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SAP tests

SAP Tests

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SAP tests

SAP (an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations; it is the largest European listed software company. SAP states that 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches one of its systems.

Careers at SAP

The SAP recruitment process ensures that SAP employs candidates who fit the company ethos as well as possess the required skill sets.

SAP favours creative and bold individuals, who can demonstrate that they are passionate about helping businesses and the world run better.

SAP offers a number of Early Talent programmes for recent graduates, in addition to summer internships for current students, designed to be completed in vacations or part-time alongside study.

Also on offer is the SAP Student Training and Rotation Program (STAR): a multi-year, rotational vocational training programme.

Early Talent programmes are offered in sales, engineering and development, consulting and services, finance, human resources and operations, in offices across the USA and Europe. The length of the programme and pre-requisite skills vary by position.

SAP Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form
  2. 2
    Pre-screening calls
  3. 3
    SAP verbal reasoning tests
  4. 4
    SAP numerical reasoning tests
  5. 5
    SAP situational judgement tests
  6. 6
    Interview with hiring manager

Candidates are recommended to apply online for as many roles as they consider fit their skills and align with their career aspirations. Unlike many other companies, there is no maximum number of applications that can be made via the online application.

Candidates should demonstrate that they are able to fit in with a culture that values the following attributes: tell it like it is, stay curious, embrace differences, keep promises and build bridges.

Candidates should also be able to demonstrate skills in the following areas: innovation, adaptability, can-do attitude, relevant experience, productivity and leadership.

Online application form

The online application can be completed from anywhere in the world using a mobile or desktop device using a Xing or LinkedIn profile. Candidates must then upload a cover letter and CV.

Some roles require pre-assessment tests to ensure that the candidate can demonstrate prerequisite skills. CVs should be limited to two pages; one page may even be best.

Pre-screening calls

The first stage of the process is to have a pre-screening call with a SAP recruiter, who will talk through your application and some basic interview questions.

Remember that the recruiter has already reviewed your CV, so try to add more detail and information when answering their questions.

If the pre-screening call is successful, you will be allocated to a hiring manager who will arrange the next part of the recruitment process.

Depending on the programme applied to, candidates may be invited to take a written exam or carry out a number of psychometric tests (see below).

SAP verbal reasoning tests

SAP verbal reasoning tests provide recruiters with an even playing field to assess candidates, since each prospective employee takes a version of the same test.

The verbal tests assess understanding and comprehension skills, taking the form of short written passages, after which a question is posed. Using the information in the passage, the candidate is invited to select ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’ in answer.

Candidates should remember to only base their answers on the information given in the passage, not any other additional facts or outside knowledge.

SAP numerical reasoning tests

SAP numerical reasoning tests measure your numerical aptitude and your ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from sets of data.

The specific type of test will depend on which programme you apply for, as generally numerical reasoning tests work best when asking questions relevant to the data that will be interpreted in that role.

SAP situational judgement tests

SAP situational judgement tests allow the recruiter to assess how candidates may approach workplace-based scenarios.

The situational judgement test involves considering a series of professional scenarios followed by a number of statements for each. Candidates must select which they consider to be the best answer to the question asked – from which SAP assesses your judgement and character traits.

Candidates should remember that there may be no perfect answer and that they must select the best answer that fits, bearing in mind the ethos of SAP and the characteristics that are desirable for the role in question.

Interview with hiring manager

The final hurdle of the SAP application process is to complete an interview with the allocated hiring manager. This interview may take place in person, on the phone, or via a platform such as Zoom.

For some roles and programmes there may be more than one hiring manager. The questions will include more general behavioural and career-related questions, as well as technical questions.

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