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There are thousands of apprenticeship roles in the UK, and preparing for the selection process can be tough. Ensure you are successful in being offered an apprenticeship, by using our online material to practice these types of assessments and stand out from other candidates.

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When finding the right apprentice for an apprenticeship, employers will typically use a selection process that incorporates aptitude tests. These tests are designed to assess intelligence, knowledge and skills. The most commonly used aptitude tests are numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude and abstract reasoning. You may be asked to complete them online as part of the application process, or you may be invited to an assessment centre. Each test will be timed, and they should reveal the relevant skills required for the role in question.

One of the leading providers of apprenticeships schemes is a company called Gen2. Practice Aptitude Tests have created practice aptitude tests that simulate the assessments that Gen2 use as part of the application process. By using our resources, you will be able to gain an insight into the solutions required for these types of assessments, and gradually improve your score.

Below we have put together some information about the more common types of assessments you may come across as part of the selection process, so that you understand what they are and why employers use them.

Verbal Reasoning

These tests are designed to evaluate your ability to use and understand English. Typically, you will be presented with a short passage of text, and you will be expected to answer questions relating to this information.

Numerical Reasoning

These tests are designed to assess your ability to work with numbers and apply basic mathematical concepts such as percentages, ratios and fractions.

Diagrammatic Reasoning

These tests evaluate your ability to identify a set of drawn rules and apply them across multiple scenarios

Spatial Reasoning

These tests assess your ability to visualise shapes and the relationship between different views of the same shape

Abstract Reasoning

These tests will evaluate your reasoning skills without the use of words or numbers

Mechanical Comprehension

These tests will assess your understanding of basic mechanical principles

Personality Tests

These tests look at how you behave within the workplace, and get an understanding of how your personality and values fit in to the job role and brand values

Situational Judgement

These tests look at how your respond to situations that occur within a normal working day

Preparing for your Apprenticeship Aptitude Test

The best way to be prepared for aptitude tests is to practice. The more you become used to the time limits, question formats and content for these types of tests, the easier you will find them. With each of our practice packages, we also provide useful study guides and explained explanations to each of your answers. This is so that you can understand the logic that has been applied to each question, and you can start to apply what you have learnt so that you improve your score.

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