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IBM Assessments

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IBM is a leading global technology and consulting company. It prides itself on a culture that encourages progress to better business, but also improves society and the human condition. Its product and consulting areas include artificial intelligence (AI), automation, big data, and the Internet of Things (IOT).

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IBM online application

The first stage of the application process is to submit an initial online application form. Before you apply, it is recommended to join the online IBM community, registering your areas of interest so you can receive relevant IBM career information.

You will need to create an IBM account to lodge an application. The initial application requires your personal details, education history, work experience and a CV.

It may seem brief and simplistic, but there is a second more expansive application form required after you have completed the psychometric testing stage.

IPAT Cognitive Ability Assessment

The IPAT Cognitive Ability Assessment consists of psychometric tests designed specifically for the IBM recruitment process: a numerical series test and a numerical reasoning test.

The numerical series test requires candidates to look at sequences of numbers or symbols and select the next or missing item. There are 20 timed questions to answer.

The numerical reasoning test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions covering mathematical topics such as ratios, percentages, fractions, algebra and conversions. You have two minutes and fifteen seconds to answer each question, adding considerable time pressure.

IBM’s aptitude testing round also includes a cognitive ability game to test your problem solving, and a learning agility assessment to scrutinize your ways of learning.

The IPAT test is considered to be of a greater level of difficulty than other online aptitude tests, so preparation through practice tests is even more crucial.

IBM application form

Once you have passed IBM’s online aptitude tests, you will be invited to submit a full application. This second application form covers your motivations: for working in your chosen area, and for choosing IBM.

You will be required to answer a series of questions on your skills, attributes and motivation. These questions aim to reveal your level of familiarity with IBM and what you would bring to the company if selected for the role.

IBM assessment center

The IBM assessment center is a comprehensive and challenging stage of the recruitment process, consisting of multiple rounds of individual and group tasks. All the assessment stages are timed.

An assessment center is an opportunity for the IBM recruitment team to observe how well you collaborate with others to deliver results. There are two group exercises: one focused on logical reasoning, and the second discussion-based.

Ensure that you actively participate in the group tasks, displaying your skills whilst allowing space for the opinions and input of others to be heard.

Candidates are required to sit an IPAT verification test, to confirm the grade of the result achieved when previously sitting the test at home. The verification consists of taking the IPAT test for a second time.

You will be asked to deliver a presentation. This will, however, be pre-prepared due to the already extensive list of tasks to complete in the day.

There is also a written exercise, where candidates are required to write a response to a case study. Well-structured, persuasive responses outlining clear recommendations to the client are sought.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to convey their skills and competencies during an interview.

IBM final Interviews

If you impress at the IBM assessment center, you’ll be invited to attend a final interview round, which will be competency-based.

It will explore your CV and second application form answers regarding your motivations in greater detail. It will likely be with a senior manager and last an hour.

Using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is recommended to ensure you strongly evidence your skills. Prepare by thinking of personal examples to illustrate each of IBM’s eight core competencies.

There will also be an element of commercial awareness required to answer some of the interview questions. Prepare by researching IBM’s past, recent and planned work in your chosen field and form opinions, comments, or observations to offer to the interviewer.

It is also sensible to prepare one or two considered questions to ask at the end of the job interview.

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Sample IBM Tests question Test your knowledge!

In a sequence where each box represents a step in an algorithm's processing phase, with each subsequent step adding a layer of complexity, what would be a logical characteristic of the next step following the initial data input and sorting steps?

  • It would involve a decrease in complexity to improve efficiency.
  • It would typically involve data filtering or classification procedures.
  • It would simplify the data back into its pre-sorted state.
  • It would repeat the initial data input step to check for consistency.

A project manager is analyzing the time spent on various tasks in a technology services company. It was found that 30% of the time was spent on client communications, twice the amount of time spent on internal meetings. If the time spent on internal meetings was 45 hours last month, how many hours were spent on client communications?

