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HP Numerical Reasoning Tests

This type of numerical test relates to graphs, percentages and tables whereby you will be asked to analyse data and chose from a set of multiple choice answers. These are designed to assess your numerical ability. You will show how well you work under pressure in these type of tests because they are timed and so you will need to ensure you spend the correct amount of time on each question – usually a minute per question.

HP Verbal Reasoning Tests

The HP verbal reasoning test comprises of a series of paragraphs which you will be required to read and then answer questions. Your options will be True, False or Cannot Tell. This test will be assessing your analytical skills as well as your comprehension and grammar. You will need to balance your time with reading the paragraphs and then answering the questions. Practicing these types of tests is advisable.

HP Group Exercise

This is designed to test your people skills and how you work within a group. You will be required to provide possible solutions to a given problem, usually related to the job role you are applying for. Make sure to find a happy balance between being dominating and passive. The solutions are not the most important part of the group exercise, it is more about your performance in the group.

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HP Presentation

You’ll be asked to give a short presentation on a topic of your choice. It’s important to choose something that you are comfortable talking about and are confident enough to discuss it in the question and answer part of the presentation. You will be assessed on your presentation skills as well as your public speaking and how you work under pressure.

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