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management assessment tests

Management Assessment Tests

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management assessment tests

Management assessment tests are used in the recruitment process for many managerial roles. These tests enable employers to understand better whether a candidate demonstrates the skills, competencies and behaviours required by managers.

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Sample Management Assessment Tests question Test your knowledge!

If it is known that when the widget machine is operating at maximum efficiency, it produces 40 widgets per hour and consumes 5 units of energy. Given that on a particular day, the machine operated for 8 hours and consumed a total of 36 units of energy, which of the following can be concluded?

  • The machine was not operating at maximum efficiency that day.
  • Exactly 320 widgets were produced that day.
  • The machine operated at maximum efficiency for exactly 7 hours.
  • There was an overconsumption of energy given the number of widgets produced.

A project manager must allocate tasks to a team of four employees: Jordan, Alex, Casey, and Taylor. The project requires that: Taylor cannot work directly with Casey. Jordan must work on the task before Alex can begin. Which of the following task allocations is feasible?

  • Jordan then Taylor, followed by Casey and Alex working together
  • Taylor starts, followed by Jordan, then Alex, and finally Casey
  • Casey and Taylor start together, then Jordan, followed by Alex
  • Jordan and Casey work together, followed by Taylor, then Alex

During a press conference, a spokesperson states, 'Our new sustainability initiative will reduce emissions by 25% in the next five years by integrating innovative technologies.' What is the main point of the spokesperson's statement?

  • The organisation will invest in new technologies.
  • Emissions will be reduced as a result of the new initiative.
  • The new initiative will be fully implemented in five years.
  • The spokesperson believes in the importance of sustainability.

Analyze the statement: 'All managers are leaders, but not all leaders are managers.' This suggests that:

  • Some leaders lack managerial skills or roles.
  • Management and leadership are interchangeable terms.
  • To be a manager, one must first be a leader.
  • All managers must relinquish leadership to be effective.

Which of the following is an example of abstract reasoning?

  • Calculating the total revenue generated by a product launch.
  • Predicting consumer trends based on current market analysis.
  • Evaluating the performance of an employee based on preset KPIs.
  • Following a step-by-step guide to complete a software installation.

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Management Assessment Tests Tips

1Practice, Practice, Practice!

Nothing beats the good old mantra of practice makes perfect. Hop onto our Practice Aptitude Tests and run through the gamut of questions designed to mimic your upcoming management assessment. The more you tackle them, the sharper your problem-solving sword becomes.

2Understand the 'Why'

Don’t just solve, understand. Dive into the reasoning behind each question on our practice tests. It’s not about memorizing answers; it’s about mastering the thought process of a manager.

3Time It Right

Speed is an ally, but only when combined with accuracy. Use our tests to get a feel for the rhythm and pace of the actual assessment, so when the big day comes, you’re not racing against the clock; you’re moving with it.

4Reflect After Each Test

Post-practice reflection is your growth catalyst. Each session on our platform provides valuable insights into areas where you shine and where you need polish. Take the time to review your performance, and refine your strategy after each test.

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Management Assessment Tests FAQs

How do I prepare for a management assessment?

There are many ways that you can prepare for a management assessment. These include:

  • Knowing what tests you will be asked to sit
  • Practicing the tests
  • Reading through competencies, behaviours, and skills required for the role
  • Researching the company

Preparing for the assessments is essential to enable you to perform to the best of your ability when it comes to sitting the actual tests.

What is the most important management skill?

Managers possess a range of skills, all of which are important to their success as a manager.

Being able to empathise with the team, demonstrating good organisational and planning skills, and critically analysing situations to solve problems are among some of the essential managerial skills.

Can you learn how to be a good manager?

Many of the skills a manager possesses are inherent to their innate characteristics and behaviours. Being aware of what is required to be a successful manager gives you an insight into what an employer is assessing through a managerial role selection and recruitment process.

How do you assess management skills?

Management skills are assessed in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Psychometric testing
  • Scenario-based testing, such as personality testing and situational assessment
  • Face-to-face interviews

These types of assessments help employers gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s skills, competencies, and behaviours as relevant to the management role they are recruiting for.

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  • Viet Nam

    October 09, 2023


    The difficulty increases with the number of motifs and shape of the motifs. It is necessary to use the method of elimination and should use a little sense of space

  • Philippines

    July 18, 2023


    Nothing. I like it because it's has a solution in it. But I wan to know my overall score after test.

  • Hungary

    May 10, 2023

    Good for spatial reasoning

    I guess that this could serve as a good part of spatial thinking section for general management admission test.

  • South Africa

    October 19, 2022

    Abstract patterns

    Seeing patterns in the clutter of a mess in attempting to organize and make reasonable or factual conclusions.

  • Uganda

    September 26, 2022


    I liked the fact that it demonstrates patterns that are a sequence order with notable signs that can help the solver to point at and be able to crack the pattern in question

  • Nigeria

    June 01, 2022


    I wasn't sure what the answer to any of the questions should be. It's my first time testing for a sequence.

  • Nigeria

    May 15, 2022


    This is one of the most brain-cracking experiences I ever had. I really enjoyed it and I wish I could have more and more of it.