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Hill Dickinson Tests

Hill Dickinson Tests

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Hill Dickinson Tests

The international law firm Hill Dickinson gives expert legal advice for businesses, commercial and private clients.

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Hill Dickinson Assessment Centre

The final stage of the recruitment process involves an assessment center where you will be invited to Hill Dickinson’s offices. The day typically involves a variety of activities and exercises designed to assess candidates’ skills and competencies.

Here are some of the activities you may expect to encounter at the Hill Dickinson Assessment Center:

  • Group exercise
  • Written exercise
  • Presentation
  • Interviews

In anticipation of your assessment day, you should dress appropriately in business attire and be prepared for the skills being assessed in each activity.

Hill Dickinson Group Exercise

You may be placed in a group with other candidates to complete a task or solve a problem together. The assessors will observe how you work as a team, your communication skills, and how you contribute to achieving the group’s objectives.

Hill Dickinson Written Exercise

For the written exercise, you may be given a legal case study to analyze and write a report on. The assessors will be looking for your analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate your findings clearly.

Hill Dickinson Face to face interview

The face-to-face interview lasts 1-hour and will focus on competency-based questions. It is recommended that you use the STAR method to structure your responses.

Some questions you may be asked during your interview include:

  • Can you describe a time when you had to work collaboratively with a difficult colleague or team member?

  • Tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a significant change in your work environment or role.

  • How do you handle stressful situations or high-pressure work environments?

  • Describe a situation where you had to solve a complex problem or overcome a significant challenge.

  • Can you provide an example of a time when you had to lead or influence a team to achieve a specific goal or objective?

Ensure you answer questions clearly and concisely and focus on how you’ve demonstrated these skills with examples from your previous work experience.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Hill Dickinson. We provide preparation services for Hill Dickinson psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Hill Dickinson Tests question Test your knowledge!

If there is a pattern where every subsequent step involves the duplication of a clause and the addition of a relevant statute, which step comes next after 'Clause A, Statute 1, Clause A, Clause A'?

  • Statute 2, Clause A, Statute 1, Clause A, Clause A
  • Clause A, Statute 1, Clause A, Clause A, Statute 2
  • Clause A, Statute 2, Clause A
  • Clause A, Statute 1, Clause A, Clause B

A paralegal processed 15 case briefs in 3 hours. At this rate, how many case briefs would be processed in an 8-hour workday?

  • 35
  • 40
  • 45
  • 50

If a legal document is altered to increase the margin for comments by 20% and the original margin was 1 inch, what is the new margin width in inches?

  • 1.2
  • 1
  • 1.5
  • 2

Read the following statement: 'All contracts are agreements, but not all agreements are contracts.' Which of the following is true?

  • Some agreements are not legally binding.
  • All agreements are legally binding.
  • Consideration is not required for a contract.
  • All contracts are not agreements.

After reading the following statement: 'An attorney argued that applying precedent from older cases does not necessarily yield justice in new cases,' what can be inferred?

  • The attorney supports the use of precedents.
  • The attorney questions the relevance of precedents in certain cases.
  • All new cases should ignore previous precedents.
  • Older cases are more valuable than new cases.

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Hill Dickinson Tests Tips

1Stay Calm and Collected

Approaching your exam with a clear and relaxed mind can be crucial. A calm demeanor helps in making logical decisions during the test.

2Understand the Test Format

Knowing what type of questions you’ll face on the actual test can be a game-changer. Familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the exams.

3Practice Consistently

Consistent practice strengthens your test-taking skills and builds confidence. Make use of Practice Aptitude Tests to enhance your proficiency.

4Free Practice Tests Available

Take advantage of free practice tests on Practice Aptitude Tests website to get a real sense of the test experience you’ll have at Hill Dickinson.

5Time Management

Learn to manage your time effectively during the test. Quick decision-making is often as important as the accuracy of your answers.

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Hill Dickinson Tests FAQs

What are the Hill Dickinson tests?

Hill Dickinson’s assessments are designed to evaluate a candidate’s compatibility with their inclusive and developmental work culture. These aptitude tests vary based on position but generally measure your critical reasoning and professional acumen.

Are the Hill Dickinson tests hard?

The difficulty level of Hill Dickinson’s tests is tailored to assess a candidate’s fitness for their role effectively. The tests are challenging but fair, focusing on identifying candidates who align well with the company’s culture and values.

How do I prepare for Hill Dickinson tests?

The best preparation involves practicing different types of aptitude tests to familiarize yourself with the question styles and time limits. Practice Aptitude Tests offers a variety of practice tests to help you prepare for what you might encounter at Hill Dickinson.

How long does the recruitment process take at Hill Dickinson?

The recruitment process length at Hill Dickinson varies by role but generally follows a structured timeline. It includes initial application review, aptitude testing, and subsequent interview stages, culminating in a streamlined and focused hiring journey.

What are Hill Dickinson's core values?

Hill Dickinson’s core values revolve around inclusion, supportive agile working, and personal development, fostering an environment where individual success contributes to the company’s growth. They aim to cultivate a professional yet relaxed workplace.