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ericsson tests

Ericsson Tests

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ericsson tests

Ericsson was founded in 1876 in Sweden as a telecommunications and networking company. It holds more than 57,000 patents and is noted for the invention of Bluetooth.

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Ericsson Personality Test

Another way to judge your work behaviour as well as your personality traits, the personality test is used to see what your strengths and weaknesses are at work.

Personality tests tend not to be timed, and it is important that you answer honestly to ensure that you are a good fit for the wider business culture, as well as the closer team that you have applied for.

This also means that your answers are judged to determine whether you have the right personality traits for the business area and the role itself.

Ericsson Skills Tests

For some roles and business areas, you might need to complete a skills test to demonstrate that you already have the necessary knowledge.

This might include tests on coding and programming knowledge, like C++ or Java, or it might be a typing test to assess speed and accuracy using a keyboard.

All skills tests are there to determine a baseline of competency that is really important to the recruiters, as it shows that you do have the skills that the role needs.

Ericsson on-demand video interview

The on-demand video interview follows the technical tests, and it is an important step in the process where the recruitment team can get a chance to see the best of you.

This interview is not live; instead, you are given a list of questions to answer. You need to answer them on video, and you will have an opportunity to practice beforehand and rehearse what you are going to say.

You can expect a combination of motivational and behavioural questions, and you will be expected to provide examples to support your answers.

For the best results, be concise and sure with what you say, and make sure that you present yourself in the best way. This means ensuring that all your equipment is working properly, and your backdrop and dress is professional and not distracting.

Ericsson behavioural and functional interviews

For those that proceed further, behavioural and functional interviews are the final step in the recruitment process.

At this stage, there are several ways that the interviews might be structured; you might have just one interviewer or a panel.

It is here that you will need to think on your feet, as questions asked will be linked to competencies required in the role. You will be expected to provide examples of where you have demonstrated the aptitudes needed for the role, preferably from work experience.

You can also expect to answer questions based on your knowledge of Ericsson and the wider telecommunications industry, so be sure to brush up on your knowledge of the business beforehand.

In some roles, you might be asked to demonstrate your technical ability during the interview, whether that is through working through a coding problem on a whiteboard or completing a case study. You will be told beforehand if there is anything you need to do to prepare specially for the functional interview.

For more information on how you can prepare, take a look at our interview guide.

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Sample Ericsson Tests question Test your knowledge!

A company specializing in networking technology holds a workshop on emerging market trends. The speaker discusses the potential for 'machine-to-machine' communication and its implications. When referring to this concept, what might the speaker be emphasizing as significant?

  • The rise of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
  • The increase in mobile and social media marketing strategies.
  • The reduction in personal interaction with advancing technology.
  • The importance of human-to-human interaction in customer service.

A networking company has released its quarterly financial report, showing that it sold 250,000 units of its flagship product in Q1 at a unit price of $150. If the sales volume is expected to increase by 5% each quarter, and the unit price is to decrease by 2% each quarter, what would be the estimated sales revenue from this product in Q3?

  • $39,937,500
  • $40,125,000
  • $41,062,500
  • $38,850,000

A telecommunications firm needs to calculate the average signal latency of their newly launched satellite over a week. If the latencies recorded in milliseconds were 50, 55, 50, 45, 60, 65, and 55, what is the average latency for this period?

  • 54
  • 60
  • 50
  • 57

In context to a global communications project, the term 'latency' would most likely refer to:

  • The delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction.
  • The period when the system is down for maintenance.
  • The rate at which a company expands its market presence.
  • The time taken to recruit and train a new employee.

The press release from an international data services provider states that they have just enabled encrypted transmissions for all their data exchanges, ensuring that clients' information remains confidential. What is the primary implication of this update for clients?

  • Clients can expect enhanced data security.
  • Clients will receive real-time data analytics.
  • Clients will experience faster data transmission speeds.
  • Clients may need to invest in new technology to access the data.

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Ericsson Tests Tips

1Know What to Expect

Familiarize yourself with the types of questions and format you’ll encounter. Knowing in advance what the test looks like can help reduce anxiety and prime your brain for the tasks ahead.

2Simulate Test Conditions

Practice tests in an environment similar to the actual test setting. This means timing yourself and minimizing interruptions to better prepare for the real deal.

3Review the Basics

While Ericsson’s tests may be challenging, they often cover fundamental principles. Brush up on your basic knowledge beforehand to feel more confident during the test.

4Get a Good Night's Sleep

Never underestimate the power of being well-rested. A clear, alert mind can significantly improve your test performance.

5Practice With Purpose

Use Practice Aptitude Tests to target your practice effectively. Focus your efforts on areas where you need the most improvement for a more efficient study session.

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Ericsson Tests FAQs

What are the Ericsson tests?

The Ericsson tests are assessments used in their recruitment process to evaluate a candidate’s skills and fit for roles within the company. They usually include technical knowledge tests, personality questionnaires, and various aptitude tests.

Are the Ericsson tests hard?

Like many company assessments, Ericsson tests can be challenging as they aim to filter the most suitable candidates for specific roles. However, the difficulty level will depend on your preparation, background, and the specific job position.

How do I prepare for Ericsson tests?

Preparing for Ericsson tests is best approached by practicing. Taking practice tests, like those offered on Practice Aptitude Tests, can significantly help you familiarize yourself with the test structure and question types.

How long does the recruitment process take at Ericsson?

The recruitment process at Ericsson varies by position and location, but candidates should prepare for a multi-stage process potentially spanning a few weeks to a couple of months, involving various assessments and interviews.

What are Ericsson's core values?

Ericsson’s core values revolve around professionalism, respect, perseverance, and integrity. These values guide their commitment to innovation and service in the telecommunications industry.

Reviews of our Ericsson tests

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  • Ireland

    February 03, 2023

    Easy to follow

    Easy to follow test, make sure you're sitting in a quiet place with pen/paper and calculator. I did the test on the phone which sometimes skipped graphs, I'd suggest doing it on the pc.