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ExxonMobil Assessments

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ExxonMobil is a chemical manufacturing and energy company. Founded 135 years ago, ExxonMobil has a presence in most countries in the world and trades under the brand names Mobil, Esso, and Exxon.

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ExxonMobil Aptitude Tests

ExxonMobil receives many applications for its positions. As part of the recruitment process, candidates are asked to complete several online assessments to assess their aptitude, abilities, and knowledge in areas relevant to their applied role.

It is worth noting that the number, type, and length of assessments candidates are required to sit vary according to the type of role or program applied for. All assessments are conducted online, and candidates are requested to complete these assessments within a given time frame.

Given the competitive nature of many of the roles at ExxonMobil, candidates should ensure they have fully prepared and practiced the online assessments they will be asked to complete before sitting the actual assessments.

ExxonMobil language test

Depending on the role, candidates may be asked to complete a language proficiency test. This test assesses a candidate’s understanding of words and their meaning in the English language.

Questions are presented with multiple-choice answers. Candidates select the answer they believe to be correct from the list given.

ExxonMobil mechanical reasoning test

The mechanical reasoning test looks at a candidate’s understanding and practical knowledge of mechanical principles and concepts.

These tests are relevant for roles in the engineering field. They are typically presented as a series of questions on pulleys, levers, gears, and motion.

Candidates need to look at the information provided and, following analysis and applying the relevant principle, select the appropriate multiple-choice answer.

ExxonMobil technical test

Some roles at ExxonMobil require candidates to complete a technical test in their chosen area of specialism. These tests are directly relevant to the role and assess a candidate’s knowledge of the technical elements required for the role itself.

ExxonMobil personality assessment

Personality tests differ from ability or knowledge tests in that there is no right or wrong answer to the questions asked.

A personality test looks at a candidate’s traits, behaviors, and characteristics in how they behave and respond to work situations. These tests align with the culture, values, and competencies required for the role and a successful career at the company.

ExxonMobil numerical reasoning test

In addition to specific role-relevant tests, candidates are also required to complete analytical aptitude tests.

The numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate’s ability to understand and work with all forms of numerical data. This test is a timed test; questions are presented showing various forms of numerical data such as charts or graphs.

Candidates need to read, understand and analyze the information then answer the questions that follow.

The numerical reasoning test requires candidates to use basic mathematical principles and concepts such as fractions, ratios, algebra, and percentages, then select the multiple-choice answer they believe correct.

It is advisable to work accurately yet quickly when sitting a numerical reasoning test. Refreshing your memory on using mathematical principles is also advised when preparing for a numerical reasoning test.

ExxonMobil verbal reasoning test

Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate’s ability to read and understand passages of information, and then use their understanding to answer questions on what they have read.

Following the passage of text, questions are presented as statements with a list of multiple choice answers. Candidates then need to select whether the statement is ‘false, ‘true’ or they cannot say based on the information presented.

Verbal reasoning tests require candidates to read and understand the information thoroughly. As a verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate’s comprehension and language skills, candidates need to take the time to make sure they have not misread any information, since this can lead to the wrong assumption being made.

Verbal reasoning tests are timed, so candidates need to work quickly but accurately to ensure they answer as many questions as possible.

ExxonMobil diagrammatic reasoning test

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are a type of logical reasoning test. This test looks at your ability to solve problems and answer questions when presented with information in the form of images.

In this test, diagrams are presented, and candidates need to understand, evaluate and synthesize this information to reach a logical conclusion then selecting the relevant multiple choice answer.

Information could take the form of sequence diagrams, patterns, or shapes. Candidates need to determine the relationship between these images and select the next diagram in the sequence.

Logical reasoning tests are again timed, so the rationale of working quickly but accurately is again applied.

When preparing for a logical reasoning test, it is good to read newspapers or articles where information is presented in the form of a diagram or image. Then to work out what the image is saying before reading the accompanying subtext.

ExxonMobil interviews

There are several interviews that candidates may be invited to as part of their Exxonmobil recruitment process. Again the number and type will vary by role.

Preliminary interview

This interview is conducted like a screening interview. It will focus on whether you have the academic and candidate requirements for the position. If successful at the preliminary interview, candidates are then invited to the final interview stage.

