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Ovo Energy Tests

Ovo Energy Tests

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Ovo Energy Tests

The application process for OVO Energy will depend greatly on the role applied for; software development jobs will have different interview aspects than a finance position, for example. Preparing for each stage of the interview will help you make the most of the process and ensure you are confident in what is expected of you.

Careers at Ovo Energy

OVO Energy is a group of energy technology companies that link green energy and technology with the best people to produce a suite of digital energy services and solutions. Founded in 2009, the OVO group includes several brands that are working towards zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Careers at OVO Energy include customer service agents, software development, HR, finance and management, analysts, engineers and installation teams. With several brands incorporating home energy, telephone and broadband, metering, boiler installation and maintenance, pre-payment energy and home-moving services, there are different roles available to suit almost every career aspiration.

OVO’s offices are in Bristol, London and Edinburgh, with international expansion through Europe in Spain and France.

Ovo Energy Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form
  2. 2
    Aptitude tests (numerical and abstract)
  3. 3
    Telephone/video interview
  4. 4
    Face-to-face interview
  5. 5
    Assessment centre

As mentioned previously, the OVO Energy application process may include different tasks and stages depending on the role. According to previous applicants, the interview process can take around four weeks.

Online application form

The online application form for OVO Energy has the same fields for almost every application, including desired salary, relevant experience and preferred location. A CV and cover letter is required too.

OVO Energy numerical reasoning tests

The ability to understand and apply numerical reasoning is a skill needed for many roles at OVO – and as an initial assessment, numerical reasoning tests help to differentiate between candidates.

These tests demonstrate your ability to quickly and accurately use numerical data like ratios, tables and graphs, percentages and financial information to solve problems.

There is no specialist knowledge needed to be successful in numerical reasoning tests, other than basic numerical skills. But practice will ensure that you are confident in answering these types of questions.

For some more information and practice questions, check out our full article on numerical reasoning tests.

OVO Energy abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests do not require any specific knowledge; like most aptitude tests, it is innate skills that are being assessed. In these tests, shapes, images and patterns are used to test how quickly new concepts (such as the relationship between a series of images) can be understood and applied.

OVO Energy uses abstract tests as part of the initial screening process to understand how a candidate will perform in a role. To improve your knowledge and confidence, take a look at the practice questions and further information on our abstract reasoning tests page.

For both types of aptitude test (numerical and abstract), the results are interpreted by transposing the raw scores as a percentage, then comparing to other test-takers. Those that score too low on these tests will not have their application taken further.

Telephone/video interviews

After a pre-screening of the online application form, CV and aptitude tests, an initial interview usually follows. This might be taken as a video interview or over the telephone, and is usually with a member of the HR department.

The questions at this stage in the interview process gives the candidate an opportunity to expand on relevant skills and qualifications, and find out more about the role applied for.

If the candidate is successful in the telephone/video interview, an invite to a face-to-face interview follows. This might take place at the office with a panel, or at an assessment centre.

Assessment centre

This is usually the final stage of the application process, and may include different interviews, activities and tasks, depending on the role applied for.

During the assessment centre, a candidate can expect to have face-to-face interviews with the Head of Department and HR representatives, and take on more job-specific assessments, such as coding tests, organisational tasks, or dealing with difficult customers.

There might be individual tasks or group tests that assess teamwork and leadership.

This is usually when final questions about the role can be asked by the candidate, and a job offer may be made at this time.

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