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Are you thinking about a career within the Manufacturing Industry? There are plenty of opportunities available but it is important that you are prepared for the recruitment process. Take a look at the online resources we offer to help prepare you for your online assessments, interview and psychometric tests.

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About The Manufacturing Industry can be broken down into a number of categories. These include:

The Electronic Industry The Construction Industry The Energy Industry The Textile Industry The Engineering Industry The Chemical Industry The Metalworking Industry The Transport Industry The Telecommunication Industry The Food and Beverage Industry

The UK is the eighth largest manufacturing nation in the world, contributing more than £6 trillion to the global economy. If the industry within the UK continues to grow at its current rate, it is set to be the fifth largest in the world by 2021. It will, therefore, continue to offer huge employment potential to those interested in working within this sector.

Most of the job opportunities are found within the following sectors:

Food / Drink / Pharmaceuticals / Clothing / Plastics / Adhesives / Cars / Heavy Machinery / Military Vehicles

As you can see, many of these areas are technical and so many of the job opportunities available are engineer-based roles. It is, therefore, likely that the recruitment process will include a mechanical or technical aptitude test, which requires you to have an understanding of basic principles of physics such as forces and energy. It is also common for these sectors to assess your numerical and verbal reasoning capabilities, as well as personality traits. We would highly recommend using our online practice aptitude tests to master them! The more you practice, the more your results will improve.

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