GSK uses one to three of these tests depending on the role applied for. During the application process you will be notified about which tests you will be required to complete.


Numerical Reasoning

This comprises of a number of questions, usually 20, to be answered in an allotted time. Generally you are given one minute per question. They relate to graphs, percentages and tables whereby you will be asked to analyse data and chose from a set of multiple choice answers. This is designed to measure your numerical abilities.


Verbal Reasoning

This test comprises of a number of questions to be answered in a set time. You will be presented with a series of paragraphs which you will be required to read and then answer questions. Your options will be True, False or Cannot Tell. This test will be assessing your analytical skills. You will sit these again at the assessment centre.


Diagrammatic / Logical Reasoning

This test comprises of questions relating to sequences of shapes and patterns. In each question there will be a missing step and you will be provided with a number of answers to choose from. These are designed to test your logical reasoning as well analytical and problem-solving skills.


Personality Test

You will be asked to sit a personality test which will include a number of words and statements which you will have to rate in terms of how important you feel each are. This test is designed to see what type of person you are and how you will fit into the organisation.


Written Exercise

You’ll be given material to read, usually a type of case study relating to the company, and be expected to write a report. This will be to assess your written communication skills as well as grammar and vocab and how you would deal with given scenarios in the workplace.



You’ll be given information relating to the role that you are applying for, which you’ll be asked to prepare a presentation on, to be given in front of one of the assessors. This could be done ahead of the assessment centre or on the actual day. You will then be required to answer questions in order to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and how you would work under pressure. Your presentation and analytical skills will also be tested.


Situational Judgement

This psychometric test presents you with a series of challenging scenarios that one might encounter in the workplace and then a number of possible responses to the scenario. You then chose which one you feel is the best way to describe how you would react. This will be sat at the assessment day.


Role Play Exercise

You will be given a paragraph setting out a scenario and you will then have to respond to it. You and the assessor will assume certain roles and you will then have to play it out. You will be assessed on how you handle the given situation.


Group Exercise/Presentation

You will be provided with information for this exercise prior to the assessment day. You will then use this information to complete the task, whilst ensuring that you keep a balance within the group. The assessors are looking at how you work within a team so ensure that you are prominent but not over-bearing. You will then be expected to present your findings from this exercise. It will usually be about a fictional company and the different departments. Each team member will be assigned an investment solution.


E-tray Exercise

E-trays make use of a simulation in which you receive e-mails which you are expected to read, prioritise and process in order to complete several tasks. These tasks are representative of those that you might be expected to undertake in a work or business setting. It will assess your written communication, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task.


Application Process

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The GSK Future Leaders programme encompasses a wide variety of areas with different schemes depending on your degree, experience and interests.

Communicationsthis 2 year programme is focuses on both within the organisation with engaging employees and managing the global brand and image outside of the company. You will take part in 3 job rotations across a variety of business areas, developing you skills and knowledge across internal, external and product communications within the different areas; these include Pharmaceuticals Research and development, Consumer Healthcare and global manufacturing.

Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainabilitythis is a 3 year programme with 4 different rotations and it is focused on achieving a healthy, high performance workplace with zero injuries and environmental impact. Rotations will be across areas including environment, health and safety and promoting energy and resilience. The programme aims to provide you with technical and business knowledge and develop leadership skills.

Engineering and Supply Chainthis is a 3 year programme with 3 different rotations giving you the opportunity to work in different environments. You will select one of the following programmes; automation engineering, biopharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, supply chain.

Financethis is a 3 year programme with 3 rotations and will have real responsibilities whether you are within the research and development, commercial, manufacturing or corporate functions. You will also study for your CIMA qualification.

Human Resourcesthis is a 3 years programme with 4 rotations, providing you with a breadth of experience in the 3 core areas of the HR model – HR services, business-aligned and centre of excellence across various areas within the organisation.

Information Technologythis is a 3 year programme with 2 rotations where you will gain detailed functional training along with an in-depth business process overview. You can undertake an intensive SAP ‘boot camp’ or there is the opportunity to enter R&D. This is aimed at graduates with a degree in Business Studies, Engineering or Science.

Managementthis is a 2 year placement with 4 rotations all lasting 6 months each. The first 2 will be in the UK Pharmaceuticals business within a variety of functions from HR to finance and the second 2 will be outside of this area of business. You’ll be trained in several core areas and at the end of each placement will deliver a presentation to the UK Management Team.

Procurementthis is a 2 year programme with 4 rotations where you’ll be provided with a solid grounding in Procurement. You’ll be given the responsibility to manage spend across various categories working with colleagues and stakeholders alike.

Regulatory Affairs (R&D)this scheme includes a wide range of responsibilities. In just over 2 years you will experience a series of rotations in at least 4 of the following areas – Therapeutic; Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC); Non-clinical; Labelling; Quality and Risk Management and Professional Development; Operations; Regional Teams. You will have the opportunity to learn about drug development and registration across the many areas above.

Manufacturing Sciencethis is a 3 year programme with 3 rotations where you will you will undertake core training and personal development courses as well as business-critical roles within Pharmaceutical or Consumer Healthcare supply, depending on your area; Analytical Chemistry, Biopharmaceutical Science, Material Science, Microbiology and Pharmacy.

Manufacturing Operations and Quality this is a 2 year programme with 3 rotations, including at least 1 rotation abroad. It is designed to broaden your knowledge and experience and global perspectives. You’ll work in Production, Quality and Supply Chain Management.

Strategic Marketing and Market Developmentthis is a 2 year programme with 4 rotations at 6 months each in the Commercial department, with one being abroad. This programme is available in Belgium. This is open to graduates with a Master’s degree in Finance, Strategy or Marketing, with an additional Master’s degree or a scientific background as an asset. You will need to be fluent in English and have a maximum of 2 years professional experience.

Vaccines (R&D)this is a 2 year programme with 4 rotations of 6 months in the R&D department, including one rotation abroad. You will develop four key skills including project management, face to face customer contact, scientific knowledge and a deep understanding of risk and compliance. This is for graduates that are either medical doctors or who hold a PhD, or graduates with a Master’s degree in a scientific field.