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Public Safety Testing assessments

Public Safety Testing

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Public Safety Testing assessments

If you’re looking for a job in the public safety sector, you’ll likely come across tests published by Public Safety Testing. Whether you want to become a law enforcement officer, firefighter, corrections officer, or 911 dispatcher, Public Safety Testing’s assessments evaluate if you have the abilities needed to succeed.

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Tips to pass your Public Safety Testing tests

1. Prepare using practice tests

Your public safety career depends upon scoring well in the selection tool exams. To give yourself the best possible chance of success, sit timed practice tests. Cover as many of the different test sections as possible. This preparation will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can dedicate your time to the sections of the test that need the most preparatory work.

2. Arrive early for your test

If you are late for your exam – whether it is online or in person – you will not be permitted to take it. Plan to show up at least 15 minutes early. If you miss your exam, you will need to rebook it via the Test & Event Schedule and will be charged a rescheduling fee. Depending upon the demand in your area, you may need to wait for a slot to become available, which will delay your application process.

3. Listen carefully and follow the instructions

Before you start the test, an invigilator (either in person or online) will run through the instructions. Make sure you listen to the introduction to glean any tips or key logistical points. Don’t assume you know what each test section is asking of you; review the written instructions at the start of each to ensure you answer the questions in the way specified, so that your score is valid.

4. Keep an eye on your pace

All the selection tool assessments are timed and have maximum time allowances. When taking practice assessments, track your pace to ensure that you are working at an appropriate speed for the official test. During your selection tool test, pay close attention to the time. You’ll need to work at a steady pace – without compromising accuracy – to complete the test in full.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Public Safety Testing. We provide preparation services for Public Safety Testing psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Public Safety Testing FAQs

What is a good public safety test score?

The pass standard for the selection tool tests is the same regardless of which occupation test you are taking, but note that the physical ability standards required are different. Candidates must score at least 70% in the written selection tool assessments to pass.

What happens once I've taken my public safety test?

If you pass the written and physical ability tests required, your scores will be passed on to all the agencies you selected in your application. PST will not give you a ranking, as agencies are provided with raw test scores and then rank their own candidates in due course.

If an agency shortlists your application, you’ll be invited to an oral board interview. There may also be additional testing, an extensive background check, a polygraph, and psychological and medical exams.

How long are the public safety tests?

Public Safety Testing assessments are comprehensive and lengthy. If you are taking the Firefighter Selection Tool exam, you’ll have three and a quarter hours. For the Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool, you’ll have 3.5 hours and for the Dispatcher Selection Tool you’ll have at least 3 hours.

Note that the check in and instructions process can take 30 to 45 minutes (on top of the allotted time).

Law enforcement and corrections candidates should expect a full day of testing, as the written exam is commonly coupled with the required physical ability test (PAT). Firefighters must take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), but this will be held on a separate occasion.

Where will I take my public safety test?

The Public Safety Testing website allows you to select and book your test location via the Test & Event Schedule. There is the option to book an in-person test at a Public Safety Testing office (or approved test center) or to sit the assessments online at home. See the remote testing information. To sit your test at home you will need to meet the online in-home testing requirements.

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Reviews of our Public Safety Testing tests

What our customers say about our Public Safety Testing tests

  • United States of America

    July 18, 2023

    Be calm while making decisions for logic.

    I like when you can see your mistakes and learn from them. There’s so many ways to look at things and realize being relaxed is far superior than being nervous.

  • United States of America

    March 18, 2023

    Gotta think outside the box

    I liked that the test forces you to take a step back to view the problems from a different perspective.

  • United States of America

    August 04, 2022

    take your time

    i like how it is really hard and you really have to take your time to think about the question they are asking you

  • United States of America

    June 14, 2022

    A bit more challenging than expected.

    Some questions seemed like there were multiple correct answers, with no real defining way to know which answer is actually correct.