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NGDP Tests

NGDP Tests

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NGDP Tests

The National Graduate Development Programme is the leadership trainee programme run by the Local Government Association (LGA). It is the only graduate programme that is specifically catered to helping those who want to work for the local government, assisting councils across the country hire and train talented graduates.

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NGDP video interview

If you pass the online testing, you will be invited to take a video interview. This a remote form of interviewing where you record your answers to preset questions instead of answering them live in-person.

Your answers are then scored against the key competencies listed, again assessing how well you fit the behavioural profile.

The LGA recommends researching the sector in detail as you will be asked about why you want to work for the local government and the public sector. Some possible questions are:

  • Identify a key issue local communities are facing. How would you work to tackle this?
  • Describe a time you effectively implemented change.
  • Why are you committed to working with the local community?
  • Describe a time you worked in a team on a project. What were the strengths and challenges you faced?

NGDP virtual assessment centre

Finally, successful candidates will attend a virtual assessment centre, where you will take part in tasks specifically designed for the NGDP. This gives you an opportunity to meet with other candidates and current staff so you can socialise and get a better understanding of the job and whether it’s the right next step for you.

There are three exercises:

NGDP individual presentation

Typically this takes the form of a presentation. You will be given materials on an issue or case study to present to a hypothetical leadership team and then field a panel of questions afterwards.

This to test your public speaking and organisation skills, showing how well you work under pressure and your attention to detail when creating your presentation.

NGDP group exercise

This will be a meeting or ‘boardroom’ exercise, where you have to work through a meeting with a group of fellow candidates. During this you will have to discuss the agenda, debating the issues and coming to an agreed upon decision before the ‘meeting’ is over.

Again, you are marked against the competencies, so make sure that you have these in the forefront of your mind as you go through the exercise. For example, balancing how you show your leadership and teamwork skills during group debates can be difficult, but remember that the goal here is collaboration, not competition.

NGDP written analysis

The written analysis is an essay/report exercise. You will be given a lot of information about a particular issue and then you will have to plan and write a short piece on what you have learnt. NGDP gives these exercises to further assess your written communication skills, attention to detail, and critical thinking.

Previous candidates have reported the most difficult aspects were prioritising important information under the time pressure, and remembering to think holistically about the issue at hand. This means considering the social, financial, and political context of something, not just focussing on one in particular.

NGDP interviews

During the assessment centre day you will have the opportunity to talk with different representatives from the councils offering placements. Although they prefer to place people locally, you can request interviews with any councils that you like and these will be arranged by the NGDP.

The interviews will be competency-based and therefore similar to the types of questions asked during the video interview. Questions such as why you requested a certain council, your understanding of current issues, and how you demonstrate key competencies are most likely to come up.

To prepare for these interviews, researching the councils you are meeting with, your areas of interest, and writing down relevant examples to share will help you immensely. Have a look at our interview tips to make sure that you are fully prepared and make the best impression you can.

Sample NGDP Tests question Test your knowledge!

In reviewing the progress of public park renovations, a council member discovers that parks with community engagement committees have healthier plant growth. What action should be taken based on this pattern of results?

  • Discourage the formation of community engagement committees.
  • Focus solely on chemical treatments to improve plant growth.
  • Support the creation of more community engagement committees for parks.
  • Conclude that community committees have no impact on park quality.

A local council allocates funds proportionally to social care, housing, and environmental initiatives based on annual surveys. If social care receives 40% of the budget, housing receives 30%, and the environment gets the rest on a budget of 2 million, how much does the environment receive?

  • £300,000
  • £400,000
  • £600,000
  • £800,000
  • £500,000

After reading a report on local education quality, a council manager notes that the author suggests a correlation between reduced class sizes and increased student performance. What is the primary implication of this observation for council policy?

  • Increasing the number of schools will have little impact on student performance.
  • The report is inconclusive without national comparative data.
  • Hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes could improve student performance.
  • Reducing funding for education will likely have no effect on performance.

