambition, entrepreneurial attitude and flexibility in its workforce, and values a diverse and inclusive team.

In addition to the open vacancies on its website, Legal & General offers advice to any applicant. The company encourages everyone to be their best self during interviews, from looking smart and clean, to showing curiosity and politeness.

It also suggests not to talk about bad past experiences, or misrepresent your skills by underselling or overselling yourself.

Below, you will find more details regarding the application process. Throughout, you should keep in mind what the company looks for when assessing candidates: customer orientation, process management, respect for others, communication, cooperation, drive, creativity, commercial awareness and strategic orientation.

Legal & General Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application
  2. 2
    Screening phone interview
  3. 3
    Psychometric tests
  4. 4
    Assessment centre

Applying for a job with Legal & General is easily done through its career website. You can browse a variety of jobs until you find the one that suits your skills, or you can set an alert for future job opportunities.

You could also be contacted by a recruiter, who will submit your CV on your behalf. This will cut the need to submit a cover letter alongside your CV, as the recruiter themselves will talk you through the job and ask you if you’re interested.

Whichever your first step is, the application process will be followed by interviews and psychometric tests, depending on the role you’re applying for.

It could take several weeks to get to the last stage, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t hear back for a while. Legal & General attracts a lot of candidates and it can take a while to get back to you, even if the response is positive.

Online application

The first step to applying for a job with Legal & General is submitting your CV and cover letter. Make sure they’re both tailored to the specific role and highlight your competencies and past experiences.

You should also cover the reason why you want to work for the company and what motivates your career goals.

Screening phone interview

If your application is successful, a member of the HR team will contact you for a screening phone interview. This is the first actual stage of the process, where you will be asked competency-based questions.

Make sure you have your CV on hand while answering, as HR may refer to it during the interview.

L&G numerical reasoning test

As a financial and investment company, Legal & General will probably require you to take a numerical reasoning test.

This test will assess your ability to process numbers and data in a variety of different scenarios, such as analysing graphs and charts, or calculating percentages and ratios, all via multiple-choice questions in a set time.

To best prepare for such a test, you should get acquainted with the format and practice as much as you can. With the help of some useful tips and consistency, you will achieve top scores.

L&G situational judgement test

Situational judgement tests are a common means for companies to assess if a candidate fits with its work values and conducts.

A situational judgment test will detail typical work scenarios and ask you to choose the best course of action. The test’s format is multiple-choice questions, so you won’t have to come up with an original solution. However, you will be timed and only have a few seconds to answer each question.

Although there isn’t a specific right or wrong answer, the company will expect you to choose the best answer for its set standards. It could be helpful for you to research the company, learn about its values and perhaps read past articles on how the company acted in difficult situations.

Taking some practice SJTs will also be beneficial, as it will allow you to get acquainted with the format. And it will certainly help you get used to the restricted time.

L&G personality test

A personality test is another way for Legal & General to make sure you are a good match for the company. Similar to a situational judgement test, you cannot fail a personality test. However, your answers have to show you fit the role’s requirements.

This means that if you’re applying for a managerial position, you need to demonstrate a leadership personality.

You can take a look at our top tips to pass a personality test to better understand how to prepare. Again, the test will be timed, so practicing before the exam will help you get through the test quickly and confidently.

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Assessment centre

After the psychometric tests, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre. Here, you will spend the best part of a day with a group of candidates, being interviewed, and preparing several scenarios.

It will be a demanding day, where most of the pressure will come by being surrounded by your competition. Make sure you have water and food with you — and stay positive throughout the day.

You will probably be asked to do a presentation in front of a panel. Your hiring manager and higher Legal & General staff will be giving you prompts, such as presenting a new product or solving problematic situations.

During the day, you may also be asked to take face-to-face interviews. Here, you will answer questions about your passions, your skills and career goals.

Legal & General often use the STAR method — some typical questions being ‘When was a time you had to communicate something difficult to a customer?’ or ‘When was the last time you worked on a team and what challenges did you face?’. Make sure you answer confidently and with expertise.

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