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apple assessments

Apple is one of the most recognised technology businesses in the world and hardly needs an introduction. Founded in California in 1976, Apple has been going from strength to strength in terms of innovation both in hardware and software.

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Situational Judgement Test

When you are applying for a role that requires interaction with clients, customers, or other employees, you might be asked to complete a situational judgement test.

The situational judgement test is structured with questions that are based on realistic work scenarios, with several possible courses of action that could be taken to solve the problem in the question.

The reason for the test is to establish how you would respond if you were faced with a similar problem in your daily work. This is an assessment of your work behaviours and personality traits.

The answers that you give in the situational judgement test are compared to an ideal candidate profile to show that you match the requirements for future success.

Personality Test

The personality testis used mainly to assess candidates for culture fit - making sure that they will be comfortable in the type of working environment that their role is in, and that they could be successful based on strengths, weaknesses, motivations and fears.

An example of the importance of this could be that a candidate has applied for a customer-facing role in the service department, but dealing with conflict is not one of their strengths. This might mean that they would not find the work rewarding and would be unhappy.

Personality tests do not have any right or wrong answers, and they are usually self-reporting which means that you have to dive deep to describe yourself based on the statements provided. In most cases, there is no time limit to the personality test, but you should try to answer quickly using your instincts (but bearing in mind the competencies and values needed at Apple and for the role in particular).

Apple Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is often the first opportunity that you will have to speak directly to the recruitment team, and for roles that do not need aptitude testing the telephone interview is an important part of the screening process.

In the telephone interview, you can expect a bit of a discussion about your education and experience as described in your CV, but the focus of the questions will be competency-based.

These questions will test you based on your experiences, so you will need to provide examples of when you have demonstrated various skills like teamwork, leadership and innovation.

To prepare for the telephone interview, look at the required skills and think of examples. You should practice giving these examples in a succinct yet detailed way to give the recruiter everything they need to be able to take you to the next stage.

Apple Assessment Centre

For some roles, the final stage in the recruitment process is the Assessment Centre. This usually takes place in an Apple office but can take place via video link.

During the day, you will be under constant assessment for a range of different aptitudes, but specifically, the ‘soft skills’ that are hard to evaluate in other ways. These include communication, teamwork, leadership and innovation. You can expect to take part in a number of exercises and activities both as part of a group and individually.

  • Group Exercise - as a team, you will need to work on a task or a case study to form a conclusion or solve a problem.
  • Written Exercise - this is an individual activity, and you will be provided with a written brief and necessary information to provide a recommendation based on a case study.
  • Role Play - this is a pair activity, where you and a partner will act as Apple employees while a manager or recruiter plays the part of an Apple customer.

Final Interviews

In some application processes, the final interview is part of the Assessment Centre, but in others, this is a separate occasion.

The final interview is a face-to-face interview that is an extension of the questions in the telephone interview.

You will be asked competency-based questions to assess your work behaviour and the way you make decisions, your personality traits and your past experience.

In the face to face interview you will also be assessed on your confidence, poise, and presentation - so make sure that you are well prepared, dressed for success, and appear friendly and ready to answer.

There will also be an opportunity in this interview for you to ask some questions of your own, so come prepared with thoughtful questions about more than just holiday allowance or what your salary will be.

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