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visa assessment test

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visa assessment test

Visa is a world-leading global payments solution provider that powers businesses, banks, consumers and governments . As part of the application process to work at Visa, candidates must complete several stages, including taking a series of psychometric tests to demonstrate their aptitude, behaviour and personality.

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Visa technical challenge

Many job roles at Visa involve technical work, and candidates applying for this type of position will need to sit a technical challenge as the next stage of the application process.

Technical challenges represent real-world tasks that may arise as part of working at Visa and the candidate must use their expertise to solve the problem. This stage is simply to ensure that candidates do have the experience and knowledge that they claim and that their level of skill is adequate for the role to which they are applying.

Technical challenges are reported to be of a moderate to high difficulty level, so it is worth revising your knowledge and brushing up on relevant skills before reaching this stage.

Visa final stage (final interview or assessment centre)

If you make it through all other preceding stages of the application process, the final stage is to attend a face to face interview, which can be a standalone interview or delivered as part of a full day at an assessment centre. The type of final stage is usually determined by the job role.

A standalone interview will involve a range of questions, from general “Tell me about yourself” type questions, to more in-depth questions about your knowledge, behaviour or traits.

You will also be offered the chance to ask any questions you may have. This is an opportunity to make sure Visa is the right company for you, and to show your interviewer that you are seriously considering the realities of working for Visa.

An interviewer will make judgements and assessments based on the questions you ask, so prepare in advance and think about the impression you give with each one.

Assessment centres involve an intense day of assessments, activities and interviews, often with several interviews back to back, although some interviews are rather informal and are a chance for senior staff to meet with you. The day is intended to test your commitment and how you behave and perform under pressure.

Be mindful that you are being watched at all times throughout the day, including during break times, to see how you communicate and mix with others and behave in social situations.

You might be asked to take part in group activities, perhaps working on a case study or presentation that reflects the job role in question. These tasks test your communication skills and ability to work in a team, as well as identifying natural leaders or qualities that influence the group in other ways.

The whole recruitment process for Visa is very thorough, and this final stage is the last chance for recruiters to choose the candidate who will be the best fit for the company.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Visa. We provide preparation services for Visa psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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  • Spain

    March 03, 2023

    How you would react in certain circunstances.

    This test allowed me to understand that there are more complicated and complex situations than we think in a work environment. However, with an open mind and with a willingness to work towards the same purpose, it is possible to work together and move beyond problems.

  • Belgium

    January 29, 2023


    I was not expecting a test like that. On the one hand it's quite logical but on the other hand I feel that I don't have the experience for it.

  • Italy

    November 16, 2022

    No specific requirement

    Good to immerse yourself in the different situations, but I’d like them to be related to the position too

  • Spain

    June 01, 2022


    Good to get to know what this kind of test looks like, even though it is not exactly adapted to the role of each person.