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BHP Billiton Tests

BHP Billiton Tests

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BHP Billiton Tests

As one of the world’s largest mining companies, BHP Billiton is a major player in the natural resources sector. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, it employs over 72,000 workers globally in 90 locations across a vast range of job functions.

Careers at BHP Billiton

Careers at BHP Billiton span multiple professions including engineering, geology, finance, operations, legal and technology.

Each year, it welcomes applications for its 18-month graduate programme, open to students from a range of undergraduate degrees including technology, science, health science, engineering and marketing.

To succeed in your application to BHP Billiton, you’ll need to demonstrate a strong academic background, critical thinking skills, and a commitment to the company's core values:

Sustainability – an awareness of environmental responsibility, health and safety, and community needs.

Respect – forming mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, and embracing diversity.

Integrity – acting with transparency in a socially responsible manner.

Simplicity – focusing on key issues with the greatest impact.

Performance – pushing the boundaries to achieve exceptional results.

Accountability – taking full responsibility for actions and upholding commitments.

To further assist with your BHP Billiton application, we’ve outlined its recruitment process below.

BHP Billiton Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form
  2. 2
    Numerical reasoning tests
  3. 3
    Verbal reasoning tests
  4. 4
    Inductive reasoning tests
  5. 5
    Video interview
  6. 6
    Assessment centre

BHP Billiton looks for candidates of exceptional quality and, as such, has a rigorous recruitment process. This varies dependent on the level of the role applied for, and how much industry experience you’re able to demonstrate.

Candidates applying for a graduate programme or student internship can expect to go through several stages, including psychometric testing (for which BHP Billiton uses test publisher SHL), interviews and assessments.

Online application form

The first step is to apply directly through the BHP Billiton website by uploading your CV and completing the online application form. There’s no need to draft a cover letter, as the application form will ask a number of competency based questions relevant to the role.

In responding to these questions, be sure to frame your answers around the company’s core values of sustainability, respect, integrity, simplicity, performance and accountability.

Your application will be assessed by a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Owing to the high volume of applications received, this can take some time, so be patient. A member of the HR department will be in touch if any further information is required at this stage.

If your application is successful, you’ll be asked to take a series of SHL aptitude tests.

BHP numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests measure your ability to interpret and draw conclusions from statistical information, commonly presented in the form of tables, charts and graphs. Worded questions are posed in relation to data sets, with multiple-choice options.

BHP Billiton uses numerical reasoning tests as a predictive measure of how well a candidate would deal with statistical information in their daily job role.

These tests are timed, and the data often complex, so practice is essential.

BHP verbal reasoning tests

Logic and critical thinking are under examination here. Verbal reasoning tests measure these skills by challenging you to make evidence-based decisions.

Passages of text are presented, followed by a series of statements. You’ll need to determine whether or not these statements are logical conclusions based on the facts at hand.

You may not consider verbal skills a prerequisite for your role, but what BHP Billiton is looking at here is your level of comprehension. These tests are not as easy to prepare for as other aptitude assessments, but critical thinking can be built on, and you should learn to analyse and interpret written information from an objective point of view.

BHP inductive reasoning tests

Along with numerical and verbal ability, you’ll also be tested on your inductive reasoning. This is your ability to make inferences based on relationships and rules.

If you’ve ever sat an IQ test, you can expect something very similar. Sequences containing various shapes will be given, and you’ll need to identify relevant relationships to pick the next part of the sequence from multiple-choice options.

Again, these tests are timed and used to predict work-based performance.

Video interview

If your aptitude test results set you apart as a strong candidate, you’ll be invited to a pre-recorded video interview.

You’ll have around three attempts to record your response to a number of questions around your motivations for applying to BHP Billiton and your understanding of the role, as well as a few behavioural questions.

Treat this as you would a face-to-face interview, by dressing appropriately and speaking in a courteous, professional manner.

Assessment centre

The next step is attendance at a BHP Billiton assessment day. This may include any or all of the following:

Group exercise. You’ll take part in a group activity designed to show how well you work with others. A brief will be given that is relevant to the role in question, with each team member taking on a designated position, working together to find an appropriate resolution to the problem posed.

Presentations. You may be teamed up with another candidate to prepare and then give a short presentation on an allocated topic.

Technical interviews. If the role for which you have applied is a technical position, you may be required to attend a technical interview.

Face-to-face interview

As part of the assessment day, you’ll also be called to a face-to-face interview. These typically last no more than an hour, and will involve you and two or three members of the hiring team.

Here you can expect a range of standard interview questions including competency and behavioural questions, role-specific questions, and a discussion around your skills and experience.

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