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Hogan Assessments

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Rooted in science, Hogan tests are designed to help employers recruit the best possible candidates based on different criteria including personality type, motivations, propensity for leadership and weaknesses.

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Which employers use Hogan tests?

If you are a potential employee, it is good to know if you will be expected to take a Hogan test before the interview process so you have plenty of time to prepare different types of questions – as you would for most tests.

Hogan tests are used by a huge variety of renowned companies, including over half of the Fortune 500 companies.

Vodafone, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Amazon are all examples of multinational corporations that believe in the importance of the Hogan personality tests in recruitment and retention programmes.

Tips for how to prepare for Hogan assessments

1. Research the company

Learning more about the values, objectives, and drivers of the company you’re applying to is a great way to get yourself into the right mindset before your Hogan assessment.

2. Think about yourself

As well as researching the company, make sure you take time to look a little closer at yourself. Knowing what your greatest strengths and skills are is important, as you want to ensure you can convey this through the questions you’ll be asked on the tests.

3. Be honest

It’s really important, to be honest on these tests, both for yourself and for your employer.

4. Be realistic

It’s tempting to paint yourself as an almost perfect individual, but it’s just not realistic. We all have flaws and areas of weakness, so don’t be afraid to express them.

5. Try some practice tests

While there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers on a Hogan test, taking a few practice assessments will give you a clearer idea of what to expect on the day, and will help to boost your confidence. Taking practice tests will introduce you to personality tests and improve your chances of success.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Hogan. We provide preparation services for Hogan psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Hogan Assessments question Test your knowledge!

A company measures success not by quarterly profits but by customer satisfaction and retention. Following this mentality, which of the following strategies should the company prioritize?

  • Cutting operational costs to increase short-term profits
  • Investing in employee training to improve service quality
  • Restructuring the organization to reduce the number of management levels
  • Focusing on aggressive sales tactics to boost profit margins

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the passage below? 'Despite initial resistance, the introduction of technology in the workplace has invariably led to an increase in productivity. However, this increase is not solely attributable to the technological advancements themselves but also to the process improvements that companies implement in conjunction with these new tools.'

  • Technology is the only factor responsible for increased productivity.
  • Companies have resisted technological advancements because they are concerned about productivity.
  • Productivity increases from technology are partly due to accompanying process improvements.
  • Implementing new tools in the workplace decreases productivity initially.

All swans are birds, and some birds are migratory. If an animal is a migratory bird, then it has a navigation system. Which of the following must be true?

  • All birds have a navigation system.
  • Some swans are migratory.
  • All migratory animals are birds.
  • If an animal is a swan, it may or may not have a navigation system.

If a project's budget was initially $200,000 and it was reduced by 15%, what is the new budget for the project?

  • $185,000
  • $170,000
  • $215,000
  • $190,000

In a logical sequence, if the first two elements are 'RE', the third element is 'VER', and the fifth element is 'SON', what is the fourth element?

  • BAL
  • EAS
  • BER
  • SING

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Hogan Assessments Tips

1Get Comfortable with the Basics

Before you dive into practicing for Hogan assessments, take some time to understand the foundation. Hogan tests are designed to measure your personality, values, and reasoning—a trio that makes up who you are as a potential employee. To perform well, start by getting a solid grasp of basic psychological principles and common reasoning frameworks. Remember, the Hogan assessments aren’t about wrong or right answers; they are about painting an accurate picture of you as an individual.

2Mirror the Test Conditions

When you sit down with Practice Aptitude Tests, mimic the conditions of the actual test as closely as possible. Find a quiet space, set a timer, and ensure you’re working in an uninterrupted environment. Familiarizing yourself with the testing conditions will reduce anxiety on the big day and help you stay focused when it matters most.

3Reflect on Feedback

One of the unique aspects of the Hogan assessments is their focus on personality. As such, feedback can be incredibly insightful. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to gauge where you stand and reflect deeply on the feedback provided. It’s not just about practicing the tests themselves, but also about understanding and perhaps even improving on how you present yourself to potential employers.

4Be Authentically You

Though it’s tempting to try and ‘beat’ the test or give answers you think employers want to hear, Hogan assessments are sophisticated enough to detect inconsistencies. The best approach is to be honest and consistent in your responses. Employers are looking for the real you, and the most beneficial outcome comes from a genuine portrayal of your personality and values.

5Review and Practice Regularly

Consistency is key when preparing for any assessment. With Hogan serving such a wide range of top-notch companies, these tests hold a lot of weight. By using Practice Aptitude Tests, you can get into a regular rhythm of reviewing and practicing various scenarios. This regularity will not just prepare you for the test structure but also build confidence in your capabilities.

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Hogan Assessments FAQs

How are Hogan tests scored?

As well as using a normative group to compare your scores to, Hogan tests are also assessed using percentiles to give you an individual ranking within that group.

How accurate are Hogan assessments?

If you answer honestly, the tests (when looked at holistically), can give employers a much clearer idea of a candidate’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. However, they’re never going to portray an individual with 100% accuracy.

Are the Hogan assessments hard?

Hogan assessments don’t have ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers. They’re designed to probe your personality. Some people will find them more challenging; it just depends how comfortable you are answering questions about yourself.

How will I take my Hogan assessment?

The tests are normally taken online. You’ll be given specific instructions by your employer or recruitment contact.