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TASC Assessments

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The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) test is designed to compare adult learners’ academic skills to those of high school seniors. TASC consists of five different tests: reading, writing, social studies, science and math, and takes around nine hours to complete.

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Format and scoring of TASC tests

The TASC can be taken on a computer or paper (it’s usually up to you to decide how you’d prefer to take the test).

It’s worth checking with your local test center as some will be computers only, while others will be paper only. If you have a strong preference either way then consider finding a test center a little further afield to ensure you’re comfortable with the method you’ll use.

The test normally takes up to nine hours to complete, but this will be split over two days.

This is the breakdown for how long you’ll have to complete each section of the TASC:

  • Reading: 75 minutes
  • Writing: 105 minutes
  • Math: 105 minutes
  • Social studies: 75 minutes
  • Sciences: 75 minutes

Before taking the test you’ll need to register to create a profile. This varies by State, but you should be able to find specific information on your State’s policy online.

You’ll then be required to go to your nearest test center to take the TASC (these tend to be community colleges or adult education centers).

To reach the end goal of getting your high school equivalency diploma, you’ll need to pass each individual section of the test.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to score at least 500 in each of the five sections, as well as two out of eight for the written essay.

If you do fail the test, don’t panic. You can retake up to three times a calendar year.

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Tips for taking TASC tests

Here are our top five tips for taking the TASC successfully:

1) Practice is everything

It’s no surprise that people who prepare for the TASC consistently perform better than those who don’t. There are plenty of resources online that can help you to practice and ensure you familiarize yourself with the question style and format, as well as the wide variety of principles you’ll be covering across the five different sections.

2) Make a study plan

This is a great way to start your preparation and ensure you don’t end up leaving it until the last minute. Ensure you dedicate more time (and time when you’re likely to be at your most alert) to the areas you struggle more with, and start reading and learning the information likely to come up on the test before you move onto past papers.

3) Set up the right environment

Practicing is a lot easier and more successful if you’re able to find a quiet, well-lit space in which to work. Make sure you time any practice tests you take so you can ensure you’re keeping up with the clock.

4) Think outside the box

It can get repetitive learning concepts and then checking you understand them by practicing a paper. So make time to practice in new ways. You could reread a favourite Shakespeare play, find a mathematical game to play or create flashcards that help you to remember key scientific principles.

5) Take regular breaks

As tempting as it can be to do nothing but TASC preparation, you need to look after your physical and mental wellbeing too. Take regular breaks, ensure you get plenty of water and fresh air, and don’t be tempted to forgo sleep for practice time.


How do I register for a TASC test?

Registering depends on your State. Most will require you to register online to create a profile. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to select a test center at a location, time and date convenient to you.

How long is a TASC test?

Typically the test takes around nine hours to complete, but this will be split over a two-day period so as to give you sufficient time to rest. Each section varies in length from 75 to 105 minutes.

How many times can you take the TASC test?

You can retake the TASC three times every calendar year. Your first two retakes are free, but after that you’ll be charged. How soon you can retake the TASC after a failed test is up to each individual State.

If you’ve passed some sections but failed others, you’ll only need to retake the sections you’ve failed, not the whole test. And if you’ve previously taken the GED, your pass marks can be carried over and included within your TASC score.

Is the TASC test the same as the GED?

The TASC has replaced the GED in many States. It’s generally thought to be more cost-effective and provides better accessibility options for candidates.

Whether you take the TASC or GED, if you pass you’ll be awarded with a high school equivalency diploma. So in that respect the end result of the test is the same.

How much is the TASC test?

The fee to take the TASC test differs State by State. Although you’ll need to pay to take the test initially, you do get two free retakes if you fail. But after that you’ll be charged $10.40 for each retake.

What is a good TASC test score?

The good thing about the TASC is you either pass or fail. To pass, you’ll need to score 500 on each section of the test, as well as two out of eight on the written essay.

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Sample TASC Tests question Test your knowledge!

During a cognitive test, participants were presented with a sequence of words and asked to determine the underlying rule governing the sequence in order to predict the next set of words. If the pattern is that each consecutive word begins with the last letter of the previous word, and the current word is 'noteworthy', what is the expected beginning letter of the next word?

  • Y
  • T
  • N
  • W

During a meeting, an executive's argument was heavily predicated on the notion that increasing the budget for customer service will enhance customer loyalty. Which of the following, if true, would best strengthen the executive's argument?

  • Customer loyalty has shown to have a direct correlation with dedicated support.
  • Last year's budget cuts led to a decrease in customer satisfaction scores.
  • The customer service department is currently staffed by a team of very experienced personnel.
  • Many customers have indicated that price is their primary concern when making purchases.

A certain object moves in a direction under a constant force. When the force is doubled, the object's motion is altered. What would be the expected change to the object's acceleration?

  • The acceleration would double.
  • The acceleration would remain the same.
  • The acceleration would quadruple.
  • The acceleration would be halved.

If the sales figures for the first quarter were $120,000 and there was a 20% decrease in the second quarter, followed by a 30% increase in the third quarter, what were the sales figures for the third quarter?

  • $134,400
  • $144,000
  • $156,000
  • $96,000

After studying a series of income reports from the last five years, you notice a trend where the second-quarter income consistently increases by 15% compared to the first quarter. If this trend continues and the first-quarter income is projected to be $230,000, what should the expected income for the second quarter be?

  • $264,500
  • $230,000
  • $345,000
  • $215,500

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TASC Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format

Before you dive into the actual test questions, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with the format of the TASC tests. Understanding the structure, types of questions, and how to navigate through the test can save you time and reduce anxiety on test day.

2Review Basic Concepts

Brush up on the fundamental concepts that the TASC covers. Key areas to focus on include high school-level math, reading comprehension, science, social studies, and writing skills. A sturdy grasp of these basics will help you answer questions confidently.

3Time Management is Key

To do well on the TASC tests, prioritize time management. Practice working through questions at a steady pace and be mindful of how long you spend on each one. During prep, time yourself on practice tests to build a sense of the pace you’ll need to maintain.

4Eliminate Incorrect Answers

Use process of elimination when you’re unsure of the right answer. By removing choices that are clearly incorrect, you can improve your odds of selecting the correct answer from the remaining options.

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How are the results of the TASC tests used by employers?

Employers use TASC test results to verify that job candidates have the equivalent of a high school-level education. These results can provide insight into a candidate’s determination to complete their education and improve their skill set, reflecting positively on their employment potential.

Are the TASC tests hard?

The TASC tests can be challenging, particularly for those who’ve been out of the educational system for a while. However, with dedicated study and practice, many individuals find they can succeed and effectively showcase their competencies.

What do I need to take TASC tests?

To take the TASC tests, you’ll need a government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity on test day. It’s also recommended to bring essentials like pencils and a calculator, unless noted otherwise by the test provider.

What types of tests are included in the TASC tests?

The TASC tests encompass five subject areas: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies, each designed to measure proficiency equivalent to that of graduating high school seniors.

Where can I practice free TASC test questions?

Practicing and taking practice tests is the best way to prepare for the TASC tests. Here at Practice Aptitude Tests, we offer a variety of free practice tests designed to simulate the actual exam experience and help boost your confidence for the big day.