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Telefonica Tests

Telefonica Tests

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Telefonica Tests

As part of the global Telefonica group, O2 is an industry leader.

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Telefonica Case Study / Presentation

The Telefonica Case Study / Presentation exercise is used to test your analytical skills and problem solving abilities. You’ll be presented with information which you will be expected to read and analyse. You will then be produce a presentations on your findings and then answer questions on it afterwards.

Telefonica Group Exercise

The Telefonica Group Exercise is designed to test your people skills and how you work within a group. You will be required to work within a group to solve a problem or answer a question that is provided by the assessors. You’ll be placed in groups and will be assessed on how you interact. Make sure to find a happy balance between being dominating and passive. The assessors are looking for someone who can contribute but not take over.

Telefonica Role Play

The Telefonica Role Play will be based on a scenario provided and you will be assessed on your behaviour, your knowledge and the way you handle certain scenarios. It may also be as a group exercise. It will be relating to a type of situation that you would be faced with in the job and you will be required to think quickly. Ensure you have a good background knowledge of the company and its values.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Telefonica. We provide preparation services for Telefonica psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Telefonica Tests question Test your knowledge!

A process improvement diagram shows that when a task fails at step 3, it must restart at step 1. If there is a 10% chance of failure at step 3, and 100 tasks are started, on average, how many total restarts at step 1 should be expected?

  • 10 restarts
  • 20 restarts
  • 5 restarts
  • 15 restarts

A graduate trainee at a telecommunications company is reviewing historical data. Last year, they had 10,000 active users growing at a rate of 20% every quarter. Assuming a steady growth rate, how many active users can the company expect to have in one year?

  • 17,280
  • 20,736
  • 24,000
  • 18,000

During a budget planning session, a telecommunications service provider predicts a monthly revenue increase of 5% for the next three months due to a new product launch. After the first month, the revenue is reported to be $2 million. What is the expected revenue at the end of the three-month period?

  • $2.15 million
  • $2.315 million
  • $2.1 million
  • $2.5 million

An employee assessing network usage finds that data consumption has increased by 50% each month for the past three months. If the initial data consumption was 2 terabytes, what was the total consumption at the end of the third month?

  • 12.5 terabytes
  • 8 terabytes
  • 13.5 terabytes
  • 9 terabytes

In quarter one, a telecom company launched a new service. In quarter two, client inquiries increased by 120%. If there were 250 inquiries in quarter one, how many total inquiries were there in quarter two?

  • 550 inquiries
  • 500 inquiries
  • 300 inquiries
  • 450 inquiries

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Telefonica Tests Tips

1Know What To Expect

Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that Telefonica includes in their assessments. Understanding the format and structure will keep surprises to a minimum and your confidence at its peak.

2Stay Calm and Focused

Nerves can be your biggest enemy during tests. Practice deep breathing or mindfulness techniques before the test to ensure you’re in the right headspace when tackling those questions.

3Time Management Matters

Keep an eye on the clock. Efficiently managing your time lets you allocate enough space to tackle tougher questions. It’s better to move on and come back to a hard question than to get stuck and run out of time!

4Practice Makes Perfect

Consistent practice helps to hone your skills, boost your speed, and solidify your understanding of the test material. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to get yourself test-ready with a range of mock exams similar to what Telefonica uses.

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Telefonica Tests FAQs

What are the Telefonica tests?

Telefonica’s tests are designed to assess a range of skills, including logical reasoning, problem-solving, and comprehension. They aim to understand how candidates might perform in real-world scenarios relevant to the business.

Are the Telefonica tests hard?

While challenging, Telefonica’s tests are designed to be an accurate reflection of the skills needed for the job. A strong preparation can make them more approachable, and they’re not impossible to crack with the right mindset.

How do I prepare for Telefonica tests?

To best prepare for Telefonica tests, practice is key. Get access to plenty of practice tests that mirror what you’ll face in the real deal over at Practice Aptitude Tests.

How long does the recruitment process take at Telefonica?

The recruitment process duration at Telefonica can vary based on the role. However, it typically moves swiftly from online assessments to the final interview stages, provided candidates meet the benchmarks at each phase.

What are Telefonica's core values?

Telefonica highly values innovation, teamwork, and customer-centricity. They’re looking for candidates who can exhibit these core principles and apply them constructively within their roles.