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Boots is then UK’s most prominent pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer.
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Careers at Boots

Established in 1849, Boots grew gradually to become the UK’s most prominent pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer. It runs now around 2,500 shops in the UK and remains one of the most sought after graduate-employers in the country. To become part of the Boots story, applicants can choose from a range of exciting, and innovative Graduate Programmes in the following sectors : Finance, Digital, Commercial, Supply, Software, HR and Global.

Boots Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Psychometric Tests
    • Numerical Reasoning Test
    • Situational Judgement Test
    • Personality Test
  3. 3
    Assessment Centre

Boots Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a key component of Boots Application Process. Depending on the Graduate Program’s route you are pursuing, you will be asked to take : Numerical Reasoning Test, Situational Judgement Test, Personality Test. These tests are aiming at verifying your logical thinking capacity, as well as desired calculating skills.

Boots Numerical Reasoning Test

Boots Numerical Test is a multiple - choice tests assessing your ability to evaluate, analyse, and interpret numerical information that will be provided to you in charts, graphs, and tables. You will have limited time to find a correct answer, so all the calculations like percentages, ratios, and basic arithmetic should be executed quickly and accurately.

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Boots Situational Judgement Test

Boots Situational Judgement Test is a set of questions assessing how you might react to hypothetical events and situations that might be encountered in the Boots workplace environment. Based on your answers to these questions it will be verified how aligned you are with Boots values and behaviours. So do your research and try to memorise them by heart (might come in handy in the future!).

Boots Personality Test

There are many factors that could determine who would be successful in a given role or a position. Strong intellectual abilities, years of experience, and outstanding numerical skills are just some of them, but on many occasions, your job performance would be saturated and influence by whatever motivates your actions, and what do you believe is important in your life. In short, this is what we call - personality.

Boots Assessment Centre

Congratulations, you made it to the last level! If you are successful on previous stages you will be invited for a half-day Boots Assessment Centre. It usually is a mix of individual and group activities. The exercises will differ depending on the job position you are applying for, but make sure you are prepared for both scenarios.


This stage could take two forms. You might be given a topic to research and prepare your presentation beforehand, or you will be supplied with materials during the actual assessment center and have limited time to prepare. Anyhow, it is important that you practice your presentation skills. If you are not a born speaker and feel like you could use a little bit more advice, you can check the Assessment Centre Guide, for more useful tips.


This will be a typical face- to - face interview validating your skills and detecting strengths necessary for the job and will be assessed by the key - member of the relevant business area.

Group Work

These group exercises will vary, but in general what the assessors are looking for is - a good balance between teamwork and leadership skills. You might want everyone in the room to see your outstanding leadership skills, but try to approach the exercise rather like a test for your collaborative and teamwork abilities than an assessment of a directorship. The recurring way of verifying these skills is a group discussion on a divisive nature of the disputed subject or a scenario of hypothetical difficulties the company is facing.

Case Study

Complementary to the strength- based interview you might be asked to embark on a role play during which you will have to pretend you have already been employed in the Boots company. It doesn’t have to be an Oscar performance since the exercise is more about your behavior, field knowledge and the way you handle certain scenarios. This will be a simulation of a problem encountered by the company to which you need to find a solution, so strong acting skills are not necessary but reasonable knowledge of the company is a must.

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