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Ocado Tests

A pioneer of the online grocery market, Ocado has become the biggest retailer of its kind in the world. Since 2000, Ocado has grown into an international company, expanding its offering to proprietary technology that helps other grocery companies develop and boost their efficiency.

Careers at Ocado

Ocado is considered to be an attractive employer: it has a high rating on Glassdoor, is recognised by Stonewall as a Diversity Champion, and is committed to being disability confident.

There is a career path in Ocado for many types of employees, in various locations around the world. As an international company, there are workplaces in Europe, the USA and Hong Kong, with roles that fall into the following categories:

Engineering and Technology. This sector is the home of software development, cloud services, research, data analysis and product management.

Business and Managerial. Financial-based careers like accountancy, payroll and planning, as well as HR, marketing, planning, supply chain and the contact centre.

Graduates. Ocado has an in-depth graduate programme that offers autonomy, training and development across different departments, from engineering to operations. Each programme opens in September for applications, with assessment centres ongoing throughout the year.

Delivery and LGV Drivers. The drivers for Ocado are the backbone of the business, providing face-to-face service for customers. Includes direct delivery drivers, LGV drivers that take groceries to the warehouse, and the management team that oversee the process.

Warehouse operatives. In the warehouse, operatives are responsible for picking and packing customer orders. Roles are flexible and varied, and include benefits and perks.

The way the application process works will depend on the role that is applied for, with some stages in the process not needed. For example, if you are applying for a driver or warehouse role, the telephone interview and a skills test might be all that is needed, with no need to attend an assessment centre.

Ocado Application Process

  1. 1
    Online application
  2. 2
    Telephone interview
  3. 3
    Online assessment
  4. 4
    Video interview
  5. 5
    Assessment centre

The start of the process is broadly the same for any career path in Ocado: it begins with an online application form. This is usually followed by a telephone interview, then perhaps a face-to-face interview.

Applicants may be asked to take online assessments, including psychometric tests and job-related, skills-based assessments. Finally, they may attend an assessment centre.

Online application

Ocado tends to advertise job openings on its careers site, as well as using some of the bigger online job boards. The initial stage in the application is an online application form.

This is broadly similar to most such forms you will have encountered, requiring basic identification information, qualifications, education and prior experience.

Telephone interview

If you’re successful with the online application form, the next stage is a telephone interview.

During this, you will likely be asked questions about Ocado and what you know about the business, as well as some simple questions about your experience and qualifications, as shown in the online application. The telephone interview will usually involve someone from Ocado HR.

Online assessment

As with many employers, Ocado uses psychometric testing, and two test types in particular: numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning.

Numerical reasoning tests require basic understanding of numerical data, typically provided in the form of tables and graphs. Candidates need to be able to understand the given information and use it to find the correct answer.

In verbal reasoning tests, the information given is usually presented as text. Typically, the candidate must decide whether a statement relating to that text is true, false or cannot be determined.

For both these tests, no prior knowledge is needed – the answer can always be derived from the information provided. Practice questions on tests of these types can help make you more confident about the way information is presented and how questions need to be answered.

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Video interview

The video interview may include questions regarding how the candidate has dealt with challenging situations, for example. A presentation or other demonstration of skills is sometimes also required at this stage.

The interview may be conducted by one or more of the Ocado hiring team, including HR and managers.

Assessment centre

For some roles, the final stage of the recruitment process is the assessment centre. Several applicants will be invited to attend a day at a specified location to complete some further assessments.

These usually include group projects, like building a tall tower with various foods, as well as job-related assessments. The skills tests might include something related to coding for a software role, or planning a driver route for logistics.

Further interviews and presentations might also be done at the assessment centre.

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