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Establish the personal traits and professional skills that employers are looking for within the Pharmaceutical Industry so that you can be successful throughout the employment process. By understanding what is required in order to thrive within the industry, you will be able to stand out amongst other candidates and demonstrate these capabilities. Use our online resources, to find out everything you need for the role you have applied for!

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About The Pharmaceutical Industry discovers, develops, produces and markets drugs that are subsequently used as medication. It is heavily regulated given the nature of the industry, and employs more than 72,000 specialists.

Interestingly, this industry does not suffer from the inconsistency of revenue that other sectors do. As such, there are huge opportunities within the industry for career growth. If you have a background of manufacturing, quality control, science, engineering or maintenance then this industry might be for you!

The ethos of most pharmaceutical companies is the overall well-being of people. As such, the types of skills they would expect a candidate to have are as follows:

Abstract Reasoning Decision Making Organisation Strategic Thinking Motivating others Teamwork Assertiveness Problem Solving Thoroughness Persistence Accommodation Confidence

All of these skills can be determined within candidates via a combination of aptitude and psychometric testing. As such, the recruitment process amongst most employers within this industry will include these types of tests. Practice Aptitude Tests have put together a range of practice material to help you become familiar with how these tests work and how to improve your results. We also provide interview guidance and tips on how to conduct yourself during this process. Whatever job you are applying for, we have the practice package for you.

Below we have provided some information on some of the leading Pharmaceutical companies within the UK:

GlaxoSmithKline Founded in 2000, this science-led global healthcare company aims to help people live better, longer lives. They have three global businesses that research, develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. They are ranked as the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world and have based their headquarters in London.

AstraZeneca Established in 1999, AstraZeneca is a global biopharmaceutical business that pushes the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. They are an innovative-drive, global, biopharmaceutical company that heavily relies on new technology, and innovative science. At AstraZeneca candidates have a chance to think big to change the course of medicine, and be involved in a mission to improve healthcare. Their head office is based in London.

Pfizer With their head office in Surrey, Pfizer are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. They discover, develop and provide over 160 different medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products to help improve the lives of millions of people in the UK and around the world each year.

If you want to get practicing today, then take a look at our suite of practice packages above and find the one that’s relevant to you.

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