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Capita tests

Capita Tests

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Capita tests

Founded in 1984, Capita is the largest business process outsourcing company in the UK. It provides consultancy and end-to-end services across a number of divisions such as software, HR, government, and customer management.

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Capita telephone interview

Graduate applicants who pass the online assessments will be invited to a telephone interview with a recruiter. This is to get a better understanding of you and your application, such as why you have applied and which area of business you are interested in.

Early stage interviews tend to be less formal; however, this does not mean that they are less important. Make sure that you are somewhere quiet without any interruptions, and have a copy of your CV/application in front of you to remind yourself of key talking points.

Take a look at Capita’s values to get a sense for what it looks for in employees.

Capita assessment centre

The final stage of the process is the assessment centre. This is typically a half or full day of activities and informational presentations about the company. As well as assessing you, it’s a great chance for you to network with current employees, ask any questions that you may have, and find out more about working for Capita.

Usually, there is a mix of individual and group activities designed to assess multiple competencies. This can include:

Capita role play exercise

For the role play exercise you will be partnered with a recruiter or another candidate and asked to act out a common work task. These are most often used for roles with lots of client contact such as sales, consultancy, and management.

Capita group exercise

The Capita group exercise involves working as in a team, in order to complete a task. Usually, this will be a case study, such as proposing a business solution using the information given. While you work, a recruiter will observe and give minimal assistance, making notes on how you work as a team and who shows the key competencies they are looking for.

Capita written task

For some roles, you may be asked to complete a longer writing task to show your communication skills. This can include emails, press releases, or reports, depending on what the role you have applied for involves.

Capita interview

Often, assessment centres are where you will have your first face-to-face interview. This is your chance to build rapport with the recruiters and answer any final questions they may have about your experience, skills, and interest in the company, so make sure you come prepared.

Capita’s interview advice emphasises doing your research, going over your CV, and having questions ready to challenge the interviewer back.

For some roles, you may be asked to come to a specialist interview instead of the assessment centre. This is to give you a better understanding of the day-to-day workings of this job, rather than taking part in more general activities and interviews.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Capita. We provide preparation services for Capita psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Capita Tests question Test your knowledge!

When analyzing data from government contracts, it is found that the average duration for project delivery has increased by 10% over the past year. If the previous average duration was 8 months, what is the new average duration?

  • 8.8 months
  • 8.5 months
  • 9 months
  • 8 months

During a business transformation, a consultancy agency aims to integrate an effective customer management system for their client. What is the primary objective of implementing such a system?

  • To reduce the operational costs.
  • To consolidate customer information into a centralized database.
  • To redesign the company logo and branding.
  • To outsource the entire customer service department.

A sales report indicates that last quarter, the software division experienced a decline in sales despite positive customer feedback. What could be a reasonable implication from this data?

  • Customers are likely to recommend the software to others.
  • The sales team may need to enhance their strategies.
  • The software is malfunctioning.
  • There's an overestimation of stock inventory.

If a consultancy has billed 120 hours at an hourly rate of £90, what would be the final cost before tax?

  • £10,800
  • £9,800
  • £11,000
  • £10,000

A project manager is making a Gantt chart to plan resources for the quarter. If the HR division requires twice as many hours as the customer management division, and the customer management division needs 100 hours, how many total hours need to be allocated?

  • 300 hours
  • 200 hours
  • 150 hours
  • 250 hours

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Capita Tests Tips

1Know Your Test Formats

Familiarize yourself with various test formats you might encounter. A mixture of multiple-choice and open-ended questions could come your way, so understanding how to tackle each style can give you a solid advantage.

2Time Management

Keep a steady pace and don’t spend too much time on any one question. While it’s important to be thorough, it’s equally crucial to ensure you have enough time to complete all sections of the test.

3Stay Calm and Focused

Test anxiety can get the best of anyone. Practice mindfulness or relaxation techniques before the test to help keep your cool and maintain sharp focus during the exam.

4Review Your Answers

If you have time at the end of the test, take a moment to review your answers. Double-checking can help you catch any mistakes or improve answers you were unsure about initially.

5Simulate Test Conditions

When practicing, try to simulate real test conditions. This means timing yourself and working in a quiet, distraction-free environment to become accustomed to what you’ll experience on the big day.

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Capita Tests FAQs

What are the Capita tests?

Capita tests are often a part of their hiring process, designed to assess a variety of skills including problem-solving, critical thinking, and proficiency in specific areas relevant to the job role.

Are the Capita tests hard?

The difficulty of Capita tests can vary based on the role you’re applying for. However, with the right preparation and understanding of the test format, you can boost your performance significantly.

How do I prepare for Capita tests?

Preparing for Capita tests involves practice and familiarity with the type of questions asked. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a broad selection of practice tests that mirror what you could face during Capita’s hiring process.

How long does the recruitment process take at Capita?

The recruitment process at Capita varies by position, but it typically involves several stages including application review, assessment tests, and interviews, which can span several weeks.

What are Capita's core values?

Capita’s core values emphasize customer focus, operational excellence, and innovation. They seek individuals who align with these principles and contribute positively to their corporate culture.

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