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Baker & McKenzie Assessments

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Baker and McKenzie help clients overcome the challenges of competing in the global economy.

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Baker and McKenzie Case Study

The Baker & McKenzie case study is used to test your analytical skills and problem solving abilities. You’ll be presented with information in the form of a business case study which you will be expected to read and analyse. You will have an interview with a partner and discuss the case study and how you would approach it. It is important to know the background of the company, as well as their values so ensure you do background reading prior to the assessment centre.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Baker & McKenzie. We provide preparation services for Baker & McKenzie psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Baker & McKenzie Tests question Test your knowledge!

In a sequence of legal procedures, the fourth step is drafting the contract, and the sixth step is the final review. If the fifth step is conducting due diligence, what is the third step likely to be?

  • Performing a background check on the entities involved
  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Receiving a court summons

A legal case requires a documentation fee of $150 and a processing fee that is 25% of the documentation fee. How much is the total fee for the case?

  • $187.50
  • $175.00
  • $200.00
  • $150.25

In a review of compensation across the firm, it was found that the average salary of five lawyers was $120,000 per annum. If one lawyer starts at a salary of $140,000 per annum, what is the average salary of the other four lawyers?

  • $115,000
  • $110,000
  • $105,000
  • $117,500

After reviewing a passage about the implications of new intellectual property laws, what can be inferred as the most significant concern for international corporations?

  • The cost of product development will significantly decrease.
  • Corporations may face an easier legal environment.
  • There will be a risk of costly litigation in different legal systems.
  • International corporations will benefit from uniform legal regulations.

Given the following statement from a managing partner's speech, which quality is most emphasized for success in the firm? 'Our victories are not defined by the cases we win alone, but by the strategic thinking and collaborative spirit our lawyers bring to the table.'

  • Competitive nature
  • Strategic thinking
  • Individual accolades
  • Financial acumen

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Baker & McKenzie Tests Tips

1Understand the Test Format

Getting to grips with the structure of the Baker & McKenzie tests will help diminish surprises on testing day. Familiarize yourself with question patterns and the nature of the problems you’ll be solving.

2Practice Under Exam Conditions

Replicate the test environment when you practice. This includes timing your practice sessions and doing the work in a quiet place, scratch paper at hand, just like in the actual exam.

3Revise Key Concepts

Refresh your knowledge of essential principles, especially those pertaining to logical reasoning and analytical thinking, which are fundamental in law-related positions.

4Rest and De-stress

Get plenty of rest the night before the actual test. A relaxed mind performs better. Stress can be a big barrier to success, so find techniques that help you maintain a calm focus.

5Manage Your Time Wisely

During the test, keep an eye on the clock. Allocate your time according to the number and complexity of questions so you don’t get caught unfinished when time’s up.

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Baker & McKenzie Tests FAQs

What are the Baker & McKenzie tests?

Baker & McKenzie use aptitude and skills tests as part of their recruitment process to identify individuals who exhibit exceptional problem-solving capabilities and the ability to think critically—skills pivotal in the legal field.

Are the Baker & McKenzie tests hard?

Like any other aptitude test, the difficulty of the Baker & McKenzie tests largely depends on how well-prepared you are. The tests are designed to challenge and evaluate your problem-solving and analytical skills.

How do I prepare for Baker & McKenzie tests?

The best way to prepare for Baker & McKenzie tests is through consistent practice and taking practice tests. Practice Aptitude Tests is a fantastic resource, offering numerous simulations to get you test-ready.

How long does the recruitment process take at Baker & McKenzie?

The recruitment process at Baker & McKenzie can vary in length, commonly contingent upon the role and the number of applicants. However, typical processes can take several weeks from application to offer.

What are Baker & McKenzie's core values?

Baker & McKenzie’s core values include an unwavering commitment to excellence, fostering talent and embracing an international mindset to serve clients across the globe innovatively and effectively.

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