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apprenticeship tests

Apprenticeship Tests

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apprenticeship tests

There are thousands of apprenticeship roles in the UK, and preparing for the selection process can be tough. Ensure you are successful in being offered an apprenticeship, by using our online material to practice these types of assessments and stand out from other candidates.

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Sample Apprenticeship Tests question Test your knowledge!

Which of the following is an assumption made in the customer's statement: 'Your company has always given us excellent service, so I expect these new products to be great as well.'?

  • Past service quality guarantees the quality of new products.
  • The company has poor customer service.
  • The customer has never tried new products before.
  • The customer is certain about the product details.

An apprentice received a weekly salary of £280. After receiving a 5% raise, what is the apprentice's new weekly salary?

  • £294
  • £295
  • £300
  • £284

If a trainee technician works 37.5 hours per week and earns £7.50 per hour, what is their gross pay before taxes per week?

  • £281.25
  • £290.00
  • £275.50
  • £282.50

In a training session, there were 32 apprentices. If 1/4 of them are training to become electricians and the rest are training to become plumbers, how many are training to become plumbers?

  • 24
  • 8
  • 16
  • 28

During a role-play exercise, an apprentice playing a customer says, 'I prefer to have all the product details before making a decision.' What is the customer implying?

  • They require comprehensive information.
  • They will make a decision on the spot.
  • They do not need product details.
  • They are not interested in the product.

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Apprenticeship Tests Tips

1Familiarize With the Format

Get to know the layout and types of questions you might face during the real deal. The more familiar you are, the less likely you’ll be caught off guard.

2Brush Up on the Basics

Strengthen your fundamental skills in math and reading comprehension since these often form the core of apprenticeship assessments.

3Simulate Testing Conditions

Practice in a quiet environment with a strict timer to mirror the pressure of the actual test day. This will help you manage your time effectively.

4Review Your Answers

Never rush to finish. Take time after each practice test to review your answers and understand where you can improve.

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Apprenticeship Tests FAQs

What are covered on Apprenticeships tests?

Apprenticeship tests typically cover math, reading comprehension, situational judgment, and industry-specific knowledge to assess the readiness of candidates for on-the-job training.

How do I prepare for Apprenticeships tests?

Prepare by taking practice tests, reviewing educational content relevant to the apprenticeship, and refining test-taking strategies, such as time management and critical thinking.

How difficult are Apprenticeships tests?

The level of difficulty for these tests can vary based on the role and industry. Generally, they’re designed to be challenging enough to identify candidates who are well-prepared and serious about their apprenticeship.

What types of tests are included in the Apprenticeships tests?

These tests often include numeracy and literacy exams, as well as situational judgment tests and technical skill assessments relevant to the specific apprenticeship.

Where can I practice free Apprenticeships test questions?

Practicing and taking practice tests is the best way to prepare for your apprenticeship application. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a variety of practice tests to help you get ready for the real assessments at no cost.

Reviews of our Apprenticeships tests

What our customers say about our Apprenticeships tests

  • India

    November 04, 2022


    The questions were critical and they really tested our reasoning and aptitude ability.

  • United Kingdom

    June 27, 2022

    Faster thinking

    Quite difficult different completely to gcses and school. Will need to do a lot of these to prepare for the exam i'm taking on the 11th

  • United Kingdom

    April 28, 2022

    Man, I am 25 and know nothing anymore

    WHY SO MANY GRAPHS! I feel attacked. But in all seriousness, it got me realising how much I need to relearn. Thank you!

  • United States of America

    January 06, 2022

    First Attempt at 2022 Apprentice Local 1 Test

    I hope it was similar to the real test. I liked that it showed me how much more difficult & prepared I must get for my exam on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

  • United Kingdom

    March 13, 2021


    Very accurate questions to what are in the actual exams.