Technical interview

The technical interview is usually part of the final round of interviews. This type of interview focuses on a candidate’s technical knowledge and skills as relevant to the role.

Questions are asked on work-based scenarios or problems faced when working on the job, and how candidates would solve these problems using their specific technical knowledge.

Research interviews

A research interview is typically a panel-based interview where candidates present their academic research to the interviewers. These interviews are more applicable to science-based roles.

Collaboration and leadership interviews

The collaboration and leadership interview assess a candidate’s ability to work in teams and collaborate with others to solve problems.

Questions are asked that allow candidates to share their past team working and leadership experiences. Candidates must give examples of how they work across teams and how they have demonstrated leadership in previous situations and roles.

On-campus interviews

For those at university, candidates may be invited to attend an on-campus interview. These interviews will be with a member of the ExxonMobil team and be held on-campus as part of the university recruitment activity timetable.

It is worth noting that these interviews may be more general. Following the interview, if a student has demonstrated the required skills and attributes for a career at ExxonMobil, they will be referred to various fields for further assessment.

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Sample ExxonMobil Tests question Test your knowledge!

Given four boxes labeled A, B, C, and D, where each box contains a different number of identical units and follows a certain pattern. If box A contains 3 units, box B contains 6 units, and box C contains 12 units, how many units should be in box D to continue the pattern?

  • 18 units
  • 24 units
  • 15 units
  • 21 units

If a piston exerts a pressure of 12 bars on a fluid in a cylinder, what is the resulting force exerted by the fluid if the piston has a cross-sectional area of 0.02 m^2?

  • 240 N
  • 24,000 N
  • 2,400 N
  • 240,000 N

A processing plant reports that last year they produced 10% less than this year's 5,000 tons of chemicals. How many tons did they produce last year?

  • 4,500 tons
  • 5,500 tons
  • 4,000 tons
  • 5,000 tons

Read the following statement: 'While the company's profits have been solid, there has been a noticeable decline in investment in research and development, which could compromise future growth.' Which inference is most accurate?

  • The company is certain to face financial challenges.
  • The company needs to invest more in marketing.
  • The company is at risk of technological stagnation.
  • The company will increase its workforce dramatically.

A team is working on a project with a sequence of tasks. If the tasks are not completed in a logical order, efficiency is compromised. Which of the following represents the best logical sequence for undertaking the tasks: A) Data Collection, B) Analysis, C) Planning, D) Implementation?

  • C, A, B, D
  • A, D, C, B
  • D, B, A, C
  • B, C, D, A

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ExxonMobil Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with Common Test Formats

Before diving into actual practice questions, spend time understanding the format of typical exams you might face. This will reduce surprises on test day and help you manage your time more effectively.

2Time Management is Key

Many of these tests are timed. Work on pacing yourself while practicing so that you can complete all questions within the given time limits. This means not spending too long on any one question.

3Review Core Concepts

Make sure you have brushed up on the fundamental concepts that might be covered in the tests, especially if these areas are not part of your daily job or study activities.

4Simulate Test Conditions

When you practice, try to simulate the test conditions as closely as possible. This includes finding a quiet environment and adhering to the time restrictions.

5Relax and Stay Positive

Stress can impact your performance, so it’s important to stay calm and approach the test with a positive mindset. Remember to breathe and maintain a steady pace.

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ExxonMobil Tests FAQs

What are the ExxonMobil tests?

ExxonMobil utilizes job-specific aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process. These assessments can include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and job simulation exercises to gauge a candidate’s potential.

Are the ExxonMobil tests hard?

The difficulty of ExxonMobil’s tests can vary depending on your familiarity with the test subjects and formats. Thorough preparation and practice can significantly ease the challenge.

How do I prepare for ExxonMobil tests?

The best preparation for ExxonMobil tests is to practice beforehand. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a wide range of practice tests designed to mirror the actual exams you’ll face.

How long does the recruitment process take at ExxonMobil?

The recruitment process at ExxonMobil varies by position and location, but it typically spans several weeks and includes multiple stages, such as screening calls, tests, and interviews.

What are ExxonMobil's core values?

ExxonMobil’s core values encompass a commitment to safety, security, ethics, and integrity, along with a focus on environmental performance and corporate citizenship.

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