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Practice Aptitude Tests have created practice test packages for positions within the Public Sector. Below we have provided information about the types of roles available within the sector, along with the skills and qualifications required in order to be successful.

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About The Public Sector is a group of organisations operated by the UK Government who provide services to UK citizens. These types of establishments are not set out to make a profit but simply reinvest revenue back into the business objectives. They are split into two different establishments:

Public service – these are services provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction. Public Enterprise – these are businesses that a fully or part-owned by the country and controlled through a public authority.

In the UK there are more than 5.4 million people employed by the Public Sector. There are a range of opportunities within this sector, especially for the younger generation as there are over 4,000 positions each year for graduates.

Key Skills in the Public Sector Below we have highlighted some of the key qualities that are required in the Public Sector:

Strong Communication Skills; this is essential for building relationships and trust with individuals and co-workers. Most roles within this sector are highly regulated and as such you will be required to write reports, which will require strong writing skills. Patience and resilience; it is likely that you will be working with vulnerable individuals. With this in mind you will need to be patient with them in order to get them to cooperate.
Leadership; managerial level roles will require you to influence individuals without being overbearing or aggressive. You will need to inspire people in order to bring the best out of them.

Aptitude Tests in the Public Sector The following aptitude tests are typically used as part of the recruitment process within the Public Sector:

Numerical Reasoning These tests are designed to assess your ability to work with numbers and apply basic mathematical concepts such as percentages, ratios and fractions.

Verbal Reasoning These tests are designed to evaluate your ability to use and understand English. Typically, you will be presented with a short passage of text, and you will be expected to answer questions relating to this information.

Critical Thinking These tests evaluate your ability to analyse and make a decision. They focus primarily on your ability to draw conclusions based on limited information. These tests are an opportunity for you to show creative flare and ‘outside the box’ thinking.

You can use our suite of practice aptitude tests to help prepare you for a role within the Private Sector. We have created an extensive selection of tests that are relevant to a range of roles and provide video tutorials to help improve your score.

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