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Ince Gordon Dadds Tests

Ince Gordon Dadds Tests

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Ince Gordon Dadds Tests

Ince Gordon Dadds (formally Ince & Co) is an international commercial law firm.

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Ince Gordon Dadds Assessment Day

The final stage of the recruitment process is the Ince assessment day. Ince Gordon Dadds Assessment Day is designed to be a rigorous process that assesses a range of skills and competencies. It’s important to prepare thoroughly, research the firm and the role, and practice your communication and problem-solving skills.

You will be required to take part in a number of activities throughout the day which assess your skills and abilities. This includes:

  • Group exercise
  • Legal drafting
  • Interviews

Ince Group exercise

The Ince group exercise is a type of assessment whereby candidates are given a task or problem to solve together within a specific time frame, and their performance is observed and evaluated by assessors.

You’ll be assessed on communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and decision-making. You should focus on how you interact with others, how you handle challenges and conflicts, and how you approach problem-solving as part of a team.

Examples of group exercises include:

  • Case studies: Candidates are presented with a real or hypothetical case and asked to discuss and analyze it as a group.
  • Role plays: Candidates are given a scenario and assigned roles to play out. This exercise assesses how well candidates can work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Debate or discussion: Candidates are given a topic to discuss and asked to present their arguments and opinions as a group.

A legal drafting exercise is a task given to law candidates during the Ince assessment day to test their legal writing skills. The exercise involves drafting a legal document, such as a contract, memorandum, or brief, based on a hypothetical scenario or case.

In a legal drafting exercise, you’ll be given a set of facts and instructed to create a legal document that addresses the issue at hand. The exercise may require you to research relevant laws and precedents and apply knowledge to the specific situation presented.

Ince Interviews

The Ince interview stage is the final part of the assessment day and will be conducted by senior members of the team.

The interview lasts approximately 1 hour and you will be asked a range of questions based on your strengths, experience, and motivations.

Ince recommends the STAR method (situation, task, action, and result) when structuring your interview question responses.

Here are some example questions you might encounter in an interview with Ince Gordon Dadds, along with what you can expect:

  1. Why do you want to work for Ince Gordon Dadds?
  2. Tell me about a time when you solved a challenge in the office by using attention to detail.
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Sample Ince Gordon Dadds Tests question Test your knowledge!

In the context of a litigation case, an attorney determines that there are five key phases for the preparation of the defense: research, evidence collection, witness interviews, strategy development, and mock trials. These phases need to be scheduled in a logical sequence. Given that witness interviews must occur after evidence collection, which of the following correctly lists the remaining steps in an order that would make logical sense?

  • Research, evidence collection, witness interviews, strategy development, mock trials
  • Mock trials, strategy development, research, evidence collection, witness interviews
  • Evidence collection, research, witness interviews, mock trials, strategy development
  • Witness interviews, research, evidence collection, mock trials, strategy development

A client has been billed for 42 hours of casework at an hourly rate that is 1.5 times the standard rate due to the complexity of the matter. If the standard rate is $200 per hour, what is the total amount billed to the client?

  • $12,600
  • $8,400
  • $6,300
  • $14,700

During a contract review, an attorney notices a discrepancy. If the contract stipulates that 30 days' notice is required to terminate the agreement early without penalty, and the notification was delivered on the 15th of February, what is the earliest termination date without incurring penalties?

  • March 17th
  • March 15th
  • April 1st
  • March 1st

After reading a summary of a legal case, which of the following best represents the main argument put forth by the defense team?

  • The client has a valid alibi for the time of the incident.
  • The client admits being at the scene during the incident.
  • The evidence is inconclusive regarding the client's location.
  • The timeline presented by the claimant is correct.

In preparation for a merger, an attorney compares the clauses of two companies' nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). If Company A's NDA has 15 provisions and Company B's NDA has 20 provisions, with 8 provisions that are common to both, how many unique provisions must be considered when combining the NDAs?

  • 27
  • 35
  • 8
  • 28

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Ince Gordon Dadds Tests Tips

1Familiarize Yourself with Common Test Formats

One of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition is to get comfortable with the types of exams you’re likely to encounter when applying to Ince Gordon Dadds. Dive into the formats of aptitude tests and understand the typical question styles. By knowing what to expect, you’ll minimize surprises and boost your confidence.

2Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time management is key when taking these exams. Before you start, see how many questions there are and figure out how much time you can afford on each. Prevent the panic by practicing with timed tests at Practice Aptitude Tests so you can pace yourself and improve your speed without sacrificing accuracy.

3Ensure a Distraction-Free Environment

Choose a quiet spot to practice or take your exams, where interruptions are minimal. Distractions can break your flow and impact your performance. A calm environment will help you maintain focus and think clearly, which is essential for those tricky problem-solving questions.

4Review and Learn from Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, and errors are valuable learning opportunities. After practicing, carefully review your incorrect answers to understand where you went wrong. Practice Aptitude Tests provides detailed explanations that can help you learn and avoid the same mistake in the future.

5Relax and Take Deep Breaths

It may sound simple, but never underestimate the power of staying calm. Stress can cloud judgment and impair logic. Practice some deep breathing exercises before you start the exam to stay grounded and focused, ensuring your mind is at its best for the task at hand.

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Ince Gordon Dadds Tests FAQs

What are Ince Gordon Dadd's core values?

Ince Gordon Dadd’s core values are client focus, excellence, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. These values guide the firm’s approach to providing high-quality legal services to clients around the world.

How long does Ince Gordon Dadd's recruitment process take?

The length of Ince Gordon Dadds’s recruitment process varies depending on the position and location. Generally, the process can take several weeks. The process typically includes multiple stages, such as an initial application, interviews, and assessments.

Is Ince & Co now Ince Gordon Dadds?

Yes, Ince & Co merged with Gordon Dadds in 2018 to form Ince Gordon Dadds. The merged firm is now one of the largest international law firms, with a global presence and a focus on delivering high-quality legal services to clients across a range of industries.

What skills does Ince look for in candidates?

Ince Gordon Dadds looks for candidates who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communication and teamwork abilities, a client-focused approach, and a commitment to delivering high-quality legal services. The firm also values innovation and seeks candidates who are open to new ideas and approaches to legal work.