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Red Bull Tests

Red Bull Tests

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Red Bull Tests

Red Bull was founded in 1984, and is probably known best for its energy drinks. Red Bull also sponsors athletes and sports events – from skateboarding to mountain biking and skiing – and has two Formula One teams.

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Skype / telephone interview

The first interview can be a video or telephone interview. This is probably the first chance you will have to have a proper conversation with the recruitment team, and it is based around your application form, CV and covering letter.

You can expect to be asked questions about why you want to work at Red Bull, what made you choose your area of business expertise, and what your future plans are.

You might be asked to provide examples of your experience and skills through these questions too, so it’s a good idea to think of concise ways to describe how you match with the requirements of the role.

Assessment centre

The assessment centre is the last stage of the recruitment process. All applicants who have been successful in the previous stage are invited to take part in a day of exercises and activities. The night before, all candidates meet for a meal and get to know each other.

On the day, candidates get the opportunity to meet other Red Bull employees and managers, and are under constant scrutiny by the recruiters.

Group activity

In the group activity stage, candidates are split into teams and asked to complete a task together. This might be something like building the tallest tower, creating a safe way to drop an egg from height, or something more business-related.

Through the group activity, you will be assessed on your team-working skills, leadership qualities and how well you communicate.

Case study exercise

Working with your team or alone, you will be provided with some business information about a new direction for the company. With this case study, you need to solve a problem and be prepared to present your solution to the recruitment team.

In this part of the day, the recruitment team wants to see how focused you can be on solving a problem, and how you work towards a solution.


Presenting to the team what you have found out in the case study means you need to have clear communication skills. You will also have to think on your feet so as to answer questions about what you’ve discussed.

Competency-based interview

There might be more than one interview, depending on the position you are going for. The questions in this interview are competency-based, so you will need to provide examples from your experience either at work or elsewhere.

This will be easier if you know what the interviewers are looking for. You can find that out from the job description, which is full of detail about the role and the specific competencies and skills that are needed.

This is also an excellent time to show how much research you have completed on the role, the business area, and Red Bull as a global enterprise. You are likely to be asked some questions about this, so make sure your research is up to scratch.

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    May 24, 2022

    The basic patterns for Matrigma

    It was clear and easy to answer. It was too simple as a practice test. I believe there's a line missing in the 5th pattern example in question 3.