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Intel Tests

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Intel Tests

Intel is a world leader in technology and innovation

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Intel Telephone Interview

If you impress the recruiters with your aptitude test scores, you’ll be invited to a telephone interview. Intel uses both behavioural and technical interviews to gain insight into prospective employees.

Be prepared to answer questions on your motivation for the role, your key skills, and your relevant experience as well as questions involving specific sector knowledge.

Intel Assessment Centre

Some roles, such as graduate or intern positions, may require you to attend an assessment centre. This may be held in person or online, depending upon the circumstances.

Intel E-Tray Exercise

You may encounter an e-tray exercise as part of the assessment centre. During this task, you will need to rationalise the information within an email inbox. You’ll be asked to prioritise the content to display your time management and organisational skills.

You may also be given a second task - to use the relevant correspondence to help form a presentation on a set topic. If this is the case, you’ll be told at the beginning of the exercise so you can sort through the information accordingly.

Intel Group Exercise

The assessment centre will feature at least one group exercise, designed to assess your ability to collaborate with others. For example, you may be given a case study and asked to decide upon a recommendation as a group.

Whilst it is important to contribute meaningfully to the conversation, make sure you are also creating space for, and listening to, the opinions of others. Team working is a key part of the Intel culture, so it is important to display that you work well within a group.

Intel Final Interview

To secure a role at Intel, you’ll need to impress at a final interview. If you’re invited to an assessment centre, your interview will be held as part of this.

For higher-level roles, you’ll receive an invitation to attend a separate interview. This may be in person at an Intel office or online, depending upon the circumstances.

The interview will be similar to the earlier stage telephone interview, as it will involve both behavioural and technical questions. It will, however, be more expansive and delve deeper into your skills and experience.

Ensure you provide well-evidenced answers that convey your alignment with the Intel core values, to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but remember that an interview is a two-way process. Come with your curiosity and some pre-prepared questions to ask the interviewer. Insightful questions help to show your enthusiasm and awareness of the sector.

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