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Direct Line Group aptitude tests

Direct Line Group Tests

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Direct Line Group aptitude tests

Direct Line Group (DLG) is a British insurance company specialising in vehicle, home and other personal insurances, as well as supporting legal services. It seeks diverse, innovative and commercially aware candidates – both experienced and graduate level – to join its various corporate functions.

Careers at Direct Line Group

There are career opportunities at DLG for people from all backgrounds; you’ll need to be a proactive problem-solver with good people skills and the ability to take ownership of your professional development.

Specialist roles are available in departments like HR, IT, underwriting and also in the company’s vehicle repair centres.

Graduates are offered a £28,000 salary and £2,500 joining bonus, alongside a pension contribution scheme. Perks include casual dress code, flexible working and discounts on insurance for your car, home and travel.

There are also regular training sessions or learning courses delivered in person and online to support career development. Those on the graduate programme will work in four key areas of the business in four different locations across the UK, starting with a customer-facing placement in one of DLG’s contact centres.

Direct Line Group Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application Form
  2. 2
    Game-Based Assessment
  3. 3
    Critical Reasoning Test
  4. 4
    Video Interview
  5. 5
    Assessment Centre

DLG’s recruitment process, while challenging, is similar to most standard job applications. Applicants start off with an online application form where they detail their education and work experience history, as well as their career ambitions.

If selected as suitable candidates, they will proceed to the next stage: a game-based aptitude assessment, followed by a critical reasoning test.

After these online tests, top performers will be invited for a pre-recorded video interview and finally an assessment centre, which includes a face-to-face interview with one of DLG’s line managers.

Online application form

Here you will list your education history or qualifications, as well as any relevant past or current work experience. The academic requirements for DLG’s graduate schemes is an Upper Second Class degree (2:1) and for apprenticeships, at least grade B for both GCSE Maths and English.

Besides this, your answers to questions about career ambitions and your interests are also taken into consideration, to ensure suitability before both parties invest more time and effort in the process.

Direct Line game-based assessment

While the aim of this assessment is similar to that of a standard aptitude test (ie to measure cognitive ability and interpersonal skills), it’s designed to make the process more engaging to candidates.

The assessment is game-based and timed. You will need to download an app and enter a unique password or code, which is provided by DLG in an invitation email.

While each ‘game’ is easy to digest for people of all backgrounds and levels, the whole assessment is challenging, as the difference of a millisecond when it comes to speed and precision in each question is taken into account to choose the top performers among hundreds of candidates.

The games are much like questions in a diagrammatic reasoning test, though more interactive and fast-paced due to the moving visual elements. There are about 15 to 20 questions that are constantly randomised, so no candidates get the exact same experience.

Direct Line critical reasoning test

DLG’s critical reasoning test is best described as the combination of a verbal reasoning test and a logical reasoning test. As the name suggests, this assessment measures a person’s ability to think critically and reach accurate conclusions from complex sets of information.

This includes inferring and deducing answers from given observations, interpreting and evaluating various arguments, and recognising assumptions. The test usually has between 10 to 15 questions, each with a statement or a short paragraph, and multiple-choice or order-ranking answers.

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Video interview

This refers to a pre-recorded video interview, hosted by a third-party digital recruitment platform. After passing the previous stages, applicants will be sent a link to join this interview at their own convenience.

Introductions and a series of three to five questions are pre-recorded by DLG for all candidates. The task is to answer these in a professional manner and attempt to share your experience, motivation and career ambition within the time limit of about one minute.

The interview platform normally allows candidates a maximum of three attempts to record each answer before submission. As such, it’s worth researching DLG thoroughly in advance and having your CV to hand to ensure the clearest and most concise responses possible.

Assessment centre

The final hurdle is an assessment centre. This often lasts a full work day, with a business case study exercise, a variety of group activities and a final face-to-face interview. Occasionally, DLG also requests these finalists to re-attempt the critical reasoning test to ensure validity and integrity of results.

Each attendee is required to bring documents like their degree certificate or right to work to the assessment centre;specific details for each candidate of what to prepare are sent out via email prior to the day itself.

Again, in-depth research of the company, its culture and the industry are necessary to succeed in business case study tasks, while your interpersonal skills and confidence are key to acing the group activities and final interview.

Finally, having some good questions to ask about the role and the business will be useful, as this is a valuable opportunity to determine whether DLG is the right step for your career goals.

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