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In order to join an airline as part of their Cabin Crew, you will need to complete a series of assessments. We have put together a bespoke online practice package that is designed to help you through the selection process and improve your performance.

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About Airline Companies use robust and challenging recruitment processes so that they get suitable candidates to join their team. When applying to become a Flight Attendant, you will be put through a number of assessments to ensure you have the right attitude and skill set for the role.

The initial application consists of an online submission form, which will ask you for basic information including personal information, academic achievements and work experience. There will also be an opportunity for you to demonstrate any additional key skills that will make you stand out, for example, fluency in a second language. Furthermore, there will be specific criteria that you will have to meet in order for your application to be eligible such as height requirements.

It is common for the second part of the application process to be a series of online aptitude tests. These will typically be a verbal and numerical reasoning test. Within this package we have included a series of verbal and numerical reasoning tests that you can practice, as well as worked solutions so that you can understand the logic behind the answers to each of the questions.

Once you have completed these two stages successfully, you will be invited to complete additional exercises at an assessment day. These typically include:

A written English test: it is essential that you can demonstrate a strong understanding of the English language as this is one of the key skills used within the role A reach test: This test will assess your ability to reach objects at a specific height. It is important for you to meet the height eligibility criteria of 212cms. Group exercises: it is important that you can demonstrate an ability to work as part of a team as your role will require you to work alongside other Cabin Crew.

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