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Ocado Tests

Ocado Tests

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Ocado Tests

A pioneer of the online grocery market, Ocado has become the biggest retailer of its kind in the world. Since 2000, Ocado has grown into an international company, expanding its offering to proprietary technology that helps other grocery companies develop and boost their efficiency.

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Ocado video interview

The video interview may include questions regarding how the candidate has dealt with challenging situations, for example. A presentation or other demonstration of skills is sometimes also required at this stage.

The interview may be conducted by one or more of the Ocado hiring team, including HR and managers.

Ocado assessment centre

For some roles, the final stage of the recruitment process is the assessment centre. Several applicants will be invited to attend a day at a specified location to complete some further assessments.

These usually include group projects, like building a tall tower with various foods, as well as job-related assessments. The skills tests might include something related to coding for a software role, or planning a driver route for logistics.

Further interviews and presentations might also be done at the assessment centre.

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Sample Ocado Tests question Test your knowledge!

Based on the passage, which of the following strategies would be best for the company to pursue next quarter to improve profit margins?

Despite witnessing a steady growth in customer base, the company has seen a marginal dip in profit margins. An analysis indicates that operational costs have surged due to increased reliance on third-party logistics providers. Meanwhile, investments in research and development of eco-friendly packaging solutions have yet to yield tangible returns.

  • Increase prices to offset higher operational costs
  • Continue investing in research for eco-friendly packaging
  • Negotiate better rates with third-party logistics providers
  • Reduce the customer base to decrease costs

A company launched a new delivery service with initial costs of £500,000. In the first year, the service generated revenue of £300,000. In year two, revenue increased by 20%, and by year three, it increased by 30% over the year two revenue. What was the total revenue by the end of year three?

  • £910,000
  • £1,014,000
  • £780,000
  • £1,000,000

Analyzing the quarterly sales data, a grocery delivery platform found out that the sale of fruit increased by 12% in Q2 compared to Q1, by 5% in Q3 compared to Q2, and by 8% in Q4 compared to Q3. If the Q1 sales for fruit were £50,000, what were the Q4 sales?

  • £59,892
  • £56,500
  • £60,000
  • £58,150

A customer satisfaction report shows that 85% of the surveyed customers were satisfied with their online shopping experience. If 425 customers responded to the survey, how many reported that they were satisfied?

  • 361
  • 350
  • 300
  • 400

A recent upgrade to the online platform was completed in two phases. Phase one saw a 15% increase in efficiency, and phase two further increased efficiency by 10%. If the original efficiency level was at 80%, what was the new efficiency level after both upgrades?

  • 96.8%
  • 94%
  • 92%
  • 100%

In an effort to reduce waste, an online produce retailer implements a new packaging system that decreases packaging waste by 25%. If they previously generated 40 tons of waste per month, what is the new monthly waste generation after implementing the system?

  • 30 tons
  • 35 tons
  • 10 tons
  • 25 tons

After reading the passage, what is the most likely reason for the decline in profits during the previous fiscal quarter?

Despite witnessing a steady growth in customer base, the company has seen a marginal dip in profit margins. An analysis indicates that operational costs have surged due to increased reliance on third-party logistics providers. Meanwhile, investments in research and development of eco-friendly packaging solutions have yet to yield tangible returns.

  • Decrease in total revenue
  • Rise in supplier prices and freight costs
  • Inefficiencies in the subscription service
  • Reduction in marketing expenses

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Ocado Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Take the time to understand the structure and types of questions you’ll encounter. The more acquainted you are with the format, the less likely you’ll be caught off guard during the actual tests.

2Regular Breaks are Key

Balance is important. Regular study breaks can improve your overall performance and keep your mind sharp. Don’t burn out by overdoing it in a single session.

3Simulate Testing Environment

Try to practice under conditions similar to the test environment. This helps manage time pressure and reduces anxiety when it’s time for the real deal.

4Understand the Question

Before diving into an answer, ensure you fully understand what’s being asked. Misinterpreting a question is a common pitfall, so read each one carefully.

5Maintain a Healthy Routine

Your physical well-being can impact your test performance. Eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly to keep your mind in peak condition.

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Ocado Tests FAQs

What are the Ocado tests?

Ocado tests are part of the hiring process designed to evaluate a range of skills from decision-making to technical expertise. Candidates can expect to encounter various assessments tailored to the job roles they are applying for.

Are the Ocado tests hard?

Ocado tests can be challenging as they aim to identify candidates best suited for their tech-savvy and innovative team. However, with proper preparation and practice, applicants can significantly improve their performance.

How do I prepare for Ocado tests?

The best way to prepare for Ocado tests is through consistent practice. Tackling similar questions as those you’ll face on test day can be immensely helpful. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a wealth of resources to help you get test-ready.

How long does the recruitment process take at Ocado?

The recruitment process at Ocado can vary depending on the role. Typically, it involves an online application, various selection tests, and possibly several interviews. It may take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

What are Ocado's core values?

Ocado’s core values revolve around innovation, service excellence, and teamwork. They seek individuals who are driven, creative in problem-solving, and able to adapt to a high-growth, dynamic business environment.

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  • United Kingdom

    February 24, 2021

    Calculating percentages and ratios and differences

    The test helps to have a recap on the basics. Though simple, it is quite straightforward.

  • United Kingdom

    February 04, 2021

    Test practice

    Very good but didn’t realise it was accounting.