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Co-operative Bank tests

Co-operative Bank Tests

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Co-operative Bank tests

The Co-operative Bank, founded in 1872, set out with a commitment to provide an ethical banking alternative for the general public. Today it is the UK’s leading ethical bank, having received the highest ESG rating of any UK high street bank.

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Co-Operative Bank SHL Style Aptitude Tests

When applying for a role at The Cooperative Bank, you will be asked to complete a series of SHL aptitude tests at one or more stages of the application process.

These tests measure a candidate’s numerical, verbal, inductive and deductive reasoning, helping to assure recruiters that they would be a competent team member.

Co-operative Bank numerical reasoning

The numerical reasoning test will mostly focus on statistics, your ability to interpret graphs, tables and charts, and logical analysis. These tests will also measure basic arithmetic, percentages, averages and other general numerical skills.

If you’re nervous about this element of the application, read more on how best to prepare for numerical assessments.

Co-operative Bank verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning assessments test your comprehension of written passages. You will be required to read, interpret and analyse a short passage of text, offering answers based on a multiple-choice system.

All of the information you need to answer the questions correctly will be within the text, so attention to detail and a good understanding of the English language (including spelling and grammar) is the key to success. You can practice free verbal reasoning questions here.

Co-operative Bank inductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning tests offer employers insight into how you would approach new rules and situations, whilst also assessing your creativity and ability to think laterally. Inductive reasoning tests do this by asking you to identify the relationships between shapes and figures, spotting rules and patterns, and applying these to find the answer.

The best way to prepare for this type of assessment is to take as many practice tests as possible. That way you are less likely to panic when facing the real test. You can access free inductive reasoning practice questions here.

Co-operative Bank deductive reasoning

A deductive reasoning test assesses your ability to draw the right conclusion from a set of truths. You will be given a a scenario and expected to follow a top-down-logic to reach the correct conclusion from a list of multiple-choice answers.

Employers use these tests to get a better understanding of your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Prepare for these assessments with free deductive reasoning practice tests.

Co-operative Bank situational judgement

For The Co-operative Bank a situational judgement test will be role-dependent, mostly deployed for leadership positions. It asks a series of hypothetical workplace scenarios, and you then select from multiple answers, which gives the company an insight into your judgement and character traits.

If you are applying for a leadership role, we would recommend practicing this style of test to better prepare for the real thing. Practice situational judgement questions for free here.

Co-operative Bank assessment centre

Depending on the role, you may be asked to take part in a Co-op assessment centre day. This is a full day consisting of group interviews, presentations, and hypothetical scenario-based exercises, all carried out with other applicants.

Naturally, this demonstrates how well you are able to collaborate with others and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Both qualities are integral to all business functions and at the heart of The Co-operative Bank’s people-led ethics.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Co-operative Bank. We provide preparation services for Co-operative Bank psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Co-operative Bank Tests question Test your knowledge!

Read the following statement and determine the conclusion that can be logically drawn: "All green energy projects supported by the ethical bank have passed rigorous environmental impact assessments. Project XYZ has been supported by the ethical bank."

  • Project XYZ did not pass an environmental impact assessment.
  • Project XYZ has passed a rigorous environmental impact assessment.
  • The ethical bank only supports projects after they have passed environmental impact assessments.
  • Project XYZ is the only project that has passed an environmental impact assessment.

A charitable organization reports that it spent the following percentages of its funds: 40% on healthcare, 35% on educational programs, and the remaining on environmental protection. If the total expenditure was £700,000, how much was spent on environmental protection?

  • £140,000
  • £210,000
  • £175,000
  • £280,000

Identify the next number in the series: 3, 9, 27, 81, ...

  • 162
  • 243
  • 324
  • 405

During an ethical audit, a financial institution documented that their energy usage has increased by 15% in the first quarter, decreased by 10% in the second quarter, and increased by 5% in the third quarter. Considering these changes, choose the statement that best describes the overall energy usage trend for the three quarters combined.

  • The energy usage trended upwards by approximately 10%.
  • The energy usage remained approximately the same as the initial level.
  • The energy usage trended downwards.
  • The energy usage doubled.

An ethical bank has a policy to invest in green energy projects over oil companies. Which of the following investment opportunities is the bank most likely to approve?

  • A new offshore drilling platform
  • Solar panel manufacturing startup
  • A refinery expansion project
  • A pipeline construction company

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Co-operative Bank Tests Tips

1Familiarize with Ethical Banking

Delve into the concept of ethical banking. Understanding the Co-operative Bank’s commitment to ethical practices will give you an edge in scenario-based questions.

2Brush Up on Numerical Skills

Get comfortable with numbers. These tests often include numerical reasoning, so practicing with data interpretation and financial analysis problems is key.

3Understand ESG Principles

Learn about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria as the Co-operative Bank takes these factors seriously in their operations and assessments.

4Simulate Test Conditions

Create an environment similar to the test day. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to take timed practice tests that mirror the actual exam conditions.

5Stay Calm and Positive

Maintain a calm mindset. Anxiety can affect performance, so remember to breathe and stay confident in your abilities during the test.

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Co-operative Bank Tests FAQs

What are the Co-operative Bank tests?

The Co-operative Bank utilizes a series of aptitude tests designed to assess a candidate’s alignment with their ethical values, numerical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities, critical for a role in ethical banking.

Are the Co-operative Bank tests hard?

Like any aptitude test, the Co-operative Bank tests can be challenging. They aim to measure the candidate’s aptitude in areas crucial to banking roles, reflecting the company’s high standards and strong ethical stance.

How do I prepare for Co-operative Bank tests?

The best way to prepare for Co-operative Bank tests is by practicing. Familiarizing yourself with the test format and types of questions through practice tests available on Practice Aptitude Tests can greatly boost your readiness.

How long does the recruitment process take at Co-operative Bank?

The recruitment process length at Co-operative Bank varies, but it typically involves several stages including the aptitude tests, which can impact the overall timeline. Patience and preparation are key.

What are Co-operative Bank's core values?

Co-operative Bank’s core values revolve around ethical banking. They focus on responsibility, transparency, and putting customers and communities first, with a strong stance on social and environmental issues.