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Imperial Brands Tests

Imperial Brands Tests

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Imperial Brands Tests

Founded in 1901, Imperial Brands (previously Imperial Tobacco) has grown to employ over 30,000 people. In a drive to offer a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, Imperial Brands has recently introduced a range of products that do not contain tobacco to its portfolio.

Careers at Imperial Brands

As a multinational company, Imperial Brands offers a diverse range of career options across several countries. The head office is located in Bristol, UK, with additional offices in Germany, Spain, Poland, Australia and the US.

It prides itself on offering attractive company benefits including a generous holiday allowance, annual bonuses and the option to invest in company stock. In addition to this, employees can also benefit from an on-site gym, running track, restaurant and coffee bar.

The company offers graduate and MBA programmes that can lead to a generous salary and open doors to more advanced positions within the company.

The areas of specialism within the company include Science, Information Technology, Finance and Food Services, with many other diverse roles on offer.

A sample of the careers available at Imperial Brands are:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Engineer
  • Field Sales
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Toxicologist
  • Communications Executive

Imperial Brands Application Process

  1. 1
    Cv submission
  2. 2
    Psychometric tests
  3. 3
    Video interview
  4. 4
    Assessment centre

Imperial Brands suggests that its recruitment process typically takes around four months, with the application process consisting of the following stages:

  • CV screening
  • Online assessment
  • Video interview
  • Assessment centre

As part of these stages, the candidate may be asked to give a presentation, produce a case study or complete assessments in an online gaming format.

Imperial Brands lists its current vacancies on the company website. Roles from all office locations around the world are listed in one place, allowing a candidate to view the full range of jobs available.

CV submission

Imperial Brands requests the submission of a CV in place of an application form.

Carefully read the full skills and experience list for that role, and be sure to address each one in your CV to have the best chance of progressing.

Once it has screened CV applications, Imperial Brands then moves on to invite relevant candidates to complete online psychometric assessments.

Imperial Brands numerical reasoning test

Solid numerical skills are specified as a requirement for employment with Imperial Brands, particularly for the graduate and MBA programmes. Candidates are expected to complete a numerical reasoning test to demonstrate their understanding of basic numerical concepts.

You will need to be comfortable with mathematical concepts such as multiplication, percentages, ratios and averages. Questions are often presented in multiple-choice format and you may be asked to read a graph or interpret a set of data.

The numerical reasoning test has a strict time limit and is usually carried out as part of a gaming assessment (see below).

Imperial Brands logical reasoning test

A logical reasoning test is used to test a candidate’s ability to use critical thinking to solve a problem, identify a pattern or make a prediction. Imperial Brands names analytical reasoning as a top talent they value in employees.

A typical question may present a series of combinations of shapes, with the applicant asked to predict which combination comes next in the sequence, offering multiple-choice options for the answer.

Questions may also be in text format, with a short passage to read, followed by several statements. The candidate has to select which of the statements is true or false, by using logic and common sense to make assumptions about the content.

Imperial Brands game-based assessment

Imperial Brands adds a twist to its interview process with an online gaming assessment. This can be accessed on a smartphone and takes the style of an arcade game.

It tests the candidates in a number of areas such as logical reasoning skills, behavioural responses and technical aptitude. The gaming assessment occurs early on in the interview process, usually before any face-to-face interview takes place.

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Video interview

This stage of the selection process allows the interviewer to have a conversation with the candidate to assess communication skills.

The applicant is typically presented with everyday scenarios that may occur at Imperial Brands and assessed on how they would respond to those situations. An example of a question might be, “What would you do if you witnessed an argument between colleagues?”.

Assessment centre

Candidates are invited to an assessment centre for a full day, coming together with other applicants to demonstrate their ability to work in a team. Each individual candidate must give a presentation or a case study.

They are then asked to take part in a group activity, often another case study. The process is completed with a face-to-face interview, usually with senior management including the HR manager and team leader.

Although candidates are generally assessed on their general capabilities, as a tobacco manufacturer, Imperial Brands experiences some ethical implications to its work and applicants are also expected to acknowledge and comment on this aspect.

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