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A leading healthcare company founded in 1896, Roche specialises in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company employs over 97,000 people, with global operations across Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Careers at Roche

Roche prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, and offers employees the opportunity to be part of its collaborative work-based culture – not just across its medical and scientific divisions, but also in its business and operational departments.

Careers at Roche are available in areas including research and development, procurement, supply chain, finance, legal, sales and marketing, business development and IT. As it's a global company, there’s plenty of scope to work internationally.

There are also numerous graduate opportunities available. Unlike many major employers, Roche does not have a graduate intake at a fixed time of year, but rather advertises these posts as and when they become available.

For notifications on when vacancies go live, you can register with the Roche Talent Pool. Here you’ll upload your CV, fill out some background information, and set your employment preferences to be sent appropriate job alerts.

Roche Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application form and CV
  2. 2
    Telephone interview
  3. 3
    Situational judgement tests
  4. 4
    Assessment centre

As a leader in its industry, Roche looks to employ motivated, forward-thinking individuals who bring ideas and innovation to the workplace, regardless of their department.

Its focus is on finding the best talent and retaining it by offering development opportunities, fair internal promotions and a good work-life balance. The recruitment process is therefore highly competitive and includes several stages.

Below you’ll find guidance on what you should expect as a minimum from the Roche application process. However, it should be noted that your exact experience may differ depending on the specifics of your application.

Online application form and CV

Once you’ve identified a suitable vacancy, you’ll need to complete the online application form, submit your CV and cover letter, and any other relevant documentation (such as certificates and references).

To do this you’ll need to create an account. You can use your Talent Pool profile if you have one, log in via Facebook, LinkedIn or Indeed, or create a profile from scratch.

If you’re applying for more than one position, it’s vital that the file name of each cover letter submitted has a unique reference relating to the job in question.

Your application will then be assessed by both the HR department and the relevant hiring manager.

Telephone interview

If you’re considered a suitable candidate, you’ll then be invited to a screening interview. This will be over the phone with a member of HR.

These interviews typically last around 30 minutes, and will go into detail on the information given in your application. Be prepared to discuss your skills and experience, as well as to answer some standard interview questions, like why you want to work for Roche, and what you think you can bring to the role.

Roche situational judgement tests

The next step will be to sit one or more online psychometric tests. The exact tests will vary depending on the position, but in almost all cases will include a situational judgement test (STJ).

STJs give an employer an understanding of your attitudes and behaviours by presenting you with hypothetical work scenarios. You’ll be given a number of possible responses to each situation, and asked to rank which you consider the most effective course of action.

STJs should be answered honestly, as they are a way to determine a good culture fit, both for you and for Roche. However, it is possible to prepare yourself by understanding the type of personalities that thrive at Roche, so read the job description and person specification carefully before your test date.

It's also important to take plenty of practice tests to familiarise yourself with the format and get used to answering these types of questions. This will help you give a more realistic impression of yourself come test day.

Assessment centre

Like many big employers, Roche uses assessment days to select the best of the candidates that have made it through the interview and psychometric testing stages of recruitment.

The exact nature of your assessment day will depend on the role for which you have applied, and may involve group exercises, presentations and case study projects, as well as face to face interviews that focus on both behavioural and competency-based questions.

Assessment days give the hiring team the chance to see your personality in a different light than they would in an interview alone, and give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and initiative.

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