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Science and Technology Facilities Council Assessments

    • 19 tests |
    • 234 questions

The UK’s official body for civil research in science and engineering

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STFC Group Exercise

This is designed to test your people skills and how you work within a group. You will be required to provide possible solutions to a given problem regarding scenarios you may find in the organisation’s work place and usually related to the job role you are applying for. You’ll be placed in groups and will be assessed on how you interact in groups. Make sure to find a happy balance between being dominating and passive. The solutions are not the most important part of the exercise, it is more about your performance in the group.

STFC Presentation

You will be expected to give a short presentation and a subject and then answer questions from the assessors afterwards. You will be given time to prepare and will be allowed to take prompts in with you. This will be assessing your public speaking and presenting skills.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Science and Technology Facilities Council. We provide preparation services for Science and Technology Facilities Council psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Science and Technology Facilities Council Tests question Test your knowledge!

After analyzing the logic in a sequence of statements about a scientific process, identify the conclusion that logically follows. 'If a material is exposed to high radiation levels, its molecular structure becomes unstable. An unstable molecular structure leads to increased chances of compound breakdown. Compound breakdown results in the release of stored energy.'

  • High radiation exposure in a material does not affect its energy.
  • High radiation exposure can lead to the release of energy due to compound breakdown.
  • Unstable molecular structures lead to a decrease in radiation exposure.
  • Increased chances of compound breakdown stabilize the molecular structure of a material.
  • Release of stored energy stabilizes a material's molecular structure.

A project required analyzing the distribution of particles in a composite material. It was observed that there were, on average, 80 particles per cubic millimeter. If a researcher is studying a cube of this material with a side length of 3 millimeters, how many particles should the researcher expect to find?

  • 540
  • 216
  • 720
  • 243
  • 680

During the analysis of a data set, a scientist observed that when the temperature of a sample was increased by 1 degree Celsius, the reaction rate increased by 10%. If the initial reaction rate is 50 units per minute at 20 degrees Celsius, what will be the reaction rate at 23 degrees Celsius?

  • 65 units per minute
  • 60.5 units per minute
  • 55 units per minute
  • 61.5 units per minute
  • 70 units per minute

In the context of an experiment, a team of physicists estimated the failure rate of a new semiconductor at 0.002 failures per hour. For a continuous 500-hour operational test, what is the expected number of failures?

  • 0.1
  • 1
  • 2
  • 10
  • 0.02

A passage reports preliminary findings from an observational study about the feeding patterns of a rare moth species. Based on the passage, which of the following statements can be considered true?

  • The moths feed exclusively during the daytime.
  • Urban light pollution has no impact on the moth's feeding habits.
  • The moths are more active immediately after sunset.
  • Temperature changes are the primary factor affecting the moth's feeding pattern.
  • Larinioides cornutus prefers feeding on larger prey rather than smaller insects.

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Science and Technology Facilities Council Tests Tips

1Get Familiar with the Format

Before you tackle the STFC tests, it’s crucial to understand their structure. Read up on the types of questions and the layout of the exam to avoid any surprises on test day.

2Revise Key Concepts

Brush up on the fundamental principles of physics, engineering, and coding as relevant to the role you’re applying for. A strong grasp of the basics will help you tackle any tricky questions that come your way.

3Simulate Test Conditions

Practice tests are your best friend. Try to mimic the actual test environment when taking them, which will improve your time management skills and help you stay calm under pressure.

4Review and Reflect

After each practice test, take the time to review your answers. Understanding where you went wrong is just as important as knowing what you got right.

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Science and Technology Facilities Council Tests FAQs

What are the STFC tests?

At STFC, hiring tests are designed to assess a range of skills, with a focus on science and engineering knowledge, problem-solving, and coding capabilities. These tests aim to evaluate both your technical abilities and your critical thinking.

Are the STFC tests hard?

STFC tests can be challenging as they aim to find candidates who can rise to complex cognitive and technical challenges. However, with adequate preparation, you can build confidence in your abilities and improve your performance.

How do I prepare for STFC tests?

Preparing for STFC tests is best approached through diligent practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offer a vast selection of practice tests that mirror the structure and content of STFC’s tests, helping you prepare thoroughly for the actual exam.

How long does the recruitment process take at STFC?

The recruitment process at STFC varies by role and department, but it generally requires a few weeks to a few months from initial application to job offer, including the time needed to complete the tests and attend interviews.

What are STFC's core values?

STFC’s core values center around pioneering research and innovation in science and technology. They look for candidates who share their passion for exploration, collaboration, excellence and integrity in their work.