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LEK Consulting Tests

LEK Consulting Tests

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LEK Consulting Tests

Founded in London in 1983, LEK Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm. It operates in the areas of corporate strategy, M&A and operations, and amongst its alumni counts UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Careers at LEK Consulting

LEK Consulting stresses its focus on growing and promoting its employees’ careers. In addition to the company’s open roles, LEK offers training and professional development, mentorship and coaching opportunities, and international programmes.

LEK puts you in a leading position from day one. As a consultant, you will have responsibilities from early on. Plus, you won’t be asked to travel around the country like you would with other firms, which will give you the opportunity to truly know your spaces and colleagues.

At LEK, you will also have the chance to go through a wide variety of cases and learn different skills. You will be exposed to different mentorships, externships, internal opportunities, and further your career thanks to the experiences you will be part of.

LEK employees are known for never having a boring day — it’s a fast-paced environment where you will really learn on the job.

LEK Consulting Application Process

  1. 1
    Online Application
  2. 2
    Phone Interview
  3. 3
    Psychometric Tests
  4. 4
    Case Study Interview
  5. 5
    Partner Interview

The LEK Consulting application process

To apply for a position within LEK Consulting, the application process starts with submitting your CV and cover letter. You can browse the different open roles on LEK’s career website, and you can apply through its portal.

You could also be approached by a recruiter, either as a postgraduate or while still in further education. As LEK offers apprenticeship and mentorship opportunities, someone might single you out for your skills and experiences. In that case, you will skip the online application process and start from the first phone interview.

Below, you can find each stage of the application process and what it requires of you. You may not go through all of the stages, or you might be asked to do more. In either case, it’s good to have a sense of what to expect.

Online application

If you’re applying through LEK’s career portal, you will have to create an account on its website. Then, you need to submit your CV and cover letter.

You will find useful information on each open role’s page, from what skills are required to a brief introduction to LEK Consulting. Make sure your CV matches the skills for the role and that your cover letter includes your reason for applying. Don’t give them just a list of what you can do (they can see that from your CV), but explore why you want to work for LEK.

It’s always good to do a bit of extra research on the company and perhaps browse the website to find some inspiration. Make your cover letter personal and engaging.

Phone interview

Once your CV and cover letter are submitted, a member of the recruitment team will review it. If interested, they will call you for a brief phone interview.

This is just part of the pre-screening process and not much to worry about. They will check if you’re still interested in the role, why you’ve applied and will then (hopefully) move you along the application process.

LEK situational judgement test

As a global consulting firm, LEK is focused on hiring great talent. The company uses a series of aptitude tests to make sure you have the skills needed for the role. The first of these is a situational judgement test.

A situational judgement test is a timed multiple-choice test where you will be given hypothetical scenarios and asked questions about your reaction. The scenarios will be related to the workplace and real situations you might have to deal with during your workday.

Although there are no right or wrong answers, it’s always better to practice. Through situational judgement tests, the employer will assess if your decided course of action matches the company’s requirements.

LEK numerical reasoning test

You will also be required to do a numerical reasoning test. LEK Consulting uses SHL tests, so familiarise yourself with those specifically.

Numerical reasoning tests are also timed and multiple-choice. They assess a candidate’s ability to understand graphs and charts, do calculations, and process data.

A good tip to pass a numerical reasoning test is to do your own calculations before looking at the possible answers. The list of answers can confuse you, and it’s much easier to find the one that matches or comes close to yours, rather than to figure out which is the right one.

I’ve practiced hundreds of numerical questions and still have plenty more to try.
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Case study interview

Casework is one of the biggest focuses when working for LEK Consulting. The company values casework as the best opportunity to learn. So, it’s no surprise the first interview will assess you via case studies.

During your interview, you will likely be presented with two different case studies about market sizing and launch strategy. The interviewer will ask you a series of questions and you will have 15 minutes for each case.

You must listen closely to the interviewer and think carefully before answering. Take your time to assess the case and find creative ways to solve the case. Demonstrate that you have a business-orientated mind and self-confidence in your decisions.

Partner interview

The last stage in the application process is an interview with a partner. This time, you will have to work through three different case studies.

Again, the most important thing is to be assertive and avoid answering before having given the question considerable thought. It’s easy to lose focus, especially when you’re meeting your potential future bosses. Be confident in your skills and don’t rush through your words.

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