During a project to improve waste recycling rates, the project manager notices a 15% increase in recycling when providing additional bins to households. How should this data influence future environmental strategies?

  • Discontinue the additional bin program as it has minimal impact.
  • Rely on educational campaigns rather than providing resources to improve recycling.
  • Expand the program to provide extra bins to all areas of the council.
  • Focus only on high-waste areas instead of a council-wide initiative.

After evaluating several housing projects, a manager finds that developments located closer to community resources have a higher rate of resident satisfaction. How should this finding be applied to future housing policies?

  • Prioritize housing developments in remote locations for funding.
  • Invest more in transport to remote areas rather than proximity to resources.
  • Consider locations near community resources in planning new housing projects.
  • Redistribute funds away from current housing projects near resources.

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NGDP Tests Tips

1Know the Sector Inside Out

Delve deep into topics like social care, housing, and environmental management. The better you know the sector, the more confidently you can approach scenario-based questions.

2Stay Calm and Focused

Test environments can be stressful. Stay calm by taking deep breaths and focusing on one question at a time. A clear mind often leads to better answers.

3Understand the Format

Being familiar with the test layout means no surprises on the day. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to familiarize yourself with the structure and types of questions you’ll encounter.

4Simulate Testing Conditions

Use Practice Aptitude Tests to create a realistic test environment at home. Time yourself, and no peeking at answers until the end!

5Reflect on Your Answers

Review your practice tests carefully. Understanding your mistakes is key to avoiding them in the actual test.

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What are the NGDP tests?

The NGDP tests are a suite of assessments designed to evaluate candidates’ abilities in managing projects and services within local councils, with a focus on areas such as social care, housing, and education.

Are the NGDP tests hard?

Like any other tests, NGDP assessments can be challenging, but they’re meant to measure your true potential and suitability for managing critical local council projects.

How do I prepare for NGDP tests?

The best way to prepare for NGDP tests is by practicing. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a vast array of practice tests that can help you get ready and feel confident.

How long does the recruitment process take at NGDP?

The duration of NGDP’s recruitment process can vary, but understanding each stage and preparing effectively can help you progress efficiently through the steps.

What are NGDP's core values?

NGDP’s core values revolve around leadership, innovation, and community-focused service, aiming to continually enhance the lives of the public through effective local governance.

Reviews of our NGDP tests

What our customers say about our NGDP tests

  • Nigeria

    September 16, 2023

    It was interesting

    I like because of the time, it makes me have the mind set that I have something I needed to achieve within a time range

  • Kenya

    May 24, 2023

    Perfect just a bit challenging

    What I liked about the test is that it required strong problem solving. I needed more time to tackle the questions carefully.

  • Nigeria

    April 18, 2023

    Think carefully to pass the test

    It makes you think deeply and every information on each questions determine if you will get the answer right or wrong

  • Rwanda

    April 17, 2023

    Useful problem solving test for NGDP

    This problem solving test helps you practice problems and analyze data and textual information to make correct decisions.

  • Kenya

    August 17, 2022

    Very detailed

    I'm challenged with the thought provocative test. It's one of the best. I will accept the results for improvement

  • India

    July 30, 2022

    Easy to understand

    The test was pretty easy to understand and do however there were a few graphs that were mixed so had to refresh

  • Zambia

    June 18, 2022

    Time management is key

    I liked the fact that time was controlled by an external element to avoid self serving bias. Also the questions where easy to understand and didn't have errors . What I disliked was not being informed to prepare a calculator and paper for rough work beforehand.

  • United States of America

    June 17, 2022

    Not simple

    What I liked about the test is that it was more logical, although I disliked that it was more focused on statistics.

  • Rwanda

    June 10, 2022

    To know how to practice the aptitude test

    I like how this test is challenging, though I dislike the way this test is set. It is so difficult to analyse the question, which can take a lot time due to its difficulties.

  • Kenya

    June 10, 2022


    The test is great. The only issue is that it was not easy to interact with the diagram as they kept changing in between the questions.