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RWE assessment tests

RWE Tests

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RWE assessment tests

RWE is an energy company committed to researching and developing renewable energy sources. Potential candidates are asked to take part in interviews and tests to determine their skills and suitability; in particular, RWE uses analytical reasoning tests to assess aptitude at logic and problem solving.

Careers at RWE

RWE employs over 20,000 people worldwide and offers career paths for all levels, from apprenticeships to graduate programmes. It asks its employees to have one shared aim: to bring down carbon emissions to make RWE a carbon-neutral company.

Job roles span a wide variety of types and specialities. Examples include strategic and business-based roles, such as financial manager or planner, as well as practical, hands-on roles out on location, such as a wind farm technician or electrical craftsperson.

RWE offers employee benefits including competitive salaries and bonuses, pension options, flexible working hours, a health package, and learning opportunities.

Graduates can enter straight into a job role, or take part in the RWE Graduate Programme that spans Financial, Commercial, IT, Consulting, Business, Mining, Trading and Engineering. You will be invited to rotate around departments, learning as you go, eventually choosing an area in which to specialise.

RWE Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Telephone Interview
  3. 3
    RWE Online Analytics Test
  4. 4
    Video Interview
  5. 5
    Assessment Centre

The RWE application process can be lengthy, often lasting up to two months before a decision is made. The structure of a typical application process is to first submit an online CV, followed by a telephone interview, online reasoning tests, a face-to-face interview, and an assessment day.

This may differ depending on the job position to which you are applying.

Online application

You will need to upload a recent CV and cover letter, as well as any other supporting documentation,through an online portal on the RWE website. You will get an instant email confirmation that your online application was received.

Take your time to compare your CV to the job description before submitting, to ensure you are demonstrating how you fulfil the required criteria.

Telephone interview

The majority of suitable applicants get through to the telephone interview round of the recruitment process. This is a chance for you to hear more about the job role and to ask initial questions to make sure you are a good match for RWE.

You may be asked to explain why you want to work for RWE, what you can bring to the role, and to talk through parts of your CV. You’ll also be expected to know about RWE as a company, so be sure to read up on the latest company news and check out the company social media channels and website.

RWE Online Analytics Test

The online analytics test stage is designed to test your logical and abstract reasoning skills. These test are common for roles that involve research, computer programming or mathematics.

A typical question might present a series of shapes or images and ask you to spot similarities and identify patterns. You may be asked to make predictions on what comes next, or which is the odd one out.

The RWE test has a time allowance of 45 minutes and you will be presented with 25 questions in multiple-choice format. Read through the answer choices carefully – they can sometimes give you a clue about what to look for in the question.

You can prepare for your analytics test by taking online practice abstract reasoning questions, to familiarise yourself with the format and the pace you need to get through as many questions as possible within the time limit.

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Video interview

By the time you get to the video interview stage, you are a serious contender for the position. This stage is a chance for RWE to get to know you more as a person and for you to get more understanding of how the company works and what your job might entail.

You will be expected to explain why you are the best person for the job, using examples of your past work and skills. You will be able to ask questions at the end of your interview. Use this opportunity to make sure you are a good fit for the company and to show enthusiasm and interest.

Assessment centre

For some job positions, the final stage of the interview process is held at an assessment centre. You will be asked to attend either in person for a live event or remotely for a virtual assessment day.

The day itself will consist of psychometric tests, a group exercise and a presentation. You may also be asked to take part in a role play scenario. The aim of the assessment centre is to assess your strengths, communication skills and ability to cope under pressure.

Although you want to portray your best side during an assessment day, you must be genuine and not pretend to be someone you’re not. Be aware that your assessors will be watching you, even during breaks, so remain calm, polite and professional at all times. Take any important documents, like your CV, or any paperwork you’ve been asked to provide.

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