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Home Depot tests

Home Depot Tests

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Home Depot tests

Home Depot is one of the world’s largest home improvement stores, with more than 2,300 locations across North America. It was founded in 1978 and was the first of its kind for the DIY industry. Today, it sells more than 35 million products.

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Basic math concepts test

For some roles such as cashiers and shop assistants, knowing basic math is really important. If your role requires you to work with money and do quick calculations or measurements for customers, you will have to take this test.

Situations you might need basic math for include if a customer approached you and asked you how much product they need to cover 5 square feet of floor, or how much would it cost for 25 quantities of this product.

You might also consider practicing numerical reasoning tests, which require you to apply a range of math concepts to solve problems. The complexity lies in the test being timed, so you must practice answering questions quickly and accurately.

Phone interview

As well as an aptitude test during the pre-screening process, you might be invited to participate in a phone interview with Home Depot recruiters. These types of interviews are typically used for entry-level roles like cashiers and sales associates.

You will be asked a range of questions (lasting between 15 and 30 minutes) related to your past work experience, background, achievements, and motivations for applying to the position.

It’s important to speak confidently, clearly and have a good phone line connection. You should also do your homework about the Home Depot group and be really familiar with your resume and application, as you may be asked to talk about it.

Face-to-face interview

The final stage of the recruitment process is a face-to-face interview with one or two hiring managers.

The questions are pre-scripted and the interviewer will write down your answers.

The STAR method is useful when participating in any formal interview. It allows you to effectively structure each answer using the Situation, Task, Action and Response method.

Questions will be based on your personality qualities, work ethic, and experience, so it’s important to have examples ready to talk about.

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