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Harrods Tests

Harrods Tests

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Harrods Tests

Harrods mission is to be the number-one department store in the world for luxury merchandise.

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Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Harrods. We provide preparation services for Harrods psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

Sample Harrods Tests question Test your knowledge!

In an employee performance report, four team members have received the following ratings: Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Assuming that these ratings are sequenced in descending order of performance, and another team member is rated as 'Average,' where would 'Average' fit in this sequence?

  • Between Excellent and Good
  • Between Good and Fair
  • Between Fair and Poor
  • After Poor

A department store records its sales data for the first quarter and finds that the sales figures for each month are as follows: January - £200,000, February - £240,000, and March - £320,000. If the sales trend continues to increase by the same rate month on month, what would the expected sales figures for April be?

  • £400,000
  • £420,000
  • £440,000
  • £480,000

During a staff meeting, a topic of discussion is a proposal for a new loyalty program. After reading an internal memo about the proposal, you are asked to summarize the main intent. Which of the following best describes the memo's primary objective?

  • To inform employees about the budget allocation for the loyalty program
  • To invite employees to participate in a survey about the loyalty program
  • To persuade employees to support the implementation of the loyalty program
  • To provide a detailed guide on how to enroll customers into the loyalty program

If a customer service representative handles an average of 24 queries in an eight-hour workday, how many queries, on average, does the representative handle per hour?

  • 2 queries per hour
  • 3 queries per hour
  • 4 queries per hour
  • 6 queries per hour

After the launch of an exclusive product line, customer feedback was gathered to determine their satisfaction. The average satisfaction rating on a scale from 1 (least satisfied) to 5 (most satisfied) was 3.5 over 200 submitted surveys. If the target satisfaction level is set at a 4.0 average, what is the minimum number of subsequent 5.0 ratings required to bring the overall average up to the target, assuming no other ratings are submitted?

  • 200 ratings
  • 400 ratings
  • 600 ratings
  • 800 ratings

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Harrods Tests Tips

1Know the Brand

Harrods isn’t your average retailer, and they look for candidates who understand their unique brand. Get familiar with their history, products, and customer service philosophy to increase your comfort level during the tests.

2Practice Under Time Pressure

Harrods assessments may be timed, highlighting the need for efficient decision-making. Use Practice Aptitude Tests to get used to working within time constraints, so you’re ready for the real thing.

3Detail is Key

Attention to detail can make or break your application. When practicing, focus on the fine print of each question to sharpen your analytical skills and stand out.

4Stay Calm and Poised

High-end customer service is all about staying composed under pressure. During your practice, work on maintaining a calm and collected mindset, just as you would on the shop floor at Harrods.

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Harrods Tests FAQs

What are the Harrods tests?

Harrods tests are part of their recruitment process, designed to assess a mix of skills such as problem-solving, customer service aptitude, and understanding of the Harrods brand ethos.

Are the Harrods tests hard?

Like any assessment, Harrods tests can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with their format. It’s more about being prepared and knowing what to expect.

How do I prepare for Harrods tests?

The best preparation for Harrods tests is practice. Regularly taking practice tests available on Practice Aptitude Tests will help you become familiar with the types of questions you’ll encounter.

How long does the recruitment process take at Harrods?

The Harrods recruitment process varies by position, but typically involves multiple stages including assessments and interviews that can span several weeks.

What are Harrods's core values?

Harrods’s core values include excellence in customer service, innovation, and a sense of British eccentricity, all contributing to an unforgettable customer experience.

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    Good test, clear graphs just didn't manage to answer one question as it took me a second to get into the test