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Nestle Tests

Nestle Tests

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Nestle Tests

Nestle is the largest food and drink company in the world, headquartered in Switzerland. Nestle prides itself on nurturing innovation across the 2000 brands that make up its portfolio, and this starts with the Nestle Academy, where all apprentices and graduates begin their Nestle career.

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Nestle strengths-based video interview

Candidates who are successful in the online tests will then be invited to the first interview section of the Nestle Academy application process. This interview will not be in person but done via computer and webcam, so it is important you have somewhere quiet and uninterrupted to carry out the interview.

The interview is automated, and you will be asked questions either visually on screen or by watching a recording. Then you will have a timed section to record your answer to the camera. You will only have one chance to record your response to each question.

This is your chance to build a better picture of your skills and strengths, as well as your passion for working at Nestle. It’s an opportunity to expand on the answers that you gave during your online application.

Research Nestle’s values, mission and vision, and remember that in interviews like this you will want to demonstrate your own competencies. It can be helpful to use the STAR technique and for each question set out the Situation, Task, Action and Result, which allows you to frame each answer.

Nestle assessment centre

The final stage in the Nestle Academy recruitment process is to attend an assessment centre to carry out a series of exercises designed to showcase your skills.

Depending on timing, situation and location this may be held virtually via your webcam or at one of the Nestle sites. It will depend on the role for which you have applied as to whether it is a full or half day.

You should be prepared to be asked to take part in one or all of the following:

Nestle group exercise

Group exercises are tricky to get right since you’ll need to work collaboratively as part of a team to achieve a solution to a brief. At the same time, you want to stand out as a leader who can persuade the team to either agree with your solution, or to stand by your own views if you do not agree with the rest of the group.

Nestle interview

Following on from your application form and video interview you should also be expected to answer strength-based and motivational questions, where you’ll want to demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for working at Nestle, along with your skills and strengths. Again you’ll want to prepare fully in advance for this, using the STAR system outlined above.

Nestle presentation

The presentation task during the assessment day is usually briefed in advance to allow you to prepare, and will include technical knowledge as well as an assessment of your presentation skills, structure and style.

You will want to practise this in advance, so you are comfortable with the material you have prepared and have considered in advance questions you may be asked afterwards.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Nestle. We provide preparation services for Nestle psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Nestle Tests question Test your knowledge!

In a diagrammatic reasoning task, if a sequence follows a specific rule where each subsequent element is a transformation of the previous one (for example, every next box is rotated by 45 degrees clockwise and its color changes to the next one in the sequence of the spectrum), and you are currently at the stage where the box is at a 90-degree angle and colored blue, what would the next transformation look like?

  • The box will be at a 135-degree angle and colored indigo.
  • The box will be at a 180-degree angle and colored green.
  • The box will be at a 135-degree angle and colored green.
  • The box will be at a 45-degree angle and colored violet.
  • The box will be at a 180-degree angle and colored indigo.

A food company has three manufacturing plants that produce chocolate bars. The production ratios of the three plants are 4:5:2 respectively. If the company produces 88,000 chocolate bars one month, how many bars are produced by the second plant?

  • 20,000
  • 40,000
  • 44,000
  • 48,000
  • 35,000

If you analyze the sales data over the past year, you will notice each quarter exhibits its own growth trend when compared to the previous quarter. In Q2 the sales grew by 5%, in Q3 by 8% and in Q4 by 10%. Assuming Q1 had sales of $1,000,000, what were the sales for Q4?

  • $1,180,000
  • $1,235,400
  • $1,300,000
  • $1,210,000
  • $1,000,000

During a routine quality check, a production line is found to have an error rate of 0.5%. If 200,000 units were inspected and this error rate is consistent, how many units need to be reworked?

  • 200
  • 1,000
  • 1,500
  • 2,000
  • 2,500

A team has been evaluating the efficiency of two packaging machines over the last month. Machine A consistently packages 15 units per minute, while Machine B packs an additional 20% more units than Machine A. How many more units does Machine B package in one hour?

  • 180
  • 200
  • 300
  • 1800
  • 360

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Nestle Tests Tips

1Familiarity Leads to Confidence

Getting to know the format and question types you’ll likely encounter in Nestle’s assessments is a great first step. It’ll help curb those test-day jitters and give you that much-needed confidence boost.

2Keep an Eye on the Clock

Time management is key during these tests. Practice pacing yourself to ensure that you’re answering effectively while still leaving no question unanswered.

3Simulate Test Conditions

Try to practice under similar conditions to the actual test. This means quiet environments and sticking to the time constraints to mimic the pressure of the real deal.

4Understand the Core Values

Knowing Nestle’s core values can give you a sneak peek into their culture and what they might look for in your test responses. Align your thinking with their principles.

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Nestle Tests FAQs

What are the Nestle tests?

Nestle tests are typically centered around your cognitive abilities, personality traits, and possibly your technical or job-specific skills, depending on the role you’re applying for.

Are the Nestle tests hard?

The difficulty of Nestle tests widely varies, intended to assess a range of skills from potential employees of different levels, but thorough preparation can make them more manageable.

How do I prepare for Nestle tests?

The best method to prepare for Nestle tests is through practicing similar assessments to become familiar with the content and format. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a plethora of resources to help you prepare.

How long does the recruitment process take at Nestle?

The length of Nestle’s recruitment process can vary, but it generally involves multiple stages including tests and interviews, taking several weeks from start to finish.

What are Nestle's core values?

Nestle’s core values include respect, collaboration, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, as it aims to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Reviews of our Nestle tests

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  • Ghana

    October 08, 2023

    Little bit complex

    I think the time should be forwarded small, so you have time to think and calculate, cause some people are really good but slow in answering questions

  • Nigeria

    October 07, 2023

    Practice aptitude test

    Am also like how to interact my brain to find the answer without calculator,and this this kind of test suppose to give me more time since that calculator is not allowing

  • Ghana

    October 07, 2023


    I love everything about the online test just that trying to work out and input he answers were a challenge. I also noticed that the questions were more of mathematics and it did not include other subject areas

  • India

    September 29, 2023


    Everything is good. This test helps me enhancing my skills and make me aware about my knowledge in aptitude.

  • Nigeria

    January 26, 2023


    What an eye opener, I thought I could easily scale through any question but the timer and technicality of the questions got me, I really need more practice

  • United Kingdom

    November 30, 2022

    Clear to understand

    The test was clear to understand and a good way to familiarise yourself with mathematical questions .

  • Nigeria

    November 19, 2022

    I expect technical questions.

    The test is very interesting but I expect questions related to my field of study nevertheless and the time is too short for me.

  • Ghana

    October 20, 2022

    This is new

    This is my first time solving aptitude test and I think I have to prepare adequately before I come again.

  • Nigeria

    July 12, 2022


    I like the test because it challenged my thinking accuracy and what I dislike is that, the time allotted for the test is very short

  • Ghana

    March 05, 2022

    Interface and chart presentation

    The interface was very simple and easy to navigate. It was very user friendly. I did not like how the chart required me to tap before I see the values. It makes referencing it while making your calculation very difficult.