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Microsoft Tests

Microsoft Tests

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Microsoft Tests

As with many large employers, Microsoft requires candidates to sit various tests as part of their recruitment process. These tests are aligned to the values and culture of Microsoft and assess the essential skills and abilities needed for a successful career at Microsoft.

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Video interviews

If successful at the online tests, candidates are invited to the next stage of the application process: the video interview.

The video interview is not a live two-way interview but a recorded interview.

Candidates are provided with a series of questions to review, some time to read, analyse, and think of a response, and then a 3-minute time limit to record their responses in answer to the question.

These responses are then assessed against the core competencies required for roles at Microsoft. As these questions are competency-based, candidates need to provide specific examples of when they have demonstrated the competency.

When preparing for the video interview, it is important to look at the job description and review what competencies are required for the role. Then think about an example of when you have demonstrated this competency.

Examples can be used from school, university, work experience, or extracurricular activities.

Practice your examples to make sure that the example you are sharing is concise, to the point but also details the information about the skill or competency you want to highlight.

During the video interview, it is also worth keeping an eye on the time when you are recording your answer to make sure you complete the answer before the time runs out.

Microsoft assessment centre

Candidates who are successful at the video interview stage are invited to attend the assessment centre.

The assessment day comprises various assessments, includinggroup-based activities and individual assessments such as presentations and interviews. The assessment day is also an opportunity to meet professionals who work at Microsoft, ask them questions about the role, and the organisation.

The group-based activities assess how well individuals work together as part of a team. Candidates are presented with a brief and then, as a team, develop ideas or solutions to the problem.

The format of the individual assessments is similar in that candidates are presented with a business case and asked to read, analyse and then present their ideas and solutions.

The assessment day also includes a series of interviews, the number of interviews depends on the role applied for. Interviews are with representatives of the Microsoft business, including those at the senior level.

The assessment centre will assess a candidate’s specialist knowledge if applying for a specialist position and whether they demonstrate the competencies and values of Microsoft.

It is worth reviewing these before attending the assessment centre and preparing examples of how you have demonstrated these through past achievements and projects.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Microsoft. We provide preparation services for Microsoft psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to apply.

What should I expect at a Microsoft interview?

The Microsoft interviews assess a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and competencies in relation to the role applied for. Expect to be asked example-based questions that highlight your skills and achievements.

Microsoft wants to hear about the projects that you have been involved in and what you have learned. Also about how you approach solving a problem or issue.

How long does it take to get hired at Microsoft?

The process can vary depending on the role applied for. For candidates that have made it to the final stages, they can expect to be contacted by a member of the Microsoft recruitment team up to a week after their interview.

Is it hard to get a job at Microsoft?

Ensure that you do your preparation and are clear on what skills, competencies, and knowledge you can bring to the role. Be aware of the values of Microsoft.

By following these steps you are giving yourself every opportunity to be successful in gaining a role.

Can I work remotely for Microsoft?

Remote working depends on the type of role applied for. This is assessed role by role and candidate by candidate and is based on the position itself and business needs.

Microsoft encourages candidates to discuss any remote working requirements with a recruiter. The recruiter will be able to assess whether remote working in the role applied for is both appropriate for the role itself and also for the candidate when it comes to building and developing their skills in the role.

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