  • 90 hours
  • 135 hours
  • 60 hours
  • 180 hours

During a software deployment phase, a team conducted 7 fewer quality assurance tests than the planned 31 tests due to resource constraints. If a full report requires 8 hours of work per test, how many hours are needed to report on the tests actually performed?

  • 192 hours
  • 248 hours
  • 224 hours
  • 176 hours

Read the following statement and choose the conclusion that can be drawn from it: 'If a piece of software is not meeting security compliance standards, it must be updated or replaced. All updated software in the company must pass a security audit.'

  • All software that passes a security audit is updated.
  • Some software that is not meeting security standards will be replaced.
  • Software that is replaced must undergo a security audit.
  • All software in the company meets security compliance standards.

Consider the following argument: 'For a computing system to be considered reliable, it must have an uptime of 99.9%. System A has had two short outages this quarter, totaling one hour of downtime.' With this information, can the system be considered reliable?

  • Yes, because two short outages are within the acceptable range.
  • No, because any downtime indicates an unreliable system.
  • No, unless the total operational time is greater than 999 hours this quarter.
  • Yes, but only if the outages were for maintenance purposes.

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IBM Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with Common Test Formats

Understanding different question types enhances your speed and accuracy. Looking at example questions can help you recognize patterns and commonalities in the tests.

2Time Management is Crucial

Practice managing your time effectively by setting a timer during your practice tests. This will help condition you for the real thing.

3Calm Your Nerves

Test anxiety can hinder your performance. Find relaxation techniques that work for you, such as deep breathing or positive visualization.

4Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to prepare is to practice. At Practice Aptitude Tests, you can give practice tests of these types for free and hone your skills.

5Read Instructions Carefully

Make sure to carefully read all instructions on the tests. Sometimes the instructions can contain crucial information about how to correctly answer the questions.

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IBM Tests FAQs

What are the IBM tests?

IBM uses a variety of tests during their hiring process to evaluate candidates’ abilities and potential fit within the company. These can include cognitive ability tests, personality assessments, and sometimes technical skill tests tailored to the role being applied for.

Are the IBM tests hard?

The difficulty of IBM’s tests generally reflects the high standards the company maintains for its workforce. They can be challenging, particularly for those who are unprepared or unfamiliar with the types of questions asked.

How do I prepare for IBM tests?

The best way to prepare for IBM’s tests is through thorough practice. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a wealth of free practice tests designed to mirror the types you would encounter as part of IBM’s selection process.

How long does the recruitment process take at IBM?

The length of IBM’s recruitment process may vary based on the role and your progression throughout the hiring stages. It typically involves several steps, each of which may take some weeks to finalize.

What are IBM's core values?

IBM’s core values are grounded in the belief of being essential to their clients, innovation that matters, and the trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. These values drive their corporate culture and decision-making.

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    Prepare for the real IBM test

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    my ipat test

    the test truly tested your mental ability and cause the subject to put their analytic skills to the test

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    Keep practicing, make mistakes during practice, then you can learn

    Make sure you make mistakes during the practice run so that you can learn from them and make sure you can get them right for similar questions next time. Also helps to increase speed in the test, as well as accuracy.

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    Be good at calculating percentage and read the question correctly

    The test was great, and I liked that the multiple-choice was varied so I didn't choose the wrong one, because it was close to what I calculated

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    The test is interesting but difficult.

    The test is very interesting and a bit difficult. When I see the time, I could hear my heartbeats :)

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    October 29, 2021

    How to solve questions

    It has to be provided with some practice questions on how to solve the problem on the basis of the assessment.

  • India

    October 26, 2021

    Time management

    I like the question pattern but asking too many questions on a single graph was not a good thing I think. So I request to decrease the questions on a single graph itself.

  • India

    October 13, 2021

    Data Interpretation

    Test was time intensive and elaborate. The questions should be placed above the relavant data table instead of below it.

  • United Kingdom

    September 18, 2021

    Good practice

    I liked having a timed feature and also another feature where you can see the answers. I don't like that there's only one test available without expensive payment.

  • India

    August 17, 2021

    Basic Maths

    The graphs were colorful but the questions and graph could've been side by side to reduce scrolling time